Monday, September 17, 2012

My Day, and A Low Carb Substitute for a Latte

Went to the gym today for about 40 minutes to do my strength training circuit. Two ladies were sitting on two machines chatting. I went 'round the circuit, doing my 3 sets of 12-15 reps each. When I got to "their" machines, they were still reclining on them and chatting so I skipped them and did the rest of the circuit. Thirty minutes later they were still draped over the machines talking, not having done a single rep, so I just said "excuse me, may I use this machine?" and they politely got up so I could. When I left, they were still standing by the machines chatting. What a workout!

I came home, ran errands, took the dogs on separate outings, and went for a sugar free Americano. I switched from lattes recently because an Americano (espresso and hot water) has no calories and almost no carbs, while a latte (espresso and milk) can have hundreds of calories and lots of carbs. I add a splash of cream and it's every bit as good as a latte, for less than half the price! A nice indulgence.

Dinner last night was pan-fried grass fed beef steaks, salad greens and sliced cucumbers with Balsamic dressing and a side of egg noodles for the kids. Tonight? I don't know what's for dinner! I did not have time to thaw anything today and just now am trying to figure out what to make. Maybe I'll make steak and peppers with the leftover steak. My Dad used to make that all the time and it was so yummy. I think the kids would like it over rice.

I'm feeling good and I really hope the scale reflects my efforts this week. It's not *all* about the scale, but I don't want to stay overweight, either.


lasting success said...

Today was not pristine as I ad hoped for. I dont understand why 'comfort food' has such a strange hold on me wen I'm never comforted afterward? But I read in one of your posts to Never give up- and I won't. But man this is not for wins either. 😏well Scarlett, tomorrow is another day!!!

Taryl said...

Americanos with sugar free syrup and topped with fresh whipped cream are excellent for about two carbs - good stuff!

timothy said...

i used to laugh at the ladies in the gym who would ignore the staircase upon entering (machines were on 2nd floor) and take the elevator to get on the stairmaster! lolol so glad you're back and doin well!

Lori said...

Good for you. I love it when things are going well and good decisions are being made. The scales will surely follow.

Lyn said...

LOL Timothy, people at my gym use the Emergency Exit to leave so they can avoid the staircase! It sets off an alarm but they don't seem to mind. I take the stairs and think of it as an extra bonus to my workout.