Thursday, September 6, 2012

Little Update

Before school started I was thinking about how great it would be to have "free time" all day to do all the things I want and need to do: finish tasks around the house, shop, prep veggies, cook, clean, go to the Farmer's Market, walk both dogs, spend time with the kitty, set up weekend projects, teach my son to drive, finish and paint my home gym, workout at home and at the 'other' gym, go swimming, go to club meetings, train my competition dog in new venues, go to parks, finish photo albums, etc. And all of this plus I was hoping to have a new job as well (which hasn't panned out yet but still may). Guess what? I am *busier* now than I was in the summer! I guess every year my selective memory gets super excited for a "free" summer with kids home, and then summer is very busy and I get excited for a "free" fall with kids in school! Reality is, I'm always busy! And that's okay. It's the price of having a rich life and being a Mom.

I've been going to the gym and strength training on the weight circuit (3 sets of 12-15 reps) and love it! I have an appointment with a personal trainer this week who can show me some other machines to add to my routine and make sure I am doing the movements correctly. I think that will give me the confidence to come home and put together a similar home routine with the machine and free weights I have here, for when my gym membership ends. There are good things about the membership (feeling like I *have to* go because I paid for it; personal trainer; nice people; pool) but I am kind of a homebody at heart and I think I'd rather eventually do my lifting at home, where I don't have to wait my turn to use the machines. We'll see. I still have lots of time left on the membership and I am definitely using it. I like the pool but not as much as I thought I would. There's often little kids having swimming lessons in there (individual, so they are no on the schedule) and sometimes home schooled kids splashing around, but I can still swim on the other side of the pool. I am not a fan of locker rooms either. Reminds me of PE in middle school. And really I love swimming *so much more* when my kids are with me. I miss them when I am at the gym! I miss them when I am at home, too. Especially my little girl.

I also miss feeling thin. I miss looking in the mirror and being shocked at how great I look. I need to burn off about 30 pounds to get back to that state. Lifting weights and the kind of swimming I do (I am not very fast) may not be enough. I think a little bike time in the evenings may be in order.

Looking forward to fall and the leaves! How about you?


Vickie said...

Are you swimming laps when you there with the kids?

No one (well maybe there is one out there somewhere) "likes" when they start out with things like swimming laps.

And we all start out slow.

I, personally, would recommend swimming (laps) as much as you can while you have your membership.

You are only doing it for a couple months to burn as much fat as you can, with no stress on your feet or knees.

Take advantage of the opportunity.

Lyn said...


do you mean when I am there and other people's kids are there? I am swimming laps, yes, but I am not a great swimmer and still fairly slow. But I do my best :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Vickie. You have wanted access to a pool for months (possibly even years) and you need to really give it a good go.

Vickie said...

No,I mean when you are there with your daughter and you say you like it better. I would guess you are right there watching your daughter and playing with her (but not able to swim laps). This was a point the Mayo docs made to us about my daughter. If she is there with the family, playing around (which she loves) it is okay for her to love it, but she can't count it as exercise (and either has to stay and swim laps or get on elliptical).

Lyn said...


Oh! Got it! My kids can't come to the gym/pool with me; I got a special price on a 3 month trial but it doesn't include the kids. I had sooo much fun swimming with my daughter this summer in the outdoor public pool half an hour from our house. I loved it but you're right, I had to be with her and not swimming laps so it wasn't much exercise. It's closed now for the season.

Vickie said...

I have belonged to a lot of gym/studio places over the years and I have gotten my money out of every single one.

If I sign up/pay, I GO. And I work as hard as I can while being mindful of my parts.

I used to switch things up every quarter, so I took advantage of packages just like you are doing with your gym.

and you are exactly right that we are always busy, there is never the perfect time. And at your house and my house we are also dealing with medical stuff and sort of never know when the bottom is going to drop out for a bit.

I think of this as - Make hay while the sun shines Nelly.

Today might not be easy, but tomorrow might be a whole lot harder, so I make the most of every day.

lisa~sunshine said...

I think swimming is a really good thing for you .. but I understand liking working out at home..
I stopped my gym membership and have been doing the kettlebells along with walking.. The kettlebells offer both cardio and a total body strength workout all wrapped in one.. Also.. when swinging it's easy on your knees and you don't have to walk so I wonder how it would be with your foot troubles..

I find Tracy Reifkind very inspirational.. she does the swings and has lost 120 lbs.. She has a book out
Maybe you can download and read it from somewhere.. not sure..

There is a interview with her on Heather's inspirational podcasts
** which I love listening too**

And.. Tracy's blog.. she offers lots of recipes and swing/workout routines.. I love that I can do my cardio and strength all in one..

I got my kettlebells from They run 97 cent shipping sometimes.. but I know they sold them at other places too..

I have NO idea if you are intersted but wanted to offer this type of working out.. just incase..