Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Monday

Happy holiday Monday!

I am not going to the gym. I am not taking a long walk. I am not counting calories or getting on the scale or trying new recipes. I am just sitting on the couch, reading, sipping coffee, playing with my daughter. I have some laundry to throw in and some general house cleaning to do, and will be cooking some salmon that my son caught for dinner... maybe on the grill, maybe not, depending on how I feel. I might cook up some green beans, make a pot of rice for the kids, and throw together a salad with cherry tomatoes in it. But most of all I am relaxing and enjoying this *day off* that I desperately need.

Someone gave me some fresh red cherries. When I eat cherries, I take a paring knife and cut all around the seed and pull the cherry in half before I eat them. Does anyone else do that? It is messy and stains your fingers. But I'll tell you why I do it! When I was a little girl, the neighbor had a cherry tree. They used to pick the dark red cherries and then bring over a bucket of them for my family. I loved them! I'd grab a few and pop them in my mouth like candy. I know some of you can guess what happened one morning. I thought it would be fun to pretend they were teeny little apples and eat them bite by bite. I took a little bite and... giant white maggot sticking out from the remaining cherry, wriggling at me for waking him up. I screamed and dropped the cherry and spit out the bite. And when my parents took more cherries out of the bucket and cut them in half, there they were: big, fat maggots in most of the cherries.


I did not eat cherries again during my childhood. And even now, I don't eat them all that often even though I love the taste. But when I do, I cut each one in half, just in case. I just can't pop a whole cherry in my mouth. Just can't do it!

Okay, enough about the maggots! Enjoy your cherries! ;) And have a great Holiday Monday.


Michelle said...

OK I just bought cherries. You just me a believer in cutting them! UGH! I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

Dani said...

oh geez. I eat cherries all the time and have never thought about what could be inside. I think I may die now.

Vb said...

Sounds like you view the gym as punishment? A day free of responsibilities is the perfect day to go to the gym, if you like it that is. If going to the gym is a chore, perhaps you should reconsider your exercise choice?

Lyn said...


No, not at all! But when there's no school, my responsibilities rest at home. I look forward to a day of rest today and also look forward to going to the gym tomorrow while my daughter is in school.

Diana said...

Your cherry story reminded me of my childhood raspberry story.

I was 5, we'd just moved on to our homestead in Alaska. We had big burn piles where our land had been cleared, and wild raspberry plants were growing everywhere in the rich land that had been dug up.

I picked a big bowl full of yummy raspberries and washed them. I sprinkled them with sugar and sat outside on a log to eat them. Before I even took a bite I looked down in the bowl and it was full of nasty worms wriggling around in my raspberries.

I screamed and threw the bowl in the air as I ran for my mom. My parents got a good laugh over it. I don't ever remember picking raspberries again. My mom made raspberry jam, but only after they were soaked in salt water to get the worms out.

Really gross now that I think about it.

Have to comment on the comment about the gym as punishment. Ummm, yeah, it is torture! :)