Thursday, September 6, 2012


Hey! Something great just happened! I found out that that *other* gym I was considering is offering a free 30 day trial! Of course I would LOVE to add that 30 days to the end of my 3 month trial I am already using at my current gym, but I can't. It's take it now or never. So I am taking it! Two gyms (three counting the home gym) are better than one! I go in tomorrow morning to make sure there are no strings attached and see if I can bring my kids or not. And if all goes well, I will be surrounded by opportunities for fitness! I am so thrilled! Crazy how I had NO chance for gym/pool access for so long and now both these opportunities fall into my lap at once. Love it! Yes, this brand-new gym *also* has a pool, and the best part? If I like it, this one is totally affordable for me to continue after the other gym's 3-month trial runs out. I am set!

This has me so psyched up for fitness. And when I am working out, I just naturally tend to eat better. Lots of veggies and healthy fats and lean meats are being eaten lately. When I've spent an hour at the gym I sure don't want to screw up my getting-healthy body with junk food!

I'll be updating and sharing my experience at these gyms. I really hope everything works out and I get to do this! Will let you know tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great ! That is so good that you get all these opportuniities to be active. I agree with you about less eating when being active. That works for me too. Even though sometimes I am hungrier when being active. But if I eat more right foods that's ok.

Anh Woodmansee said...

I too find that when I exercise regularly I tend to eat healthier. Like you, I don't want to undo all that hard work by adding unecessary or empty calories. Also, feeling fit and healthy just naturally induces a high of good feelings that I want to maintain as best as possible.

I've found the reverse to be true: when I don't exerise I tend to eat poorly, which makes me feel bad physically and emotionally, resulting in me wanting to exercise even less. Vicious cycle.

Hope you get maximum usage of the gyms and that this is the start of a lifelong love of exercise and fitness.

Margaret said...

You are a lucky duck, Lyn. I eat worse when I work out more. Hope the new gym rocks!