Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gyms and Food

Today I had an appointment with a personal trainer at gym B. He was great! He talked to me about my goals, had me do some exercises to assess my strengths and weaknesses, and showed me how to do a lot of the machines (strength and cardio). Then he left me to do my workout.

The problem (which isn't really a "problem" but more of something I noticed) is that there are SO MANY weight machines in gym B! And for the life of me I cannot see any rhyme or reason to how they are placed. In gym A, you walk in and on one side are free weights and the other side is all strength machines. The strength machines are divided: one side is a circuit with numbers posted on them and the other side is other machines that do the same exercises in different ways plus some that work other muscle groups. The cable machines are in one area as well. The upper body machines are together and the lower body machines are together. I usually do the circuit at gym A and then a few of the other machines. They are easy to find. At gym B, everything is everywhere! There are tons and tons of machines. I could not organize a circuit in my head similar to the one at gym A. So I  wandered a lot. I looked at each machine and if it was a muscle group or a move I recognized I did it. I also tried a few new ones and skipped a lot that I did not really 'get.' But I know I got at least as good of a workout as usual. So it turned out okay. If I continue strength training at this gym, I will have to get a routine down in my head of which machines I want to use. I was there for an hour and I was drained when I left. A good kind of drained.

My other thoughts on the two gyms so far:
Gym A has a very large pool with lap lanes and an open area for classes or kids. It has a locker room that is well laid out, with private showers, private dressing stalls, and automated lockers. Towels are provided. Kids can come anytime to swim IF they are on the membership (costs extra).
Gym B has a very small pool with 2 lap lanes. If there is a class going on, you have no room to swim laps. It also has windows all along the side into the rest of the gym so people can stand there and watch you swim. The locker room is clean but not as well designed; the showers are all the way on the other side from the lockers. You also have to bring your own combination lock and towels. Kids can only swim on weekends, but don't have to be on the membership.
Gym A has Arc trainers and ellipticals. Gym B only has ellipticals. I prefer the Arc trainers so far.
Both have classes. Gym A has limited hours and gym B is open 24/7.

I am enjoying this so far and very glad I was able to get these trial periods.

Foodwise, yesterday I made a nice pot of salmon chowder with the leftover salmon from the previous night's dinner. It was made from onions, carrots, one potato, fresh corn sliced off the cob, chicken broth, salt, pepper, dill, garlic, salmon, and milk, and thickened with cornstarch. I also snacked on cold salmon mashed with an ounce of cream cheese, sliced green olives, and green onions. Yummy and did not need crackers! Dinner last night was the rest of the leftover crack slaw. Tonight I am making beans and cornbread for the kids but I think I will have something lower carb. Not sure what yet but I will update on Twitter later.

I am PMSing badly, so I am going to make some tea and relax a bit.


Erika said...

Made the "crack slaw" today for lunch and it was delish!!! Never been a fan of cabbage so I was definitely shocked! Thanks!

Vickie said...

cucumber slices make excellent food 'holders' when needed.

If seems odd that gym B trainer did not include circuit ideas as part of his standard routine/intro, because that is a very basic thing.

Our experience with large pools at busy gyms is sometimes it is harder to have a lane there, than at a small gym with published schedule (so you know when to avoid classes, because there is so much less traffic.

I think it can be hard to have two things going on at once. Because you are always comparing the second to the first. This can go both ways. There are somethings about gym B that if you had never been to gym A, would probably not have bothered you. And I like my own towels (personally).

Suzy said...

Do you have a Y in your area? If so, and assuming one of your gyms is not a Y, they do offer a lot of financial assistance for memberships, as well as for their classes. I go to 2 gyms because of the swimming. I would prefer to swim at the Y, but they host schhol teams in the am, unless you go really early, and have limited lanes in the afternoons, so the rec center gets my business on those days.

Lyn said...


No Y gym or pool here, sadly. I would have loved the childcare!

Vickie said...

Because you have older kids to watch your daughter, you might be able to do unconventional swim times depending on pool usage. I know another blogger who puts her kids to bed and then swims. Or early morning while everyone is still sleeping might work well (especially if you find a job).

Lyn said...


I've thought about going swimming late at night. I might do it sometime. Depends on my boys' work schedules though. They are not usually available to babysit anymore; 3 in college and working, one in Tech school and apprenticing. But late night might work.

Christine A. said...

This is not a gym question or comment.... How is Dave and also how is your son that needed a transplant? Those seemed to be very serious conditions so was curious as to their status. Thanks.

Lyn said...


drop me an email please? Thanks!

Steelers6 said...

Wow, that's weird, I too was going to ask for a Dave update before reading Christine's comment. !?

Oh, wait, i think it's bc you mentioned apprenticeship. Well I will use that as a reminder to pray for him.

Wow, 3 in college! I'm sure you are very proud.

Have a great weekend.

Lyn said...


Thank you for the continued prayers! I am going to see him this weekend. He is stable and home but not fully recovered, and definitely can use the prayers.

Vickie said...

You might well find some perfect time of the day. I used to hit the gym at 1pm. I picked up carpool at 3pm, but needed to be in my spot by 2:45pm. So, it worked out perfectly to get 1 hour in on the treadmill and then do weights and stretch out. 1pm was break between morning crowd and after school/work group and there was almost no one there. At my oldest's gym (now) first thing in the morning, and no one is there. Every gym has its sweet spot.

Karen said...

Way to go, Lyn! I did Curves for several months a few years back and I really think that being in the mindset of training kept me in the groove of healthy living. I knoe you are going to do great!!! (How I wish I had stayed with Curves now!)