Friday, September 7, 2012

Gym Update

I am now the proud member of not one, but TWO nearby gyms! I have my first one, which is a 3 month trial I paid $100 for, and now I have the second one which is totally free for the rest of this month. Both have pools, weights, machines, and classes. And the second one *does* allow me to bring my kids to swim with me on weekends (I can't bring them to the first one).

The plan:
Continue the weight machine circuit at gym #1 3 days a week. I went today and it felt so good! It takes me about 30 minutes to complete. I had to reschedule my meeting with the personal trainer for Monday but that will be a good thing.
Schedule a meeting with a personal trainer at gym #2 and learn more about the machines there and try them out.
Swim most days. Probably will swim at gym #1 on the days I strength train there and gym #2 on the alternate days and weekends. Laps when I am alone, 'fun' swimming on weekends with kids.
In 1 to 2 weeks, try a class or two at both gyms.

My goal is to use the gyms as much as I can before the trials run out. In the meantime I am still working on my home gym and will use the bike in there on days I cannot get out to the other gyms. I am also adding a little biking in the evenings. I'm also keeping my eating in check and focusing on lean protein, fresh produce and healthy fats. I do feel better being more active and am very hopeful this will be just the boost I need to get off this long, long, long plateau.


Anonymous said...

I love your devotion to getting healthier. All this time you keep trying different things and making progress. You never give up and I admire that about you. You will benefit immensely from the gyms, I am sure!

Vickie said...

All sounds good. Be careful with your feet and knees in what you do.

I was happy to see you talk about the food element.

Some people fall into the trap of thinking they can splurge because they were "good" and went to the gym.

The truth is, most of us cannot work hard enough to burn off self sabotage food choices.

Sam said...

Weight aside, there is NOTHING like exercise for boosting mood. Have you read the book Spark? It's really interesting in its discussion of depression and the use of exercise (primarily aerobic) to treat it.

Personally... depression is the reason for many of my eating issues. So it's not just that working out makes you lose weight; it might make you less prone to stress-eating and so forth.