Monday, September 10, 2012

Gym A, Gym B

Yesterday was so fun with an unforeseen twist. I took my daughter to swim at Gym B. We went in, got changed, showered as required, and walked to the pool. As we were stepping into the water, I said to the lifeguard, "Where are the towels?" and she said, "You have to bring your own."

Whoops. Gym A provides towels and I never thought to ask!

Well we were already wet so there was nothing to be done about it right then, so we just swam! My daughter had lots of fun practicing her floats, jumps, and strokes and I had fun helping her and goofing off in the shallow end with her. When we were done, I thought we could shower and then perhaps sit in the sauna to dry, but the big sign said "No children allowed in the sauna" so that option was out. We went and showered in our suits, dripped for awhile in the stalls, and then managed to get relatively dry using paper towels and hair dryers. Dressed and happy, we left the gym and went to get one of the dogs and went to the park for a walk and playdate in the sun. It was a very nice day overall.

This morning after the kids were off to school, I went to Gym A for my appointment with a personal trainer. It was very informative and we talked about proper form and he showed me some more machines in the weight room that will mimic the physical therapy exercises I need to do. I added the hip adduction and abduction machines to my routine today as I ran thought the circuit of weights. Then he showed me three cardio machines that he thought might work for my knees (although I am going to ask the PT first if these are okay): two arc trainers and an elliptical. The arc trainers were different styles so the movements were not exactly the same, but all three machines are very low impact. I used each machine for a few minutes to get a feel for them and after I consult my PT I might add one of them to my routine. I was at the gym for an hour this morning. It feels good!

Not much else going on. My sweet son caught some more salmon for us so that's what we are having for dinner. I haven't decided on sides yet; maybe just a salad and steamed cauliflower and some brown rice for the kids. Or maybe I will roast some green beans. Yum.

Every day is a gift. I hope each one can be filled with peace and kindness and happiness for us all, even in the hard times. Enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

You're determined that's for sure. I think you will be back to a new low weight in no time.


Anonymous said...

So great that you are enjoying both gyms. Sounds like you had a fantastic day.

Vickie said...

very smart to check with PT first. You might even take pictures of the machines so they know what you are talking about for sure.