Monday, September 3, 2012

Getting Organized

I *really* enjoyed not having to go anywhere today! So nice to just stay home and BE for a change. I did a load of wash, a bit of cleaning, and measured some spaces for storage bins and shelves. I have decluttered most of the house now and need to make maximum use of my space to store what's left. I have been so used to just tossing things in boxes and leaving them around the house on the floor, or strewn across counters and end tables, or tossed messily only a shelf, but now I am trying to find a place for everything that's left so I have an uncluttered, easy-on-the-spirit place to be. The questions running through my head today are funny to me: where to put the dog toys? What about the grooming tools and extra collars? What do I do with all these board games? Where to store winter gloves and hats? Where do all these office supplies go? It is *funny* to me because here I am, a 43-year-old woman who has birthed 5 children and mothered many others, owned homes for 23 years, and have a couple of decent college degrees, yet I am just now learning how to organize my house! Really, it was easier to throw it all in random cardboard boxes and shove the boxes in rooms and garages, but I could never find anything and had *so much stuff* that it was taking over all my space! I guess the habit started when I was a new mother with a teeny infant and not much time to stay organized. That's when my husband and I bought some super cute end tables that were actually hollow inside, with doors on the ends. Whenever someone came over with little notice, I'd lay the baby in his cradle and dash around grabbing out-of-place things and throw them all into the end tables and shut the doors. Those end tables were always full of clutter, and I was often yanking everything out and sorting through it to find stuff I needed. It sort of grew into the stash-and-dash with boxes when the end tables were too full to fit anything else! I don't do that anymore, nor do I still own end tables that double as storage (although sometimes I wish I did!), so I have to actually make more use of the actual storage spaces that I have. So I am measuring the unused space in each closet, putting in extra shelves, and sticking bins in shelves so like items can be stored in a smaller space. I love it! I have always wanted an organized home and now I am well on my way.

Tomorrow the kids go back to school, I go back to the gym, and I go find the right sized shelves and bins to create my organized space. Good times!


Steelers6 said...

Very proud of you. It feels good, doesn't it. ? You seem to have beat me; I'm not done yet. I like that you are finding ways to maximize your space.

I LOVE a place for everything, & everything in its place. Can't wait to be there too. Maybe I'm taking longer bc it isn't all MY stuff (hubby, adult son...) slows down my progress!

Will there be any before & after photos of areas of which you are especially proud?

Getting back to routine can be nice too. Happy Tues.

Lyn said...

Thanks Chrissy! It does feel good! And yes, there will be before/afters of the office/home gym. There is a before picture on my blog (long time ago, lol, took me awhile to get to this!) and I am going to repost it with an after when I am done, hopefully in a week or so!

Jane said...

Hey Lyn! So funny you posted this .. I am going through a huge organizational project in my house as well! I just found this site - - that is actually having a 14 week organizational challenge to help people get organized! I just joined to get a little inspiration - you should check it out! :) Have a great day!