Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getting Better

I did a little better today:

1097 calories
100 g carbs (33%)
88 g protein (30%)
49 g fat (37%)

Most of the fat came from grass fed beef in my taco soup, along with some cheese and a yogurt. The carbs came mainly from beans and veggies in the taco soup and a handful of corn chips. Today was wheat free as well. The calories were not intentionally that low, but I was busy and the foods I ate were mostly low calorie. The taco soup was super filling and low cal as well.

Feeling better this evening and ready for a solid workout at the gym tomorrow and a nice long swim with my daughter over the weekend :)


Taryl said...

Pretty good! My only thought would be that if your calories are that low, your carbs would need to adjust downward as well (aiming for a percentage of your totals, as opposed to a gram amount, is better if you're eating a wide range of calories). Generally 15-20% of calories from carbs is considered low to moderate carb in the circles that value that.

Really though, that's just nitpicking food for thought. It sounds like you did quite well today in food choices and amounts. Good job!

i should be full said...

I so admire the steps you are taking to both take care of yourself and to reach your goal. I am on the same path and I know how tricky it can be to walk this tight rope!

I also know that you have given a lot of thought to your food choices and none are accidental. I just wanted to share my thoughts with you about my experience.

I've learned that I need to make a distinction between things that are healthy and things that are designed to help me lose weight. They are not always mutually exclusive, but things that are healthy are not always going to help me lose weight. Let me explain...

I make the distinction between healthy fat and non-healthy fat when I'm not dieting. I avoid the potato chips and fats high in triglycerides but olive oil and avocado are good for my heart, skin, and hair so I eat them without worry. But when I'm trying to lose weight, I can't eat those heart healthy fats because they block my weight loss.

The same is true for me with carbs. I love carbs. I recognize that even when I'm not trying to lose weight the highly refined ones like pasta and bagels aren't good for me. But healthy unrefined whole food carbs like beans, lentils, and whole grains like quinoa and brown rice are great. But, again, not while I'm trying to lose weight. Those healthy carbs will block my weight loss.

It took a long time for me to develop this awareness and an even longer time to accept the truth for myself. It was a bitter pill to swallow, but accepting it is the only thing that's helped me get so close to my goal.

Now, I recognize that this is my experience and doesn't apply to everyone. I also know that this is the beginning of a new fresh start for you and I don't mean to be disruptive. I'm just sharing because somewhere along the line of your journey this might help.

Keep up the great work! As always, you are an inspiration.

Lyn said...

Thanks Taryl, that's a good point about the carb percentages.

i should be full~

that is a good way to think about it. Just a small mental change that might make a big difference.

Vickie said...

Still tracking, I keep my protein and carbs as close to each other as possible and then my fat is slightly lower percentage.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,

How is it going? I'm a bit concerned because you didn't post your stats from Friday. Maybe you were too busy. But I was worried you may have lost control Friday because your calories were lower than usual on Thursday.

Hope you are doing well and we hear from you soon. You have been doing great!


Anonymous said...

And just to clarify, that was not a criticism in any way. I personally don't think there is anything wrong with an occasional lower calorie day, especially on a day when you are less active, as you said you were on Friday. It probably shakes things up a bit; there was even a diet based on this concept (the Rotation Diet).

I know people will argue with me and in general I agree it is better to stick with your normal level. But once in a while . . . no problem!

Take care,

Lyn said...


thanks for asking :) Actually I have not had time to post and am running out the door. Hope to post when I get home later!

Doranna Benker Gilkey said...

Hi Lyn.
I've been reading your blog for about a year now. I found it when I was researching medi-fast. Since starting medi-fast, I noticed exercise slows my weight loss. So, I didn't worry about it for a while. Now, I want to get a good exercise regimen going, so I went to my local university and had my body composition done using a "BodPod". It was really cheap! Only $10 for the initial test, then $5 for following ones. Since I know the scale won't be dropping as quickly, I intend to go every 6-8 weeks for a re-test, and use that as a bigger motivator than the scale. Maybe you could find something similar to see the results of your hard work.

Vee and the Kid said...

I stop reading blogs for a year or two, come back and wow! You look amazing! I am completely in awe of how you look and feel and how active you are.

I'm only just getting back on the wagon. My blog explains why ... just so tired of explaining and re-explaining. Anyway, good going.

Vee at