Monday, August 27, 2012

Basic Health Plan

Here's what I am doing as of right now for my health (in the eating and exercise department):

Stay hydrated: lots of water, green tea, herbal tea, and up to 3 cups of plain black coffee/day. No liquid calories except protein-rich smoothies.
Three meals and up to three snacks a day, portions just enough quantity to nourish.
Only 100 calories max allowed after dinner, and only if I am really hungry.
Dinner is the biggest meal most days and is made up of large servings of vegetables and a good portion of lean protein, along with moderate amounts of healthy fats (olive oil, coconut oil, olives, avocado).
I am using smoothies and shakes as meals or snacks on occasion to keep calories lower and protein higher; I have a couple of premade shake powders as well as my own concoctions made from Greek yogurt and fresh or frozen fruit and sometimes spinach.
I am keeping the grains low but occasionally having a bowl of oatmeal or some brown rice or that type of thing. I am not counting carbs right now but just not eating sugar or much grains.
I am keeping the protein higher and making sure I get enough healthy fat to feel satisfied.
Home gym is still in progress; paint chips are in hand and a shade of orange is being chosen while a few last items are sorted and stored to make more space in the room. I will use this gym on weekends and on days when I cannot get to the 'other' gym.
Tomorrow I start swimming at the 'other' gym. I am not sure how often I will do this. It depends on how my body feels. I am aiming for 3x/week but might go every weekday if it feels good! I will also ask for help to try the weight machines at the gym and do those 2 or 3 times a week.

That's the plan, and I am hoping this will make a big improvement in my health and ability to do more things without pain.


Taryl said...

I hope it is a plan you find suitable, good luck Lyn!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan. I think that if you are able to implement it for months, your body will change a lot. I wish you good luck!

Vickie said...

a good, simple, doable plan is such a good start. Sticking with it is the kindest thing you can do for yourself. Use whatever works for you - stickers on the calendar, notes to yourself, to stay on track consistently. (actually the stickers idea worked well for a blogger long ago. I think they were the simple colored small stars. One color was for food, one was for exercise, one might have been for sleep/water. And then she could tell at a glance what she had done. I use my sunday post "what I did this week".

Amy said...

You've done your research. You have great instinct for this, it sounds like you are on a great, and sustainable path. No noise, no strict rules, no crazy stuff, just sound decisions that work for you. Great stuff!

MargieAnne said...

It looks as though you are cracking it. I don't know whether I wrote this on your Blog but I recently read that we need to look at our plan and see if it's something we will still enjoy in 5 years time. Your plan has that look about it.