Wednesday, August 15, 2012

100 Dollar Gamble

I took the gamble today and took the $100 wager that I will, in fact, find belonging to a gym with a pool useful over the next 3 months. After a lot of thought and consideration of your input, I decided that having access to both my newly set-up home gym AND a gym with a pool certainly can't hurt, and does stack the odds in my favor. This way, if I am sore and need to stay off my feet I can go swim, or if I don't have time to go to the gym during the day I can workout at home at night. I can choose the isolated fitness environment of the gym for weight lifting, walking, and other exercise or I can relax at home in my own gym on my own schedule. More choices = more likely to exercise. And there is no yearlong commitment with this special; it's three months, period. A hundred bucks for 3 months of access and then poof, it expires. If I want continued access to that gym, I'd have to plunk down their usual fees, which I can't afford. But $100? I can wager. So I did.

And in the end if I just love having gym and pool access, I can turn around and get a free week at the *new* gym which I *can* afford and check out the facilities there. Win win for me!

Now I am trying to decide what color to paint my home gym room. I really like pale blue, but I wonder if a bright, energizing color would be better for working out. What do you think?

I won't get to use my new gym membership right away. Tomorrow we are heading out on vacation! We'll be walking through mountain forests, enjoying sunshine and dog sports, meeting up with friends, and lounging on the beach. When I get back there are even *more* dog sport events waiting for us locally before school starts. And THEN I will be trying out that gym! I do wish my daughter could come and swim with me, but I can only afford a single membership. So we will keep going to the public pool until it closes so we can keep swimming together.

I am really excited to see where this next phase in life takes me! I appreciate all the support!


Anonymous said...

Oh sounds so exciting! Good for you for choosing both. I hope you are happy with this solutions.
And about the wall color. If you like some bright color choose it. It makes the room brighter and maybe you happier while biking there. Or if you choose not that bright color maybe beatiful pictures will make it more cheerful?

Steelers6 said...

In a recent post you mentioned possibly painting a wall of the office/gym, & I imagined you having fun picking something 'loud'. Yep, go with a fun color that you would not do in other rooms.

Have a great vaca. Hope all the boys can make it.

Lyn said...

Bright colors, yes guys! In fact I think I am going with some shade of orange :) So cheery and energizing. Three walls are wood paneling from the 70's but this one wall is going to be bright!


Thanks! We will have fun. For the first time EVER my two middle boys are both missing vacation, but I couldn't be prouder of them both for the hard work they are doing at their full-time jobs. In fact the older one now has TWO jobs and is working more than 60 hours a week! And they both love their work, so that makes me very happy :) This trip will just be me and the two youngest kids and one dog.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say orange, too.

Diandra said...

You could pick bright, warm colors that make your heart pick up a beat. Or you could pait it whichever color you like, so you enjoy being in there.

Melanie said...

I agree with the bright, fun color idea. Also - not sure if you've considered it, but you can paint wood paneling.

Claire said...

Great post! Wonderful solution to the dilemma - more options are better. I agree with the energy of bright colors for your gym. It is so great to feel your positive energy for your health and well-being.

Leslie said...

Good for you! Whatever color you paint the home gym will be fine, as long as you use it!! $100 for 3 months is great.

Another Deb said...

I love the idea of options.

I love the idea of color.

I love the idea of painting over that 70's wood paneling.

But what I love the most about this post?

Not one word was mentioned about food!

That says "progress" to me.

Lori said...

I think that is a great idea. I wish you great success with both work out facilities.

Fernanda Gonçalves said...

Hello, my name is Fernanda and I just started writing my own blog about my journey to weight loss. I would love to ask for some support as I am knew to this =) Thanks

Anonymous said...

Here's what I've learned about paint color: go with what you love, and what you respond to. Color is a very personal thing.
I work at a boarding school where one of our most fun job perks is that the school pays for painters to paint the faculty apartments, and faculty are allowed to choose from any color in swatch book for every room. When I was picking colors, a lot of people weighed in and gave me their taste, or the conventional wisdom of interior designers (it all boiled down to "paint everything as pale and as neutral as possible." Well, I picked the colors that sang to me, and now I live in a funky, colorful, beautiful, calming, energizing place that I love.
My advice is to do a workout or two in there and just kind of day dream as you pedal away, imagining colors and shades, and finding out what color sings to you, and what kind of environment will keep you coming back.

Stephanie said...

Hi Lyn - Glad to see you're back and feeling excited about life and fitness! I am all for the home gym - that is all I do, and it works for me. I know that you have a lot of physical limitations but I hope that you don't ever completely rule out video workouts. I have so much FUN with some of those (like Hip Hop Abs) and you know, you DON'T have to do every single thing they do. I tell myself that as long as I am moving, I am doing fine. Things can be modified a lot and you still get a great workout that goes by quickly. Just a thought. There is a lot of variety, too - it is not all jumping around in tight shorts to hip hop music, you know? There is weight-training, pilates, etc. Well, hope your vacation was a blast and that you get out to use that POOL. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi I just wanted to say hello and how much I relate to you!! I am looking forward to reading mo of your trials and triumphs! Can u tell e what kind of bike you have? I too am decluttering to make a home gym! My main concern is getting a recumbent that has a seat that slides easy, and comfortable!! Take care tracy

Lyn said...


it's a Schwinn. Love it!