Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Weight, and Tweaking the Plan

It's Sunday and in keeping with tradition, I weighed in this morning. I got 216. That's down one pound from last week. Hey, it's progress!

This week was very enlightening as I stuck with the Primal plan, stayed grain-free and changed things up a bit. I ate less bacon, far less chocolate (only 1 square this week), no lattes (so less milk), and changed from roasted nuts to raw almonds. I also didn't count calories or carbs this week at all.

Then I had those stomach pains going on towards the end of the week, so I cut back on heavier meats and fats and ate more fish and Greek yogurt for protein. That seemed to help! The stomach pains are gone. I know one of the big differences between Primal and Paleo is that Primal gives a big thumbs up to fatty cuts of meat (and saturated fats) while Paleo focuses on lean cuts of meat. I have found that my body does better on the leaner meats, so I will stick with that and get most of my fat from healthy oils, avocado, olives, nuts, and eggs instead.

Another thing I tried yesterday was that whey protein powder I found in the cupboard. YUCK!! Can I just say that again? YUCK!! It was so sickeningly sweet, even with a lot of extra water and ice. I couldn't finish it. It had two different artificial sweeteners in it and some other junk I didn't think was terribly healthy. But it is a BIG tub and I figured I'd give it a try. Let me repeat: YUCK!! After my taste buds have gotten so accustomed to whole foods and the fresh tastes of fruit and yogurt smoothies, that stuff is just nasty. So if I do decide to supplement with whey protein in the future, it will be with an unsweetened, bare bones whey protein. Not this flavored stuff. Into the trash it goes.

I ate something else 'new' yesterday too: some beans. I have been legume-free for a couple of weeks now, but have been mulling over adding *some* legumes back in. For example, I really see no benefit to ever adding peanuts back in; there are a lot of issues with peanuts, so I am leaving them behind forever. I think almond butter is tastier (and healthier) anyway. But beans have always made me feel *good.* I miss them. So yesterday I had a serving of pinto beans with lunch (extra lean ground beef, tomatoes, salad). In the evening I felt MUCH better, energy and mood wise, than I have in awhile. I don't know if it is the extra carbs or what. I've been eating a full 2 servings of fruit per day (because I feel better), but the beans seemed to give me a real boost. If I can stay at that energy level, I will get so much more done and be far more motivated to continue eating this way. I think I have found some tweaks this week that will really help my body.

So my plan for the coming week is:
no processed foods, peanuts, or grains
very little sugar, milk, and cheese
lots of veggies, leaner meats, Greek yogurt, and healthy fats (but limiting how much avocado I eat in a sitting, as that might have been part of my stomach issue)
2 servings of fruit/day
up to 1 serving of beans or lentils/day as desired
raw almonds here and there

I also will probably try to make a "Paleo"-type, grain-free baked good this week, like pumpkin muffins or banana bread. My kids really enjoy it when I bake, but the grain-free versions (with no refined sugar) made with healthy fats will be so much better for them. And I can have a serving too! This past week I had two servings of "Paleo-fyed" recipes: one was the pumpkin custard I made from coconut milk, and the other was a piece of birthday cake my son made for me out of coconut flour, coconut oil, and dates. It was really good and everyone liked it, except for my daughter who shunned it because "it tastes like German chocolate cake" (from the coconut). She hates German chocolate cake. But I like it. The squares also freeze nicely. I will post the recipe later this week. It is really nice to have options for a grain-free/dairy-free/sugar-free birthday treat.

I also walked a little less this week (I'd been going about 2 miles a day) because of the oppressive heat. This week I am going to take my daughter walking with me in the evenings when it is a bit cooler. I'm also going on a little mini-trip this week that should be fun and active! Can't wait!

Have a great week!


Betsey C. said...

It is so interesting to read about your hits and misses as you try to find the best diet plan. I am so glad to hear that you are adding beans back in. I really don't know anything about paleo or primal, but I could not understand why beans would be a no-no. They are so good for you, and are a cheap form of protein.

And you lost a pound and are feeling better, I am so glad! As always, you are an inspiration.

Betsey in Chicago

timothy said...

so glad the plan is finally coming together, who woulda thunk avacado caused the tummy issues. i guess it wasTOO much fat in one sitting. enjoy your walks and your trip! xoxoxoxo

Karen said...

That's the fantastic thing about the paleo/primal style or template. You can build the template to meet your own tastes and health needs and weight goals. It's meant to be that way.

Safe travels. It's a lot of work, but so worth it!! Karen P

Sam said...


I just wanted to tell you that I read your blog's archives in their entirety... you've been so incredibly open and honest in such an articulate way. It meant a lot to me to find that. (BTW you've also come really far since a few years ago!).

I myself am not obese, but have been overweight in the past and have struggled for most of my life with disordered eating--life-threatening anorexia followed by binge eating. I am FINALLY finding some peace. You would be surprised at how similar anorexic-brain is to binge-brain for some people. Both are ways of avoiding life, I think? I like the way you describe how you were able to feel free from the pull of food when you were on Medifast, though I think Medifast isn't the only way to get there... just like anorexia wasn't the best way for ME to get there. I know that I am happiest when not tortured by constant food thoughts OR hunger pangs. It's hard to get to that place, though, since just not eating is not a good idea and eating in terribly regimented ways has its own problems.

For me, lower-GI eating was the only thing that really helped. When I was eating simple carbs or more carbs in general, along with not enough fat, I was hungry ALL the time, often had blood sugar so low I was dizzy and weak, and was barely maintaining my weight. Now that I eat more substantial meals with enough fat (mostly from nuts, some from meat and oil). I feel a lot better. Your blog REALLY helped influence me, due to the detail you went into describing the physical effects of lower-carb eating. And I should note here that I am a competitive athlete with a low-normal BMI! I might not suffer from society's stigma about fat, but I DEFINITELY suffered from my own stupid eating. Thank you for a great blog.

BTW have you read this? (You probably have). It changed my life, and it made me think of you:

Lori said...

Congratulations on the weight loss. I'm glad your plan is producins the results you want. As frustrating as it is to live through, you are doing exactly what all of us need to do-find what works for us,not what someone else thinks works for us. You'll be far more successful in the long run.

Jac said...

What a fantastic level of self-awareness you have. Glad to hear you're figuring out what works for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lyn. Any chance you could post current or updated pictures in your sidebar? Might be a good way to document your start into Primal for yourself and your readers.

Vickie said...

Artichokes (water packed)
Avocado (every day, breakfast)
Beans (green or yellow)
Broccoli (steamed)
Brussel sprouts
Lettuce (darker greens)
Onions (Not sweet)
Water Chestnuts (canned)
Zucchini or summer squash

I was updating my veggies list and thought you might like a copy. If you think of any others, please let me know.

Anonymous said...

It's great that you are paying attention to how you are feeling after the various different foods you are eating. I try to eat primal/paleo (although I am certainly no expert), but I still think that beans can be a healthy choice. And I think a key is that what works for some may not work as well for others. I also think that the meats we get in the supermarket these days are quite different from what was available for our ancestors (much fattier, domesticated, etc.), and so it's not surprising to me that you might feel bad eating very fatty/heavy cuts of meat. Hang in there! I have followed your blog for many months and greatly admire your perseverance.

Anonymous said...


(I really like it with everything, mixed in juices, and even just by itself lightly stir-fried or fresh.)

Jane said...

I hope you have a good week Lyn, wherever you are going! And yay for finding a plan that works for you!! You inspire me! Still working on my plan that works :)

Anonymous said...

Lynn, i hope your not between the same rock n a hard place I found myself in. My gallbladder n liver needed time to adapt to my highfat keto diet, but when I lowered my fat, the higher protien n veggies would spike my insulin so much that satiety and fatloss were a struggle at first. My solution was to slowly up fat in tsp during the day on a fat fast, have one protien/veggie meal at night till I became fat adapted. Hopeall is well! A balancingact is hard at first but the rewards are grand. Check out Jimmy Moores latest sucess with his n-1 experiment with keto earing! Best wishes!