Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Something Else I Am Quitting

After doing some more reading and thinking, I am going to quit calorie counting for a week. According to the Primal info I have read, it is a good thing to track for a short period just to see and get a handle on your carb levels, but it is more important to pay attention to your body, eat when you are hungry, don't eat when you're not hungry, stop when you're full. Of course, this has been an issue for me in the past. There is no "full" when it comes to cookies or chips or Nanaimo bars. But since I am not eating those things, maybe this time will be different. Especially with cutting out the roasted nuts this week... because I could eat a lot of those and never feel full. I am not eating unlimited dairy, either; I have a serving of Greek yogurt here and there, maybe some cheese in a salad. Quitting the lattes I was drinking before will remove several cups of milk per week from my intake. I am basing my meals around the Primal pyramid with the greatest amount of calories from meat/fish/eggs but the greatest *volume* of food from vegetables. So if I eat to satisfaction with the basics: meat, vegetables, healthy fats and then allow for 1-2 servings of fruit, theoretically I would not overeat and would feel satisfied and lose weight. Right?

I am making my best effort here to give Primal eating a chance to help me. If I gain weight this week because I don't count calories, I will be back to counting calories (while probably still staying Primal) next week. I know the goal is *health*, but weight loss is something I need to do for my health.


Taryl said...

Sounds like a plan. I know weight loss is your goal, it's mine as well, but sometimes slow works better. It's taken me almost four years now, to drop 93 pounds, but I've never regained back a significantly portion of it and I believe that is because I'm fairly consistent and PERsistent, too. I just keep plugging away and adjusting as needed, and either maintain vigilantly or lose depending on where I'm at.

Keep up primal eating without overeating and the weight should come off, unless your calories are astronomical. Just be patient with yourself :)

Biz said...

I will have to check out the primal period. I know I eat too many carbs, but God do I love them!


Michelle said...

I think thats a good choice. Too often we are so hung up about how many calories we "Should" have. It so much better to listen to your body.I have that problem too and slowly been giving up calories counting. Its so freeing and yet so scary because thats all Ive known.

Em said...

Attagirl, Lyn! Give it a week or two (or even three...!) and see how things feel. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised as your appetite settles in. I'll be wishing you well.

Anonymous said...

I know others will argue with me on this one but this is MY OPINION.

With your history of binge eating and general over eating, and recent history of gaining back a good amount of weight lost...I would NOT just eat by instinct. Maybe once you have built up to losing some weight again and feel comfortable in a routine, but not now. You've only been eating this way for a relatively short amount of time.

Maybe for someone else without your food issues it would be ok at this point.
But you're clearly having some struggles..I'd stick to calorie counting for now. Just my thoughts.

I don't think people should necessarily count FOREVER-but in the beginning stages or during difficult times it definitely helps.


Hal said...

When I was 100% primal, there were a ton of side benefits: stable energy levels, incredible sunburn resistance, my skin got better, I got to eat bacon...

I have to say I didn't lose weight on it. I actually gained because I was stress-eating too many nuts. I'm trying it again, along with some changes at work so that I don't snack and don't feel stressed, and the weight change is sloooooooooow.

I know you were in the midst of the carb flu; has that gotten any better? Are you feeling better (or worse) in other ways?

Lyn said...


I still pretty much feel like crap. Tired and headachey. I don't have the mind fog that comes with carbs, though.

Anonymous said...

I think this is a.good play Lynn. I know it gets stressed a lot but if you just eat a bit more fat that may help your energy levels. Worth a try right? I now subsist on fatty meats, sour cream, grassfed butter ect. I make decadent desserts with so many rich , but low protein ingredients. On top of this I take mct oil 2 to 3 times a day. Granted I only eat twice or even once a.day, so calories come down naturally as your endocrine system heals and calms down. I still cant believe I cook three eggs in 2 tb of butter with an oz or two of sausage mixed in and Im still shrinking and feeling great. Its so diametrically opposed to what conventional wisdom teaches us, I dont know if I ever completely trust what Im doing, but I feel so amazing i cant stop! One thing I had to do was stert measuring myself instead of weighing myself. It seems when you calm insulin and then nourish properly a great deal of muscle and bone density can add healthy weight and mask fatloss. Lex Rooker, went on an all meat diet for years actually rebuilt his jaw that was weakened through vegan eating. His dentist was amazed to see such a regenation, and it happened fairly fast too! His story is amazing if you ever are inclined to do a google.on it on a rainy day!

Carlie said...

Hi Lyn,
I'm new to your blog and have gone back and read everything! You are so honest and your journey is very similar to mine. So boy can I relate! Thank you for sharing your life with us! I actually sent a comment earlier and don't know if it go to you - because I was trying to figure out how to log in!
But I had a question for you and was hoping you could help... I couldn't figure out the answer from reading your blog entries....
My question is: Why have you decided not to go back on Medifast? In reading your entries during that time, you seemed to be doing really well and feeling great! I was just wondering why you are not doing it again. I started Medifast for the 1st time 5 weeks ago and would love your insight! Thank you so much for your response.

katie said...

My success on the Primal B plan is due Totally to my tracking my daily gms of carbs. You will see the 'carb graph' on the MDApple site. There he advises on Carbs/day for weight loss..check it out. I eat about 50-60 Gms carb a day..don't crave more. I have to watch the nuts as they will impede weight loss as we tend to eat too may at a serving. Sr members advise few nuts for optimal biggest weight loss.

Anonymous said...

You can't necessarily pin "tired and headacey" on Primal eating. Because you are chronically tired and have chronic headaches as you have shared all along in your blog here. So I would give the clean exact Primal 30 days and see if these improve at all.

Lyn said...


I have been tempted to go back on Medifast many times. I felt really good on it. But I got so burned out on the packets, I think. Tired of eating the same thing over, and when I could no longer STAY on plan, I was no longer losing weight. I sometimes think if I went back on Medifast I would feel so much better and the weight would come back off, but I would have to do some things very differently. I dunno. I kind of miss it.


not trying to 'pin' it on anything, just stating how I am feeling. This is a very different sense of tiredness/headache than the usual... wish I could explain it better but it is fairly intense and constant.

timothy said...

i hope this works for you darlin, i'd give it 30 days adhering structly to the program.then see where you are. xoxoxoxo

Amy said...

I am quite skeptical of the primal thing, I know it is a hot trend right now and I am in the minority, but I think if there is comfort in thoughts of going back to Medifast, you should go back to it. You will always find people who have done well on any program you research, but everyone's body is different. Listen to your body. I don't blame you for trying something new, especially since there are a lot of people who are passionate and vocal about primal. If you are not happy, I don't think it is worth it.

Hal said...

You've probably seen it, but the PaleoForWomen blog may help you out a bit: http://www.paleoforwomen.com/blog/

For one thing, it's possible that your carbs are ::gasp:: too low, although I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

Recently I have been watching youtube episodes of superskinny superfat (a british television series). Well worth checking out. What I find so interesting is how LITTLE some of the superskinny eat and of what poor nutrition. I think it is good to see that people can do that to their bodies and still live "normal" lives (meaning not passing out from hunger... decent energy to get through the day). I think a lot of us who suffer with weight think we "must" have x calories a day or something horrible will happen. Or that experiencing hunger is really bad for us. I know that the superskinny on that show aren't necessarily healthy, but I would bet they are healthier than the superfat (or at least enjoy a much better quality of life/energy level).

If you can't make paleo work for you, I hope you will consider the Medifast with whole foods nutrient replication. It will definitely be a lot a work, but perhaps may be a long term solution.

Best of luck!