Thursday, July 5, 2012

Primal 4th

I think my 4th of July intake was fairly consistent with the Primal guidelines. If you're into Primal eating and see anything in my menu that's NOT Primal, would you leave me a comment? I am learning, and reading, but also don't know exactly every food that is considered Primal or not. Or Paleo for that matter, which might be where I am heading. No matter what you call it, I am working at eating more produce and 'real' foods while being grain free, legume free, and nearly sugar free (I say nearly, because it is my understanding that a bit of very dark chocolate is considered healthy by Primal advocates.) I have to watch myself though. Primal gives me a bacon license which is nice since I have always enjoyed a strip or two with breakfast eggs (35 calories a slice) but I could and would eat a whole package of the real, thick sliced, hearty stuff if I thought it was 'okay.' That's not 'okay' in MY book, so I don't do it.

Anyway, here's what I ate yesterday. My calories went a bit higher than I was aiming this week, but I also had several 1200 calorie days so I think it all evens out. I also know that a German sausage is not exactly an ideal protein and is 'processed' but it was my best (only? besides a hot dog) grain-free, un-sauced, sugar-free option where I was. And it was yummy :)

omelet made from 1/2 c EggBeaters (using these up) and 1 oz shredded cheddar cheese
2 strips of bacon
1/4 of an avocado
1/3 of an apple
black coffee

1 German sausage (no bun)
1 packet yellow mustard
2/3 c sauerkraut (super salty, so I rinsed it with my bottled water!)

home brewed iced coffee w/3 Tbsp half and half
1 banana w/1 Tbsp natural almond butter
caramelized coconut chips (recipe/picture coming! no sugar, all natural.)

1 c fresh spinach
1/2 c cucumber slices
1 sliced hard boiled egg
1 sliced cold baked chicken thigh
1 crumbled strip of bacon
3/4 of an avocado
1.5 Tbsp blue cheese dressing (no carbs)
1/3 oz walnuts
1 square extra dark chocolate

I forgot I had a watermelon in the fridge! That will be a special treat for today.

Totals for yesterday: 1605 calories, 73 g protein, 73 g carbs, 120 g fat (yikes?!)

The fat, wow. Sixty five percent of my calories came from fat!! That seems like an awful lot. I usually get about 45-50% of calories from fat when eating Primal and I think that is about right. A lot of it came from healthy sources (58 g total from the avocado, coconut, egg, and nuts) but a good chunk came from meat, dairy, and dressing. I will keep an eye on this. Most meat and dairy fats are okay, I think, but not as healthy as others.

Today I had a smoothie and some coffee for breakfast. The smoothie was just frozen berries (raspberries, strawberries), Greek yogurt, a bit of milk and 2 oz of POM pomegranate juice. I still have a headache, and the scale still says 216.


Anonymous said...

To me, some of your recent food items sounded very healthful:

Apple, avocado, banana, cucumber, raspberries, spinach, strawberries, walnuts, and watermelon. I would have combined all those whole food ingredients to create some delicious, cool, fresh, high-fiber salads. And I would have topped the salads with melted unsalted butter and plain Greek yogurt.

And I would have skipped the bacon, cheese, chicken, egg, and EggBeaters.

In other words, a mostly vegan meal plan, supplemented with plain Greek yogurt, unsalted butter and whole milk.

Anonymous said...

This is primal, which to me is just paleo with more flexibility. Like lacto-paleo, dark chocolate part of being flexible and comfortable is knowing somedays you may vary your percentages in macros. That flexibility not only makes it livable , but IMO might even be good for your body, just so long as you aren't consistently eating too many carbs or even so much protein that you spike your insulin to a point where you start storing fat instead of burning fat. ------ disgusting confession: once or twice a month I get a strong craving for bacon. I just fast throughout the day, then cook and happily devour an ENTIRE package of organic, sugar free pork heaven. YIKES!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering how dark your chocolate is that you use. The darker is the better.

Lyn said...


it's 88% cocoa content. One square only has about a gram of sugar. I love the stuff! But it is not super sweet or creamy like milk chocolate (which just makes me want more).

Taryl said...

I'd do real eggs and not eggbeater, those things are scary. Bacon isn't primal, per se, but low sodium/sugar free bacon is common in my diet and many others. Just pick a less processed bacon than more and you're fine. Dairy isn't really considered primary, either, but many primal plans include some. So while cheese and dressings aren't primal, it's up to you what your level of adherence should be.

Em said...

Lynn, go ahead and throw the Eggbeaters away! I know it can be hard to feel like you're "wasting" food, but I think it's worth making the statement to yourself that you deserve real food—natural, nutritive, and nourishing.

And here's the thing about moving towards a Primal or Paleo diet: you have to trust your hunger more. Think you can eat a pound of thick-cut bacon? Try it sometime. The thing about eating fat is, you get *full.* Really, indisputably full, full in a big round satisfied way that means you stop eating. This is, for me, absolutely the best thing that eating Primal has brought into my life. I've been in inpatient treatment for ED-NOS: all my life I've binged or starved, and the connection between my hunger and my eating was so broken I often didn't even know when I was hungry. I did a lot of work before I found Primal, but I can still say that it's never been so easy to recognize and respond to my body's hunger and fullness cues as it has been since I have radically increased my fat (specifically saturated fat) consumption. It will get easier to see numbers like "120 g fat" when you realize how much more satisfied you feel by what you eat, and how that satisfaction enables you to stop feeding yourself when you're not hungry anymore.

Lyn said...

Taryl & Em~

just wondering if you think there is anything *harmful* in Egg Beaters, or just saying that eggs are a better choice? I generally eat local free range eggs, but have been trying to use up this carton of Egg Beaters.


There seems to be a lot of disagreement about what is 'Primal' and what isn't. I am still not sure! I try to go by Mark's Daily Apple as a guide. I know dairy and bacon are not Paleo but I think they are Primal.

Em said...

The egg is goddamn miracle, a perfect food, a tidy package of vitamins and minerals and protein and fat. Egg Beaters are missing perhaps the most important part of a real egg: fat. Fat is important because it's satiating AND because many of the nutrients in eggs (and in the things we pair with eggs) are fat-soluble but not water-soluble, meaning if you don't eat them with fat, you don't get their benefits. But most importantly, eggs are real food, and engineered diet eggs from a carton aren't, and you deserve real food. We all deserve real food!

Anonymous said...


Whether the egg is "a perfect food" is certainly debatable. Doctors generally recommend eating only one a day due to the high cholesterol content.