Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On Perfection

Yesterday I didn't count calories. I wonder how many I ate? I posted all my food from breakfast and lunch yesterday, just didn't log it all in sparkpeople. I never got around to that salad for dinner. Instead I ate the cheese off a slice of pizza (but no crust), 2 pieces of bacon, and a frozen banana blended with a tablespoon of almond butter and some almond milk. Actually I gave about half of that banana "ice cream" to my daughter. I also had a decidedly non-Primal chocolate bar from ChocoPerfection , which IS 100% sugar free and grain free, is made with healthy coconut oil, and has "plant derived natural sweeteners" (which honestly I have not researched but hey at least it's not aspartame or sucralose) and only natural flavors. The bar had 210 calories, 16 g carbs, 13 g fiber, 12 g fat, and 4 g protein. The only problem I have with it is that it displaced the vegetables I should have eaten instead. But yeah, it was good. I would estimate that my calories were around 1300 - 1400 calories. The scale still hasn't budged since Sunday.

Today I am doing the same thing (without the chocolate bar)... estimating and eyeballing because we will be out most of the day. We are going to a parade, some 4th of July events, and fireworks. I was planning to grill for the family, but I think all of my boys will be gone most of the day (working or with friends) and my daughter cannot eat the things I was going to grill so I think I will save the grilling for another day when there are more people to share it with. We might just pack a picnic lunch and for dinner eat from vendors at the events we go to. My goals remain: stay grain-free, legume-free, sugar-free. I feel much better eating this way!

Speaking of "not perfect," I want to address the issue of perfection. It's the downfall of *so many* people trying to lose weight. Aiming for perfection is a mixed bag. You *want* to push yourself to do your best, but you feel like crap when you fall short. How to aim high without setting yourself up for failure?

I often get emails and comments from other bloggers (and past bloggers who 'closed up shop') who laud my honestly and openness in blogging not only my successes but my failures. SO MANY bloggers feel afraid or nervous to post about their screw-ups because they fear the comments, and even thoughts/opinions unspoken, that they are a failure. That they "should have" done this, "should have" done that to get it 'right.' Well, sure. We all mess up sometimes, at some things. And that is normal and human. It's too bad there is a sense of shame attached to not being perfect at something. Listen, no one is perfect! That lady next door who has a great body and runs every morning and eats salads every day? She has loose skin on her belly and a bad relationship with her mother. That woman who has a great job and has worked up the corporate ladder to career success? She has a broken marriage and a cluttered bedroom. That guy who has six pack abs and works out in the gym every day? He doesn't spend enough time with his kids and his dog is fat. That blogger who says she eats perfectly healthy all the time? She eats cookies but never blogs about them and hates herself as a result. Everyone has their demons, their issues, their imperfections. NO ONE gets EVERYTHING right.

So do right what you CAN. Pick some things to be perfect at *within* the framework of eating/exercise/weight loss. And don't vary from 100% on those things. The rest can be 95% or whatever you are capable of at this moment in this day. But please, be honest with yourself.

I am absolutely 100% perfect at

Staying grain-free
Staying legume-free
Drinking 16 oz of water with every meal and snack
NOT drinking soda
NOT eating fast food

And though this is not diet, it is life... I am also 100% at the thing that matters most to me in this world:

Loving my kids unconditionally and being there for them.

Pick your perfects. Work towards 95% on the rest.

Breakfast today was an Egg Beater omelet with cheddar cheese, 2 slices of bacon, 1/4 of an avocado, 1/3 of an apple, and black coffee. I was wishing I had some veggies prepped to have with it, but I have eaten all the veggies I prepped a few days ago! I will need to double the amount I prepare this weekend. I will actually need to prep a bunch tomorrow morning to get through the rest of the week.

Have a GREAT Independence Day with your loved ones!


Anonymous said...

I'm certainly not perfect in my food, activity or lifestyle choices either!

LHA said...

Your post today was perfect for Independence Day. You gave us the freedom to not be perfect at everything! What you expressed is something I agree with totally. Once I accepted that perfection was not possible but improvement was, I began to really make progress.

A "perfect" day for me is one where I do not eat when I am not hungry, where I drink at least 8 glasses of water and where I get adequate rest. A perfect week would include at least three hours of exercise. Some days/weeks are not perfect and that will always be true. I am with you, though, that the only thing I am always 100 percent perfect on is loving my children and being the absolute best parent I can be.

Thanks for blogging, and Happy 4th!

the chip monk said...

Hi Lyn. I wrote about being imperfect on my blog recently. You might like to read it.

Keep fighting the good fight. :)

Anonymous said...

Are you not doing Whole30 anymore?

Lyn said...

chip monk~

Thanks, I will check it out!


I never was. I am thinking about doing it in the future though.

Anonymous said...

I adore your blog! You are my hero. Thanks to your blog I found out about Mark's Daily Apple and the Primal way of life. Just like you I feel far better eating that way. Stay true! Not perfect :)


Andra said...

My 55 pound dog is at her perfect weight and is in very good health. She requires 1400 calories per day to maintain her weight. Eating below that would result in her losing lean muscle mass.

Think about it.

Michelle said...

hey I ate some dark chocolate today it ruined my dinner but I ain't letting it bother me.It just was and life goes on.

timothy said...

be careful cause natural sweetners can include corn sugar aka high fructose corn syrup which is anything but a natural part of the human diet. they're sneakily trying to convince/confuse people it's natural and good for you though the fda did deny their app to change the name formally. have a GREAT wek darlin! xoxoxoxo