Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Well, I Guess I Am Going to Count Calories.

After a lot of contemplation, trial and error, low carbing, Medifasting, dabbling in Primal, and winging it, I am heading back to the ol' calorie counting method for a bit. I finally feel ready to do it. For months just the thought of actually measuring and logging everything sent me into a frenzy, feeling like I should be throwing clothes and toiletries into a backpack and running away. "Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!" was my mantra. I was so burned out on 'dieting' that I really could not do it.

I think I am ready now. At least, I don't have the terrible reaction to the thought of it anymore. It sounds acceptable to me now. Maybe because a lot of the other stressors that have saturated my life for so long have started to settle down a bit. I feel like I have the time and energy and mental resources to put towards a more formal, concrete weight loss effort. So that's what I'll do.

Starting tomorrow morning I will be logging all my food. I'm not really sure how many calories I need to lose weight anymore. So the first week, I'll just log and stay in the 1500-1800 range and see what happens. I am still going to focus on fresh local produce and lean protein but if I want some specific food I will fit it into my calories somehow. Still aiming to avoid inflammatory foods like sugar and wheat and many other grains, although I think oatmeal will be back on the menu unless I find it affects me negatively in some way. I miss oatmeal, especially with fruit or pumpkin in it.

I am itching to get back on my bike, but really I need to wait and let my knee heal up a bit more first.

And tonight, I am going to eat a bowl of fresh salsa and a whole avocado for dinner.


Diana said...

Sometimes, Lyn, you just freak me out. After a long contemplation myself, should I go back to Weight Watchers? Should I try Jenny again? I did it 15 years ago and lost 60 pounds -but cost a ton of money even back then. Should I try something I've never tried before?> Surgery? (NO! I'll never do that!). Medifast? Could I really do 800 calories a day? So finally, last night I decided...count calories! Today was a bust because we went out to eat, but tomorrow I'll be on the same wagon as you. :)

timothy said...

i'm glad you've made a deision. it really is necessary for most of us with weight issues to have a plan of some kind cause if our bodies/minds could figure out healthy/full for themselves we'd have never gotten fat in the 1st place. i would reccomend the calorie kind, calorie, carb, fat counter guide. it's like $8 and it lists whole foods as well as entrees from most resturants and fast food places.

Holly A. said...

I think all weight loss efforts have an ebb and flow to them - particularly because we're supposed to be doing this healthy thing for the rest of our lives, right? I'm with ya - congrats on a fresh start!

Anonymous said...

Good, very good, decision. I wish you would have decided on this earlier but what can you do.

I'd say only after feeling VERY comfortable with counting calories would I even think about stopping. It took me years. But it's worth it in what you learn about yourself and how much food you can handle.


MargieAnne said...

I know how much you like to think things through. This decision was not made lightly.

I applaud you and cheer you on.

Best wishes for your first week keeping records.


PuffsPlus said...

Calorie counting is working for me. I have decided to eat 1500 calories a day, 1900 on Saturdays (this is the only day of the week I have a sugary treat too), and just see how my weight shakes out from that plan. So far I'm not feeling overwhelming amounts of hunger or cravings. I'm also NOT doing low fat anymore. I think that helps me feel more satisfied with smaller amounts, because I'm not depriving myself of stuff like mayo, full fat salad dressing, etc.

One thing I would recommend you get if you don't have already is a food scale. I weigh out stuff like nuts and even fruit to make sure I know exactly how many calories I'm getting.

Jac said...

I'm glad you're in a place where something seems at least acceptable, but I do think it's too bad that you didn't give Primal a real shot. "Dabbling" doesn't quite do it, but I think you may have surprised yourself if you'd given it a good month of strictly following the "plan".

Vickie said...

If you are logging food anyway, I strongly encourage you to have it tabulate your ratios (protein, fat, carbs within total calories) at the same time.

PuffsPlus said...

One more thing: I recommend purchasing a piece of software -- I use MasterCook 11 -- that lets you figure out the nutritional breakdown of your recipes.

I know there are sites out there that let you do similar things, but I just find MasterCook easier for that particular purpose.

Leslie said...

This sounds good to me and reflects what I've eased into in recent weeks that's yielding some results. Because no matter what plan you use, calories in vs. calories expended is the key to weight loss. Virtually every valid weight loss physician says this. The actual foods consumed are details (significant, of course) but having a top limit, like your 1800 cals a day, followed consistently over the weeks, will result in...good results. Good luck - oh, one thing else is that I'm much more likely to stay under my max daily calorie limit if I avoid foods (or fake foods) that trigger me. I know what they are. I just need to be honest with myself and not think that a measured amount of a processed product (like high fiber crackers, for example) will be okay. They would be okay if I ate only the measured amount. But I don't. So I need to not go there!

Anonymous said...

Actually Diane medifast is the only way I have been able to loose weight
Once you are in fat burning (three days)
You are no longer hungry
It is awesome

Anonymous said...

I recommend my fitness pal
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Allison Clow said...

I agree my fitness pal is great and you can use it on your iphone or android. It has lot of meals in there already so it is helpful. I know logging is tough but, it is a great way to see how you are eating. Do you have any idea how much carbs-protein-fat ratio you are doing? That can make a huge difference in your weight loss!


Anonymous said...

If you ever consider primal again, remember, the goal isnt ketotsis, its keto-adaptation, were you are no longer spilling ketones but using them up effectively. That would take a bit of weeks or even months for some. Onward and downward Lynn!

Kathleen said...

Counting calories is a wonderful idea.