Sunday, June 17, 2012


Yesterday we had an *awesome* time on our trip! It's been so relaxing and fun. It is nice to get away with the kids and dog, and I am feeling happier than I have in a long time.

We left early in the morning; I was fueled by a black coffee and a protein shake. We had perfect weather for the drive: sunny and warm. Two hours into our drive we stopped for a break and I had a sugar free caramel latte while the kids had pumpkin bread. Then we headed to our dog sport event. It was *so* fun. I love being around other dog people and watching our dogs perform. The event club celebrated with cake, but I had a Medifast bar and some water instead. I had to be on my feet quite a bit for several hours, but with my meds and compression sleeve on my knee, I was fine and had no pain. Well, my feet did hurt, but the knee issue seems to be resolving. I still have to walk slowly and rest frequently but it is obviously on the mend. I am planning to be fitted for new supportive shoes while I am here, too.

I had another Medifast bar in the late afternoon and then we visited a kid park and a dog park, checked into our hotel, and had dinner, which for me was a green salad with grilled chicken and almonds. It was so good... it had some shaved cheese on top that was super flavorful, and it didn't even need dressing.

At night the hotel staff was handing out big, fresh, warm cookies and glasses of cold milk, which my kids really enjoyed. I had a one ounce bag of potato chips.

This morning we are heading out to the park for a nice walk after a breakfast of black coffee, hard boiled egg whites, and sausage. The hotel did have the cinnamon rolls on the buffet but somehow they are not very tempting when I think about the added pain to my knees and feet they would cause. I do wish the hotel had some fresh fruit (other than overripe bananas) and veggies (nothing whatsoever was offered).

I wish all my days could be as relaxing and joyful as these days are!

Hope you are having a lovely weekend too.


Andra said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! I do so love a road trip getaway.

Perhaps pack a cold bag with some grapes and apples and some nuts next road trip. They travel very well and make excellent quick snacks.

Also, have you ever seen a chiropractor, Lyn? I have a recurring knee injury and my chiro keeps me on my feet and feeling great. The compensation the rest of the body makes for knee pain/injury can cause all sorts of problems. Keeping everything aligned helps keep the pain and recovery time to a minimum.

Diandra said...

It's great to her you are doing well so far! Why not go and ask the hotel staff for fresh fruit and stuff? Even if they are unable to provide it on the spot, this might tell them that there is demand for these items.

Enjoy your vacation!

Oh, and congratulations on the ribbon for your dog!

Vickie said...

Glad your legs are doing better. Enjoy the rest of your time there. Happy it worked out so you could go.

timothy said...

so glad you're having a good time and the pain is minimal! just make sure you kick back and relax some too!

Lori said...

Good. I am so glad you are doing better both physically and emotionally.

Betsey C. said...

I got a lift just reading that. So glad you are feeling good and having fun!

keto-katharsis said...

So psyched about ur new goals Lynn! Those healthy fats and proteins are working hard to heal your inflammation and build new, stronger tissues. Once the glycation and oxidation gets outta the way our bodies can do truly wondrous things for us. There will be serious cravings sometimes, but over time youll learn what you personally can use to quash them. Its allvery individual and personal, Me, i gain some water weight if i eat too many eggwhites, so lately ive been putting raw yolks in a mascarpone, sour cream, dark cocoa, vanilla, splenda blend..... oh creamy rich heaven!!!!!! KEEP ON KEEPIN ON!!!!!

Vickie said...

I was at Mayo for two weeks over Christmas (with my youngest) and then back there for a week this month. One of the kindest things I did for myself was to make a list of what I needed to be sure to take with me when I travel.

From what you wrote, it sounds as if you might wish you had taken foods with you. I have to do this also.

So, I am writing to say - might be good to make yourself a list, now, while it is fresh in your mind. I put a list on my cell phone and locked it so it stays there. I included kitchen things (microwave bowl for example) and specific food (avocado, walnuts, etc) to make out of town trips work for me.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Sounds like somebody packed their healthy habits for the trip (I always lay mine out on the bed, but somehow forget to bring them).

Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Have a nice vacation! Sounds like you have had great time so far.

Lyn said...

Thanks guys! I definitely did not pack enough food for myself! I was so busy packing for the kids and the dog that I didn't pack much for me. Another instance of the habit of not putting myself first... lesson learned!

I like the chiropractor suggestion and will look into it.

Lyn said...

also... I did ask at the breakfast and got some fresh orange slices today with breakfast (which was 2 hard boiled egg whites and sausage and coffee).

Anonymous said...

Hello! How do I find VICKIE's Blog please? I would like to read more of this wise lady :)


Lyn said...


drop me an email and I can help you :)