Saturday, June 9, 2012

Strange Eating

My eating has been kind of strange lately. I have been busy, forget to eat, don't have stuff on hand (fridge still not fixed, and boy I miss my light mayo for tuna, chicken, and egg salads!) so I have been just grabbing whatever.

7am: black coffee and a Medifast brownie
11am: 3 hard boiled eggs
1:30pm: 6 slices of microwave bacon

Yeah, a meal of bacon. Well, it was only 210 calories, but still... the salt and fat! I try to limit myself to 1 or 2 slices in a day, usually.

That's 510 calories so far today. I will be gone this evening and have no idea what else to eat. So much for planning ahead. Protein shake if all else fails.

Notice the distinct lack of fruits and veggies there. I need to get to the store and Farmer's Market so I can have more nutritious meals. Maybe tomorrow. Things should slow down around here after Monday, and I should be able to focus more on my own needs after that.


Karen said...

Don't forget to put yourself first. Very important IMO. It also gives others a guideline to your boundaries and models good self-care for the kiddos.

Enjoy the Farmer's Market. Love the summer vegetables.

Karen P.

timothy said...

grab some of those packets of mayo from somewhere sweetie, i couldnt live without my shrimp, ckicken, ham, and tuna salads!

i should be full said...

You've probably heard this a million times, I know I have, but I find it helps to be reminded: You've got to put your needs first, not to be selfish, but to make sure that you are equipped to take care of the other in your life.

As they say in program, when you are on an airplane and they give the safety talk they always say, "If you are traveling with someone who needs assistance, put on your own mask first before assisting others."

Seriously good advice. Take care of yourself. You'll be a better resource for your family if you do. I never believe this when I'm in the thick of stress, but once I take the time to take care of myself things always get easier to cope with.