Friday, June 15, 2012

Nuts for nuts!

Yesterday I ate entirely too many nuts and seeds. I was craving them all day! My dietary 'line in the sand' right now is

NO fast food
NO sodas
NO sugar, wheat, or grains

So yesterday when I was craving nuts, I had them. I do go for moderation, but those little things add up fast! Over the course of the day I ate

about 1/3 c almonds
small handful of cashews
2 Tbsp pumpkin seeds
a tablespoon of sunflower seed butter
a tablespoon and a half of peanut butter

I wanted more. I was about to dig into the pecans and walnuts, but instead I made a couple of eggs. Just curious for those of you who do eat nuts and seeds: do you limit your daily intake to a certain amount? What's your 'nut allowance' for a day?

The rest of the day included protein shakes, a small dish of leftover chicken breast/broccoli curry, a few slices of low fat cheese. Not enough veggies, again... just the broccoli. I do have big plans for some new veggie-rich recipes as soon as I can get to the Farmer's Market, which will be after the trip.

My knee is getting much better and I can now walk, slowly, without pain. I am off the painkillers, too. I still can't take the stairs normally, but can manage to get up and down twice a day for laundry and chores. It is kind of strange how random pains are cropping up here and there as a result of compensating for my bad knee; my other hip is sore and I have cramps and soreness in my calves.

Today is packing and prep day and we leave early tomorrow. I hope to check in from time to time in the evenings after my little one is asleep, but if you don't hear from me over the weekend (if there is no Internet access for some reason) don't worry too much!

Enjoy your Friday!


Shelley said...

I go through phases of nut cravings, and and I do try to limit them to a couple of servings a day (and I do count or weigh out my portions when it comes to nuts). The calories just add up too fast if I go, pardon the pun, nuts over them!

Karen said...

Nuts are a trigger food for me. Looks like you have a similar reaction?

I have nuts, but I weight them out- half a serving of Macadamia's a day. Or half a serving of a handful of almonds, weighed out.

I've phased out all nut butters, too. Much better that way.

One rule of thumb I've read on Marks Daily Apple ( Primal web site) is to only eat the number of macadamia, almonds, etc that you could in one sitting- by cracking open a shell. That's not a lot at all.

Good luck and without strict structure with higher fat foods, you may not be able to get to your goals. Very important to think about that, IMO.

Plus that's a ton of Omega 6'

Good luck. Karen P

Leslie said...

I have to be very careful with nuts because they can become a trigger for me too. Especially when I'm trying to go really low carb, nuts "feel" like the only sort of "treat" I can have. If I stick to pistachios, they don't seem to open the door for the tiger as much as other nuts.

I hope you have a great getaway, Lyn. You deserve it!

Lynn said...

I limit my nuts to 1oz/day. They are a serious trigger for me. I do have 1tbsp of peanut butter each morning in my oatmeal, but I have my nuts in the afternoon. I don't count my peanut butter in my nut allowance.

Anonymous said...

When I HAVE to have some salty crunch, I devour abour 1/2lb of sunflower seeds. I do see.them as only a dorito deterant though since they are mostly PUFA oils instead of mono/satur fats. I love almond flour cookies and chicken breast breaded with egg and almond flour fried in coconot oil. For me, the most filling/least destructive nut is the macedamian (sp?).....almost no PUFAs at all. Go Lynn!

Anonymous said...

I do the 100 calorie packs of almonds. If they aren't carefully monitored and measured out, I will eat way too many. It is really easy to gain weight eating too many nuts/seeds-That's why I never buy them in bulk.


Rachelle said...

I guess yesterday was a day where a lot of people where craving nuts. I bought some pistachios and almonds. Glad your knee is getting better.

Anonymous said...

It's funny, before going low carb, I was never a fan of nuts or nut butters...not any more! I have to be very careful about consumption and have noticed it can make a difference for me between maintaining and losing. However, I have no intentions of totally excluding it. It's a treat and I that is something I just need to respect.

stephseef said...

I buy them in the 100 calorie serving bags - almonds and walnuts. it really helps.

Lori said...

I can really pile in some nuts because I tell myself it is protein and good fat. Too much is too much even of a good thing. I try to limit myself to one serving per day.

I'm glad you're on the mend. Enjoy your trip.

Larkspur said...

Good idea about the single servings packs.

I eat them most days. I don't think I go crazy with them but I did notice that 1 T of my favorite PB-- ONE T-- is 100 calories, or 20 more calories than the Ezekiel bread I spread it on. Food for thought!

Claire said...

For weight loss, 1 oz a day of nuts a day is plenty. I get the raw almonds from Trader Joe's in individual little bags, and I have them about five times a week. There are about 23 almonds to an ounce. Yum. :)

Vickie said...

I think it is important to differentiate between how nuts are processed when talking about them.

Many people know this, but never know if there is someone reading who does not.

Having a trigger problem with processed/SALTED is a different issue than problem with nuts in general, in my opinion. In other words, salt might be the trigger and not the nuts themselves. Or the oil used in the some roasting processes might be the trigger.

The rule of thumb at our house is to eat raw/plain nuts for almonds, walnuts, cashews. A serving is about 1/4 cup. I eat 1/4 cup of walnuts every day.

The girls eat pistachios which are salted and roasted. I do not eat pistachios. I could, in one sitting, crack and happily eat, 1 lb of pistachios. I have to watch my sodium levels carefully (migraines and dizzies) so even one serving size is too much.

I eat one small avocado every morning with my breakfast. This is main source of my healthy fat each day.

I do eat a small amount of olive oil on occasion. It is always eaten cold/right out of bottle, added to salad or veggies. I do not heat oils, it ruins benefits of the oil. I cook with spray and add water as needed. I add oil to cooked food, but do not cook food in oil.

Peanuts are not a nut. They are legume/bean. We do eat them. We buy dry roasted, UNsalted. Heating process does not ruin nutritional benefits of beans.

Vickie said...

I waited until I had time to call store to confirm seeds. I knew they were not salted, but wanted to confirm they were not processed in any way.

I buy sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds which are plain/raw. I do not eat these hand to mouth, but i do put then in salads and add to cooked food.

The hand to mouth brings up a good point, many of us really get going/caught up in the hand to mouth "compulsion". Very hard to control portions with that set up. Even if we only eat one measured serving, we can find ourselves sniffing around looking for more. If salt is involved, can REALLY set ourselves up to want more. Even if we do not have more of the trigger, we can find ourselves eating more of other things.

I try to set myself up for success, not problems. I try to get all my nutrition in, in a way that leaves me satisfied and not dealing with stress over food.

I eat at meal time, eat servings, eat evenly from food groups so my healthy fats, lean protein and real food/mostly green veggies carbs stay in line with each other within total calories.

Eating my seeds and nuts added to other foods aids/promotes this goal of helping myself.

I eat my walnuts mixed with 1/2 c lf cottage cheese and 1/2 cup fruit (tart/frozen/plain cherries or fresh pineapple usually). And as I mentioned, my 1/8 cup seeds are mixed with salads or added to already cooked veggies.

Vickie said...

Trip going well?

Anonymous said...

I do keep nuts around the house and eat them on occasion. I will eat more when they first arrive but then forget they're there. I grew up eating 5-7 almonds every morning with breakfast, so I think in my head that's the normal serving size. Nuts are not a food that I eat out of the bag like popcorn, even peanuts. Most of the time they're a condiment - cooked into stir fry, peanut sauce with the butter, mix into breads and muffins, or sprinkle onto salads.

MargieK said...

Most of the time I limit myself to 1/4 cup of nuts. Occasionally I'll have a little peanut butter (which isn't really a nut, although most people count it as such).

For me I think the trick is to enjoy them unsalted (and preferably raw). Difficult to find them that way, so I buy mine from

The fat in nuts is the good-for-you fat, so I don't worry about overconsumption. I figure if I have a day now and then when I consume more than the usual 1/4 cup, it's WAY better than a lot of other "junk" (i.e., anything with white flour, sugar, HFCS or who-knows-what additives or preservatives) I could have turned to.