Saturday, June 2, 2012

Good Day; I Am Happy

Today was a lovely day spent with my children. It was sunny and warm and full of joy. I got up early to enjoy the cool spring air with a cup of black coffee. I savored my breakfast of eggs over easy with bacon and strawberries, and later I snacked on yogurts and frozen Greek yogurt bars. My daughter and pup played in the wading pool, splashing each other, laughter ringing through the air. I cleaned the house and did laundry. We took the pup to the park and we got a good mile walk in. I got my yummy sugar free iced latte treat on the way home. We went to a party with hot dogs and chips and cake and ice cream and I did not have, nor want, a bite or drink of anything. I had fun socializing instead. For dinner, I made sloppy Joes for the kids; I had some on a plate (no bun) with carrot sticks and 6 Doritos. I'll probably have a Medifast brownie later before bed, after I read stories with my daughter and tuck her in for the night.

What a nice, relaxing day this has been! It's really the first *great*, non-stressful, non-sick day I have had in about 6 weeks. I hope there are more to come.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for happy days! Good job at the party too.

Alessandra said...

Very nice. Thanks for sharing your lovely day.

InWeighOverMyHead said...

sounds lovely

timothy said...

something just occured to me swetie so i'm gonna mention it. kinda ick but did you know that yeast infections in the bowels are a MAJOR undiagnosed crisis in america and that anyone who's been on an antibiotic for a week or more probably has one. mayhaps you should take some high doses of garlic for a few days and back off anything that feeds yeast for a bit to see if you feel better. by all means do some research at the very least as knowledge is power. one of the things it can do besides making you feel bad is stall weight loss........bright blessings and check it out! x0x0x0

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great day! Glad you can enjoy it after so long time.

Karen said...

So the wheat that's in the pizza crust triggers but the wheat and hyper palatable wheat/ salty combo in the Doritos do not trigger?

Lyn said...


thanks for that information. I will check into that.


Do you mean triggers me to want to eat more, or triggers inflammation response?

Karen said...

Both. I believe that the wheat both triggers over eating AND causes inflammatory response. Double whammy.

Cutting out wheat and grains will kill two birds with one stone, IMO.

Everyone is different. If wheat occasionally works for you and you are reaching your goals then great. I had to knock out all grains and processes sugar to reach my maintenance and health goals.

Glad you had a good day.

Lyn said...


I agree; it can. I am not mentally ready to cut wheat/sugar/grains completely out of my life, 100%. So right now I am making it a moderation issue, kind of like how it took me six months to slowly go from drinking my morning coffee with lots of Splenda and half and half, to cutting slowly back on the sweetener, to cutting slowly back on the cream, and now I drink it black.

I seem to be able to eat small amounts of sugar or carbs without a huge inflammation response.

As for triggering me to eat more, that's complicated. Some foods really set me off. And it also depends on my emotional state, what else I am eating, and the amounts. In this case, I was obsessing about the Doritos we had here for my son's party, because we never buy Doritos so they were bugging me. In this case, 6 Doritos *prevented* me from overeating, took away the obsession, and helped make it easier to say no to all the chips at the party.