Friday, June 8, 2012


I have been really distracted the last couple of days. Sometimes, distraction is a good thing.

I've been

Taking care of a stray dog I picked up, whose owner told me to "keep it."
Helping a friend who is in the hospital.
Watching my daughter dance in rehearsals and recitals.

Of course I am also working on finding help for my son. And I am trying to get another referral to a podiatrist and a shoe fitting out of town, because my feet hurt really badly.

All the distraction helps me not get stuck in my head, stressing about stuff I have no control over. Today, I looked at the clock and saw it was 12:30pm and realized I had not had anything at all to eat yet... just one cup of black coffee. I *still* haven't eaten yet. Food is in the backseat.

I made my lean, healthy taco soup last night and had a bowl of that for dinner. I am not eating a whole lot. But my pants aren't getting any looser, so who knows.

Not much else to add at the moment. Thanks for listening.


Spaghetti Cat said...

I have found I have 2 levels of stress. The first I just eat and eat and eat. The second the thought of food makes me sick. Hang in there!

Kristine said...

Thats not good, you need to eat. I am a long time reader....I wonder why you have never given Paleo a try. Paleo, Primal you know its all about going grain free (plus much more). I think you would benefit from it wonderfully. In just 3 weeks my daily migraines/fatigue of 4+ years have diminished.
I hope all is well for you, hang in there, life is all about ups and downs!

Lori said...

I hope this means that you're feeling better mentally.

Listen to your body and eat when it asks for food. Don't make yourself sick on top of everything else.

timothy said...

in times of busy busy you need to eat a little something so you dont crash sweetie. mayhaps a bar or meal replacement shake at the very least, but i do hope you can get someone to help you with your feet cause when they hurt it's almost impossible to do anything.

Cee said...

I have had a lot of *distractions* this week too, not all good...
Hang in there!

16 blessings'mom said...

I can hear you loud and clear about putting ME first!! As moms we are so programmed to take care of others. And putting ME first isn't just a one time deal, it is over and over again...for years I just grabbed the easiest carbs to eat because I couldn't/wouldn't take the time to make healthy food. For years I didn't take/make time to exercise because of kids and babies. Now mine are a little older, but it is still SO hard to put ME first! But if we are going to be here for them at all in the future, we need to do it! I hope you get some help for your feet, my daughter suffers from the same thing, and it is truly painful.

Hang in there and put yourself first!!!!