Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It's pouring rain today and we are all snuggled up in our cozy home, pups curled up into fuzzy balls and my princess and I wrapped in pink robes and furry purple blankets on the couch, listening to the rain fall. It's lovely.

I had my cup of hot black coffee this morning and thought about WHY I am not skinny yet. Well, okay, I never plan to be 'skinny', but you know, *not fat.* And I guess I have a lot of days where I am fairly content and happy and like the way my life is, so on those days I am not focused on my reasons to change. I think, "meh, it is so much funner to build Lincoln Log towns with my kids and read library books and bake banana bread than it is to get on the exercise bike or do leg lifts or whatever. I am happy! Let it be." But then on days when I am in pain from my joints or I can't move as quickly as I want to in agility class or my favorite shirt is too tight, I think "geez, I need to do something about this." Know what I mean?

So it's just a matter of urgency and consistency.

More often this week I am pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone and work harder towards the healthy body I desire. Staying in my comfort zone with my actions means staying in this zone of 214-218 pounds, and I don't want that.

And it doesn't have to be one or the other. I can enjoy the slow, rainy day AND make time to do my exercises. I can bake banana bread AND make a veggie stir-fry. So that is the balance I am seeking. Counting calories AND relaxing. Staying motivated AND being content. And that, I think, is doable.

Hope your day is as happy AND healthy as mine is!


Amy said...

Well said! And it does sound cozy!

Allison Clow said...

I agree well said! I have been there so many times. I actually just wrote about rainy days and exercising. I love the idea of balance. I feel like I am always an "all or nothing" gal!


Anonymous said...

I'm on almost the exact same path as you. I've kept 63 pounds off of the 112 pounds I lost and I am happy but I want to get back to the lower wieght. I'm following your example and calorie counting 1600 a day. Thank you for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

Veggie stir fry sounds healthful, if you avoid salt and soy sauce. I would cook the veggies with unsalted butter. Then, after cooking, I would add a big blob of plain Greek yogurt with live cultures, so that the good gut bacteria could have a feast.

Queen of Mental Vomit said...

Ah balance. What a wonderful word.

I'm having a hard time finding motivation for the 3rd time and, hopefully, last time to get moving and losing. I was doing so well last year and, blah. Most of the weight's back and in different places.

Gonna read through your blogs in search of insight and inspiration.

MargieAnne said...

I do so understand what you have written about days when you feel so comfortable is it all worth the bother to lose weight.

Health is different/ We all want to be as healthy as possible.

May I make a suggestion... I've heard about motivational boards but how about something simpler.

A pithy inspirational note where it will catch your eye from time to time during the day to remind you why this is important.

Keep up the good work. Your health is important.


Anna Down Under said...

It's more fun to play with the kids - so don't do boring exercise! Do FUN exercise, maybe with the kids! My favourite exercise is use to put on my favourite music and DANCE. Doesn't have to look good, just has to keep your heart rate up. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day.
Just a note (which you are probably aware of) the mere two pieces of fruit you ate have a whopping 60 (approx) carbs. Bananas 39 peach about 18 or 19. If you truly have an issue metabolizing carbs (as do I)- fruit, particularly bananas, mangos, etc. aren't your friend.