Sunday, May 13, 2012

To the Mothers

To the mothers...

the mothers who bore their children, adopted their children, married into their children
the mothers who lost their children, miss their children, ache for their children
the women who struggle for children, wait for children, try for children
the women who are kind to children, accepting of children, giving to children
the teachers who encourage the children, comfort the children, care for the children
the daughters who hug their mothers, love their mothers, are thankful for their mothers
the daughters who miss their mothers, cry for their mothers, long for their mothers
the daughters who hurt from their mothers, cry because of their mothers, forgive their mothers
to all of us, touched in some way by motherhood...

I wish you a happy, blessed, peaceful, gracious Mother's Day.


Linda Claxson said...

And Happy Mothers day to you too (although it's been and gone here in the UK. lol)

Take care

Jane said...

Happy Mother's Day Lyn! I hope you have a great day.

Mary Ellen Quigley said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to you Lyn. May God bless your day and life as you give so much to your precious children.

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful, Lyn -- Happy Mother's Day to you, too!

Hugs, Maria

Kady Sanchez said...

Well said!! Happy (late) Mother's Day!!

Former Life Girl said...

Beautifully articulated!

Anonymous said...

That was the most beautiful Mother's Day greeting I've ever read.

It touched me deeply.

Thank you so much!

Overweight in SoCal said...

Happy belated Mother's Day. This is so well written..and speaks to everyone :)