Saturday, May 5, 2012


As of last night and this morning, I was thinking I didn't care if I *ever* ate food again. Really. Just the thought of eating made me re-nauseous. But we gotta eat, so I managed to start getting some fluids and foods into me today:

1 piece of blueberry toast for breakfast
1 vanilla Brown Cow yogurt for lunch
1 cup of Campbell's chicken noodle vegetable soup for dinner
sips of Gatorade throughout the day

Eh, that's about 500 calories right there. It's about all I can handle. I am drinking water and sipping plain tea, too. My entire gut region is totally sore, like the muscles all got pulled. It hurts to move. But as my daughter said, "Do you know what Pollyanna would say? She'd say, 'At least I'm not throwing up anymore!'" Indeed.

I miss writing... really writing... but my brain is still in a fog, so a longer post will have to wait! Thanks for the good thoughts and prayers.


Anonymous said...

Your daughter is so sweet! Get better soon and I will be waiting for your post. I love what you write and you inspire me.

Lori said...

I'm glad you're continuing to improve.

Your abdominals got a major work out. They'll probably be sore for a few days.

I've got my 'yogurt' wrapped in towels now. I'll have some yummy yogurt with strawberries for breakfast, thanks to you.

Willow said...

Just take it easy for the next few days. I remember when that went through our whole family too.

timothy said...

yougurt? sweetie be careful with dairy on an unhappy tummy. feel better sendin healing your way!

Anonymous said...

I went looking for sympathy from my doctor back in the day, after catching the flu from my kids and losing over 10lbs in just a few days. He thought it was a great weight loss!

You may want to pay attention the next few days, before your eating gets back up to snuff. After having the flu and "fasting" for 24 hours was the first time I could see that my achy joints and muscle pain were completely gone. It was fantastic. I believe my liver and body truly had a chance to detox and rest, then work better. It was my AHA moment and I realized that I really did have control over how my body felt and could be pain free. Now, I'm not saying it's easy, as I am completely addicted to white smooshy foods. But they make me ill, make my whole body ill. No medication can take this pain away, but I can if I stay off the white smooshy foods.

I remember how surprised I was after being so sick, how well I was feeling.

Feel better, don't eat white smooshy stuff.

Wishfulshrinking said...

This has been a bad year for yucky bugs getting spread around.. unless you are the yucky bugs then its been a banner year!

Feel better soon!