Friday, May 11, 2012

Busy, and My Sick Cat

Just a brief post for now...

This is the time of year when things get *super* busy for me. School's wrapping up, one kid is graduating, two kids are applying for college for fall, dog sports are in full swing. My daughter's dance recitals are approaching fast, too! I am so excited for her! We have a lot of rehearsals, costume stuff, dance pictures, and parties to go to. The challenge for me is to find ways to stay nourished while on the go. Last year it was easy: I took Medifast bars and ready-to-drink shakes with me everywhere. Now I am trying to get my head around packing a cooler for my kids and I each day when we are out. I need simple, easy to eat stuff with enough protein to keep me going and not too many calories. Ideas?

Also, in bad news, my cat has pancreatitis. She is 13 years old (like my older dog) and not doing so well. She's gone to the vet to get fluids in her, changed her diet, and is going on some meds tonight. I know *nothing* about pancreatitis, but the vet says while dogs usually get over it just fine, cats usually do not. Have any of you dealt with this in your cat?

Off to get stuff done and find a healthy bite to eat.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your kitty. Hope it all works out!

Vickie said...

I do plain, low fat (2%), greek yogurt (7oz container of Fage usually), walnuts (1/4 c) and (scant 1 cup) strawberries, blueberries or pineapple (that is a meal for me).

I also roll slightly thicker slices of low sodium baked turkey breast with 1/2 spear of low sodium pickle (I cut them in half length wise), and 1/4 slice of low fat pepper jack cheese, and yellow mustard. The turkey is what holds it all together. Or I have used lettuce or cabbage to hold it together.

Heather said...

Hi Lyn!

Long time reader, rare commenter. Anyhow, pancreatitis in cats. My mom's 14 year old boy suffered a bout with it last summer. She was afraid she was going to lose him, but he's still going strong. He did quite a few rounds of subcutaneous fluids with the vet, and lost some weight, but he's been maintaining with no further attacks since. The big thing to pay attention to, going forward, is hydration and weight maintenance. As long as kitty keeps eating, and gets enough fluids (wet/canned food is the main source for many cats), it can be managed. I was able to Google up some pretty good info from veterinarian's websites. Hope everything works out okay!

Lori said...

I'm so sorry about your cat. You just can't seem to get a break.

Vickie said...

apple, low fat cheese stick, unsalted/dry roasted peanuts
very good combination with each other, enough protein to hold

PaulaMP said...

one of my cats had it and after following a special diet for awhile was just fine, don't give up too early

timothy said...

you are busy! sorry about the kitty from the sounds of it in cats its really serious with not much in the way of successful treatment, here's a link i found mayhaps it'll give you some valid info

Colleen said...

Peanut butter (regular, or defatted PB2 if you need to save calories) with celery

Tuna with miracle whip and mustard

hard boiled/deviled eggs

Target also has protein bars for $4/box. About 20g carbs, 15g protein.

Margaret said...

If you have time to plan - hard boiled eggs can work very well.

Steelers6 said...

Hey Lyn. Sorry to hear abt more stress.
I take food too; a lot of the things others sugg. I think it needs to be easy stuff, or it won't happen y'know?

I carry a cooler that may contain cheese, veggies, Greek yogurt, in season fruit or banana, raw nuts trail mix, hard boiled egg, etc. Most things are easy to just toss in. Of course you could make a grocery store stop for these things instead of a not good stop choice.

I also have a gallon jug of water that stays in my car to refill my water bottle/cup.

Iced tea is a nice summer treat, & I brew my own. It's decaffeinated & I add no sugar. (lemon)

Happy Mothers Day dear.