Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weigh In and Lack of Focus

This week was a bit different from past weeks for me. Nothing major, but I felt better emotionally (because it is spring) even though I was sore quite often from plantar fasciitis and arthritis, and I sort of backed off the attention to eating and exercise. I just had a lot going on and needed a break from the intense focus that we can sometimes get wrapped up in when trying to lose weight. I had intended to be *more* focused and strict, but instead I got so wrapped up in *life* that I didn't have time.

So my eating was different... a few days of counting calories and carbs and staying low, and a few days just grabbing what was handy (and healthy) without measuring or weighing or really counting at all. I didn't go overboard, really, except for that ice cream I already mentioned and a big bowl of corn chips yesterday, but the end result for the week was a sort of calorie zig-zag that a friend of mine has used successfully to lose weight. It wasn't intentional but that's how it turned out. A couple low days, a high day (never over about 1800 calories), another few low days, another high day. I ate a lot of hard boiled Easter eggs (plain and made into Deviled Egg Salad), almonds, strawberries, yogurt, and ate out at a restaurant once, where I had the all-you-can-eat salad bar (3 plates of vegetables with blue cheese dressing and one fortune cookie for dessert). One night I made a big pot of chili with grass fed beef and a piece of homemade cornbread with a bit of raw local honey and butter on top. I exercised a bit less because of the foot pain, but was still active on the bike (15 minutes most days) and short walks (only 1/2 to 1 mile) with the physical therapy thrown in there. And overall I just felt better, had even more joyful moments, even doing simple things like mopping the kitchen, playing with my daughter, having picnics, and training the pup. I really *like* how my life felt this week. Maybe lack of intense focus on weight loss is the normal I've been after.

Scale is down 3 pounds this week to 215.


Anonymous said...

3 pounds! That is excellent! Way to go. Looks like you've found your groove.


Meryl said...

Very interesting. That is my dream "diet". Just intuitive, responsible eating without perfection. Moderate activity. And weight loss. Sigh...chances are very low for that to happen to me, but I would love it.

Caron said...

Check out this blog if you have a minute. Biz has the same problem you have with plantar fascitis and has found this exercise program that is helping. It would be great if it helped you too. :)

dlamb said...

Lyn, I am glad to hear of your 3# loss. It must be a great relief to see a reversal of those nrs. on the scale.

I know lots of people give you all sorts of advice and some may work for you, some may not. You indicate that your are tired of focusing so much on the food/wt. issue so what I say may not fit your current needs, even as far as random info is concerned. As you know, I never offer it with the expectation that you have to apply anything I say.

For me, staying in what I CONSIDER control, has a reverberating effect on my day, my mood, my ability to function in general. As I think I may have mentioned in the past, once I felt I conquered my binge behavior and came to terms with the fact that I would lose slowly for the first time in my life, I took 4X2 week periods at 1800, 1700, 1600 and 1500 cals, in order to figure out which calorie level would lead to a 1 pound per week loss.
It turned out that it was 1650 and 1800 was maintenance FOR ME. I pretty much engage in the same type physical activity daily. When I can stay on my avg. of 1650 cals per day, I do fine but occasionally I have a special event or holiday or just a day when I am particularly hungry, at which point I DECIDE to make it a maintenance day and jack up the cals to 1800. This gives me some leeway and yet I still feel in control and I don't backslide. I know that the worst I will do, is to maintain.
I mentioned the word "average" because within 100-600 calories or so, I fluctuate but I ALWAYS make up for it in the next few days. This also allows for the "calorie cycling" of which we've all heard. It does, indeed work for me. Having a holiday of 2500 calories and a few days under 1650 to balance things out, usually lands me somewhere around 2 pounds below my wt. on the morning of the 2500 cal day.

Again, just one person's experience but knowing how crucial that feeling of remaining in control is, in order not to lose it completely, a plan of action is often helpful. AND YES, some of those days included the equivalent of your pint of ice cream. It was counted, added to the total and balanced by under-eating during the following days, unless my less than stellar choice actually fit into my 1650 day.
As always, hoping that you find peace and harmony re. this ongoing process,

Leslie said...

Sounds good Lyn! It does indeed sound intuitive and unremarkable, while yielding a very nice weight loss! This is what I'm striving for.

Shahana said...

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timothy said...

congrats, 3 pounds is excellent. and sounds like a good mix to me. sometimes when dealing with life you just gotta live!

Former Life Girl said...

Congrats on your 3 pound loss!

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

It sounds like a great week! I've been eating a lot of eggs too this week! I guess that's Easter left overs!

Tammy said...

Woo Hoo!!! So glad to hear it! :)

katie said...

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Traci said...

Great job on the weight loss!!

InWeighOverMyHead said...

congrats on your loss. :)

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