Sunday, April 22, 2012

Salvaging the Day

What a lovely weekend it's been: perfect sunny warm weather, lovely flowers in bloom, and my older kids gone visiting their Dad. I had big plans for this weekend to enjoy having the house all to myself with my just dogs and my 6-year-old, plus some fun times outdoors. But as I mentioned yesterday, she's been sick since Wednesday. And instead of getting better it's getting worse. No diagnosis yet but heading in to her doctor again tomorrow and possibly a specialist or two after that. The crazy thing is, she is miserably sick all night (and thus I am up with her, getting very little sleep) but then she gets up at 6 or 7am all happy and feeling fairly decent. I don't get it. She is very good at medical mysteries, though.

Anyway, four nights with 3 hours of sleep is wearing on me. I woke up this morning and literally stumbled around trying to get my bearings for the day. I was kind of mad that instead of having a nice pleasant mommy-daughter weekend with my girl, I was walking around in a sleep-deprived stupor. My first inclination was to sit and mope about it, stay inside and complain in my head about missing out on the lovely weather. But as the morning progressed I saw that I was the one feeling horrible, while my daughter was quite happy. So I decided to salvage the day... make the best of it.

I drank my coffee black this morning for the first time... another great step down from the sugar-and-cream or Splenda-and-half & half concoctions I started with. Black coffee just seemed fitting for today, and I liked it. I started washing the sheets, made myself a breakfast of free range eggs and bacon, and dug through yet another clothing tub until I found a comfortable pair of capri-length stretch shorts that fit. I slathered on some sunscreen and then my daughter and I took the pup out in the yard and played for awhile. We worked together pulling weeds and then sat on the bench swing and chatted. When we came in, we had snacks (protein shake for me) and then we dimmed the lights, put on a video and rested on the couches for an hour. After lunch, we loaded up the car and drove down to the park, where the pup played in the water and my little girl did the monkey bars and swings. It was just lovely out. A smoothie for her and an iced coffee for me and then we came home, ready to do a few chores around the house. I'm soaking fresh local kale in the sink to make kale chips later, and we'll take a short (very short, due to my feet needing to heal) walk after dinner.

What started as a miserable morning turned into a very nice day together despite my tiredness. I am very thankful for that. And thank you all who offered good thoughts and prayers for my girl when I posted on my Facebook page last night. I truly appreciate it!

My plantar fasciitis is of course still present, but I took a lot of your advice plus what I already knew from my last bout several years ago. Yesterday I found an extra, unused pair of Superfeet insoles that I bought the last time my feet were hurting. I actually stuck them in my house shoes (Crocs) and wow, my feet do feel better already. I also made a list of some good brands and styles of walking shoes with arch support and will be going out to try some on this week. I am also doing the stretches that were recommended.

I hope tonight is not more of the misery of last night, but if it is, at least I know I have all day tomorrow to find an answer and get my daughter help. I don't care how many phone calls and office visits I need to make, I am going to get some kind of answers and help for my child.


Anonymous said...

Try wearing braces at night that hold your feet in dorsiflexion (meaning 90 degree angle) instead of letting your feet relax while you sleep. That way, the facia won't get a chance to tighten at night, which causes the extreme pain with first step in the morning.

Karen said...

Coughing only at night always meant a sinus infection for my kiddo.

Good luck and stay clear of grains & processed sugar since it won't help you no matter what happens.

Dansco shoes are helpful for my PF and i wear thoose to work Ditch those crocks and get shoes with good arch support for the entire time you stand up except the shower. I've found that by buying thre right tennis shoe with a drug store insert goes a long way. Replacing the shoes before they cause pain also helped me. Have to change them more often if you carry more weight.

My 2 cents. Your mileage may vary. Karen P

Princess Dieter said...

I had orthotics made for my fasciitis back in 1997. Used them for like 2 years straight with boots/sneakers. Yeah, almost 2 years without any heels of any kind.

I learned to love cushy shoes, adn to this day I prefer Softwalk, Sofft, Naturalizer, Easy Spirit, Born, and other shoes that have a nice bit of support and cush. Softwalks have such an amazing footbed, but dang, they need prettier styles. I had to give most of mine away (about $1500 worth of shoes that were lightly worn and not worn at all in two cases) cause my foot shrank with weight loss and they didn't fit anymore. Made me sad they didn't fit. I can't find some of those styles anymore.

But yeah, lots of cush is necessary.

timothy said...

i have no idea if they would help but i have a friend who has been wearing z-coil shoes for almost 9 years and she swears by them. they are those ugly shoes with the big spring on under the heel, though i do think they have more attractive models now. might be worth looking into. so glad you decided to salvage your day. good luck with the little one sending prayers for y'all! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Lindsey said...

Hi Lynn,
I can't say enough good things about Danskos. They are weird at first, but they really do soothe the feet. It seems odd that hard shoes would make feet fell better but they do. Make sure they are a little loose. They have some really cute ones, now, including Dansko sneakers that are like high heeled Converse all Stars.