Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Monday!

Well, I am feeling slightly better today after resting yesterday and staying off my feet as much as possible. So far I have been doing lots of cleaning and took my pup out for a bit to the park, but no actual 'walk.' I am on my feet a lot and they hurt, so depending on how I feel tonight I may bike for a bit, or not. I will definitely do my physical therapy regardless.

My strategy with eating is to keep the calories low early in the day, eating small mini-meals every 2-3 hours as I am hungry, and then one larger meal with the family at dinner (staying on the low carb side, avoiding grains for the most part). Then I'll have a 100 calorie allowance between dinner and bedtime, if needed.

Some of the 100-ish calorie mini meals I am eating include:
hard boiled (Easter) eggs
light string cheese
1 ounce of almonds, walnuts, or pistachios
veggies of any kind, with or without dip
small portions of meat (I have cooked chicken breast and leftover spiral sliced ham in the fridge right now)
Greek yogurt
Medifast meals

I keep all these things on hand and choose from them throughout the day. I have fruit sometimes too, but am trying to keep my carbs a bit lower this week so fruit will be a special treat when I want something sweet or when I want a yogurt smoothie.

My migraines have nearly disappeared, and I think that is partly due to my food choices and partly due to hormones and where I was (and am) in my cycle. Also, my acid reflux has disappeared with the changes in my diet; I find it is worse when I eat heavily before bedtime and also when I eat fatty foods or sweet stuff at night. Since I changed my diet to eliminate that stuff, the acid reflux is GONE. I think that's pretty cool, since back in 2006 my doctor told me the only way to get rid of acid reflux disease was treatment through medication. Makes me wonder how many other ailments could be eliminated *without* medication just through changes in diet.

Not much else going on, just spring cleaning and dog training and the usual kid stuff. Enjoy your day!


Karen said...

Lyn, I do believe many of your ailments could be eliminated with a low inflammatory diet. Doing a whole 30 then bringing back on foods one at a time and knowing That it could take 72 hours for a sensitivity to show up.

It would take a lot of self discipline to make it work. The benefits could be huge.

Only you know what is right for you. I've found by eliminating wheat, grains, and almost all processes sugar is the key to weight maintenance. Took 40 of my 46 years to figure it out, but so worth it.

The root causes may be multiple but dietary causes are within your control. If and when you get the mental part of it down, then the weight loss will likely follow.

Good luck and someday I believe you will figure it out. Karen P.

LHA said...

Lyn, I am sure you get sick and tired of people commenting with well meaning suggestions for helping with weight loss.'s another one!

I have had good luck with one simple thing in my decades of trying to lose weight. It makes a huge difference in my weight loss if I eat my smallest meal at supper and eat nothing between supper and bedtime. I believe there are some studies that back this up. This little trick has always helped me when the scale refuses to budge. It's just a thought.

Good luck, and I'm glad you are feeling a little better today.

Princess Dieter said...

Lots of folks report improvements to elimination of acid reflux with changes in diet (particularly eating smaller meals and going grain or gluten free). Since I gave up gluten, I've had zero reflux. Zero. I used to think it was acid foods, but now, I can have a whole cup of marinara sauce or a grapefruit and have no issues.

I think everyone probably benefits from going fresher and less processed and fewer grains/no gluten. Just from what I've observed online and with my least, worth a try for folks. Just try it and see if stuff resolves or improves, right?

I agree with LAH. I've seen the best weight loss results when I eat dinner and then snacks before bedtime. But, hey, everyone is different. Some folks have more volatile blood sugar and need snacks. I find that snacks make me MORE preoccupied with food.

Tammy said...

Our health is DIRECTLY related to the food we put in our bodies. We could heal ourselves of a lot of ailments if we'd just learn how to eat right, and stick to it. I emailed the other day...did you get it? :)

Julia Stambor said...

DH had the same experience w/reflux after I changed the foods we ate and cut down on carbohydrates, sweets and other sugared stuff. He used to pop antacids almost every night. Now he´s been off them for well over a year, the only time he still needed one was after having a double portion of a heavily sugared milk drink. Cutting out sugar definitely helps when you suffer from reflux. So does losing weight, it seems.
Way to go about weaning yourself off sweetened coffee, btw. You´ll probably find that many things you used to eat taste way too sweet after a while of being off sweetened foods. Makes it easier to stay away from them :).

Anonymous said...

I have found that if I eat more calories earlier in the day, I focus less on food and crave less later on. It's like my body calms down the worry that it won't get enough, and then I don't feel like I need snacks. What if you kept your plan of eating with your family, but added that 100 cals to breakfast or a morning snack rather

Lyn said...

I've tried doing the bigger breakfast thing, but no matter what I eat early in the day, I get hungry/cravey in the afternoon. The hardest time for me is after 2 or 3.

Princess Dieter said...

How big was that big breakfast. I'm talking 600 to 700 calories with a minimum of 30 grams of protein (though some say 50 grams of protein with breakfast will TOTALLY kill cravings).

Big is relative.

LHA said...

A P.S. to my comment on eating my smallest meal at night. I don't eat breakfast.....heresy I know! Actually, I eat breakfast but I don't eat it when I first get up. I also have tried forcing a big breakfast when I first get up and it has no effect on eating later in the day except to make me eat more.

The way I eat to get the best weight loss result is to eat when I get hungry, usually about 11 A.M. I eat my main meal then, making sure to get plenty of protein. I eat when I get hungry later in the day, sometimes in the afternoon when I would eat another small meal, sometimes not till an early supper. My rule is to eat a small supper with some good protein and nothing after dinner. This really does help me lose. Again, just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Lyn, with all due respect to everyone's individual experience, I believe you have indicated that you pretty much know what works for you. I'll add my suggestion to the others and say: do that.

Many of us find that eating most of our calories, if not all, later in the day, keeps us from eating normally during the day and then bingeing at night. Yes, yes, it is all a matter of controlling ourselves, saying no, just doing it, stop whining, stop looking for excuses but if we could have done that in the first place, we would not be here, writing and reading about eating disorders and food issues.

With the exception of physical distress, unless the meal is being consumed right before going to bed and I don't think that is what you wrote that you planned to do, many studies indicate that the consumption of calories at any particular time of day or separated by so many hours is basically unimportant when it comes to overall weight loss. The total number of calories over a 24 hr. period is what matters, along with other variables, such as physical activity, stress levels, hormones, medical issues, etc., but these still do not impact upon the time of day when the calories are being consumed as it affects weight loss.