Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Grain Free Veggie Cereal, and Update

Lately, I've been really enjoying a bowl of cereal as a snack in the evening or mid-afternoon. But this is no cereal from a box! This is a super-healthy, Paleo, grain free, gluten free, completely natural cereal made of vegetables! This isn't a new recipe to me; I shared it on my blog almost three years ago and just recently started making up batches and eating it again. I love this stuff! Make no mistake, it is NOT exactly like eating a bowl of cocoa puffs or Cheerios, but it IS delicious and sweet and reminiscent of having a bowl of cold cereal. And it's a great way to get those healthy raw veggies in each day!

Veggie Cereal

3 Tbsp pecans
3 baby carrots (or use half a regular-sized, peeled carrot)
1/2 c. raw cauliflower
1/2 c. raw broccoli
1 apple, peeled and cored (medium or large; use an "eating" apple that is sweet)

Put the nuts and carrots in a food processor and pulse until they are in small pieces. Add the cauliflower, broccoli, and apple (I cut these in chunks) and pulse until the size of rice. You can chop even smaller if you like, but I prefer the crunchy texture of bigger bits. Stir in a few good shakes of cinnamon. That's it! Raw veggie cereal! Store covered in the fridge.

To serve, just scoop some into a bowl and top with the milk of your choice. I really love it with unsweetened vanilla Almond Breeze almond milk; it only has 20 calories per half cup and tastes delicious!

grain free gluten free Paleo cereal recipe

This recipe makes 2 large or 3 small servings. Here's the nutrition info for a large serving.

1 large serving (1/2 recipe) contains

132 calories
8 g fat
16 g carbs
4.5 g fiber
2.3 g protein

This mixture can also be added to your favorite morning cereal such as bran flakes to give a nutritional boost and get your veggies in. I love eating it as is though!

I already rode my bike for 20 minutes this morning and will be heading out for my walk shortly. Every day I've been making myself a smoothie from my homemade yogurt, frozen berries, and raw local honey. It's so energizing, and my little girl is enjoying them too! Today's big meal was leftover vegetable stew with some Italian chicken sausage added; tomorrow I think I'll make a nice big pot roast with celery and carrots (and potatoes for the kids).

That's all for now. Enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

I like the idea. I will give it a chance, maybe with some strawberries on top.

debby said...

That is a very interesting recipe, and appeals to me. thanks for sharing it. I think I'll substitute zucchini for the broccoli. It would also make a good addition to my morning oatmeal.

LauraA said...

I have been wanting to try this ever since you first posted it but haven't gotten around to it (even though that was apparently 3 years ago?! Yikes!) Thanks for posting it again, it is a good reminder to finally make it!

Jane said...

I love this recipe! I love cereal too ... and I love the crunch of it, so I'm sure the nuts help with that! I think it would be good as a topping on yogurt too! Hope you have a great day today!

Taryl said...

That actually sounds delicious, I printed it out and will give it a try when I'm in a maintenance phase and can eat more freely. Yum!

Anonymous said...

It's interesting to me that you've been this weight (218) twice before: 6-28-08 and 4-7-10. Now here you are two years later at the same weight.

Maybe this is where your body likes to be? If that's the case then you could stop fighting your body for a while and let it rest while you feed it nutritious foods and build muscle/endurance?

Sometimes we need to take a breather instead of wildly going one way to the next.

Lyn said...


Yes, it sure does seem like a place my body seeks out. I have gotten "stuck" many times at 175, 188, 218, 234 and 245. Going down I have gotten stuck at 165 also.

I don't really feel like I am fighting my body, though. I am trying to nourish it, and strengthen it.

Former Life Girl said...

Thanks for sharing. I am considering going grain free. So, an alternative to traditional cereal would be good to have in my recipe repertoire. I will have to give this a try soon.


Anonymous said...

Good, beneficial perspective Lyn! Those of us who have repeatedly seen the same numbers on the scale while fluctuating by as much as 100 pounds or more, know that it is easy to talk ourselves into believing that our bodies "naturally seek" a particular number. That is until they seek the next number up and then the next. If I allowed it, I believe my body's "resting weight" would be whatever number I reach when I manage to kill myself.
I will not be disrespectful to those who choose to do it that way but you have indicated repeatedly that this is not your intention. It may take a while for you to get there but the reasons for your desire to be healthy have not disappeared, according to your blog. Good for you for fighting through the difficult stages. Being stuck at 165 or lower is certainly a lot better than being stuck at 245 and your knees and your children will probably thank you for it.

Steph Mo said...

This is a seriously inspiring recipe! Thank you so much for posting. I am going to go make some RIGHT NOW. I will use a little of this morning's Brazil nut-hemp/pumpkin seed milk over it and perhaps add a few buckwheat crunchies. I am so excited!!

Steph Mo said...

Chose to grind about a 1/3 cup of sprouted almonds instead. THIS IS YUMMY! I can tell it will be an instant classic for this mildly veggie-phobic gal. :)