Thursday, April 19, 2012

Doctor Visit Recap

Several years ago, back in 2008, I had a nightmare visit with my gynecologist. I had gone in for a cervical biopsy because my pap came back bad, and instead of doing the biopsy, he took a look and told me that the area of pre-cancerous/cancerous cells was just too large, and I'd have to come back and have the section cut out completely. I was terrified. My mother died of ovarian cancer in her mid-50's, and I had a very real sense of impending doom about my tests. I was so afraid I would not be around to raise my children. But after the LEEP procedure, they said they'd gotten it all and I should be fine. And every pap since has been good.

Not long after, I had my first (baseline) mammogram. They found some "suspicious looking spots" and for awhile, I had to have follow-up mammograms every 6 months to a year to be sure they were not growing. They weren't.

And then last year, there were some concerns which resulted in an ultrasound that found both a uterine fibroid and an ovarian cyst. I was once again terrified, even though these are generally nothing to get terribly concerned about. I am a little sensitive about reproductive cancers and it scared me even *more* when the doctors said to wait a year before doing any follow up.

And so it was with trepidation that I went to my yearly exam this morning, worried about the possibilities. Would there be cervical cancer cells? A lump in my breast? Would they order an ultrasound and see the cyst growing into a huge tumor or the fibroid becoming large or multiplying? I was really, really anxious about my appointment this morning. Probably way more anxious than most people would be, but you know, it's one of my biggest fears.

Well, the doctor was great. She looked over all the reports and did an exam and told me I truly have nothing to worry about with the cyst and the fibroid. She'd only order another ultrasound if I was having painful cramps or irregular bleeding or my uterus felt enlarged... and none of that is true so she's certain all is well. She did the pap, told me they'd call asap if anything is wrong, and ordered the mammogram. I feel *so* reassured by her. All my nervousness and anxiety is gone. Thank goodness for good doctors.

The weight gain since last year is, of course, of concern. We talked about that; she advised me to increase the intensity of my workouts. My blood pressure was also once again elevated, as it was in my last two doctor's visits (140/90ish) so they are going to keep an eye on that too. Crazy, but my blood pressure seems to be directly related to my weight and/or diet. When I got under 200 pounds my generally high blood pressure normalized without medication. I am hoping this will be the case again. I wonder if higher carbs can contribute to having higher blood pressure, too; I may need to keep a closer eye on my carb level if the blood pressure doesn't come down quite soon.

That's my update for today! I am just getting housework done and enjoying the great sense of relief about the doctor appointment. I have a review I may post later on, if I have time. Enjoy your Thursday!


Tiffany said...

So glad to hear the doctor's visit went well. It is so important to have a great doctor. I love my GYN. He is a little old French man and always takes time to discuss concerns and explain everything. I have PCOS and went to see him after my old OBGYN made me cry. It is so nice when they have great bedside manners!

dlamb said...

Really glad for you, dear Lyn. The relief must be downright overwhelming and I understand your terror of the possibilities, especially since you have small children.
Re. the BP, I cannot imagine that your weight and diet (i.e. the food you consume, not the process of losing weight, for those who insist on ONLY one definition of this word), would not affect it. Perhaps you could start by decreasing your sodium, at the very least, but you already know that.

Anonymous said...

Glad that your doctor´s visit was so good. What a relief!

Karen said...

Congrats at dodging the GYN risk. So what's your plan for the high BP? I know you know what to do. I hope you can move forward with whatever paln you choose before you get anymore Cardio vascular warning signs.

Choose well and safe travels. The thought of not being there to watch my daughter grow up and the thought of spending boat loads of $$ on medical care for myself really motivated me this time around. We can vacation together or she can take care of me recovering from inevitable disease. Vacations sound more fun to me. I kicked the disease risk to the curb.

I hope you're able to re-focus on your goals and swing back to the healthy side of things. Good warning signs. Good time for action-IMO. Karen P

Diandra said...

Good news!