Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blood Pressure, Diet, and Weigh-In

I had a crazy weekend. One day was supremely happy, active, and joyous as I took some of the kids on a road trip and did some dog sports; another day not so much, dealing with kid health issues, lack of sleep, and tons of laundry. At least the sun is shining!

This week I did no formal exercise again, still trying to heal my plantar fasciitis and joint pain. It's getting better. I can walk and not limp now. Epsom salt bath soaks in the evening help. Cutting out sugar and most grains helps, too, so that's what I've been doing. I'm not using as much pain medication, either.

Blood pressure: You may recall that on several occasions this month I saw doctors who noted that my blood pressure was in the range of 143/88. So at my doctor's suggestion, I have been monitoring my blood pressure daily (same time, same circumstance each day) while altering my diet. Very few grains, very little refined sugar, less caffeine, less added salt. Over the week, I watched as my blood pressure slowly went down each day. By this Friday, it was 120/70 and 120/68 when taken by a nurse on two different occasions. At home it was 114/70 the other day. Today I was running on very little sleep and had 2 cups of caffeinated coffee but still got 115/75 as my reading. I am very pleased. Still keeping an eye on it, keeping a log and monitoring how dietary changes affect it.

A frequent breakfast I enjoy is 2 free range eggs, 1 or 2 slices of bacon, and half an orange or banana with coffee or tea. A week or so ago, I was thinking about how I used to often eat an egg, cheese, and spinach wrap in the mornings and I decided to try it again. I bought my beloved Carb Balance low carb/high protein tortillas, made myself a wrap the same as I used to make, but guess what? I didn't really enjoy it. The wrap tasted funny. It seemed to get in the way of the flavors of the 'real food.' So I guess my tastes have changed, and I will continue to skip the wrap and just eat eggs and spinach together on a plate if I want that kind of thing. Speaking of taste changes, in the very short time I've been drinking coffee black (which is still shocking to me that I *ever* got there, since I was the QUEEN of adding crap to my coffee), I actually PREFER it black now! I don't even WANT any half and half or sweetener or anything interfering with my nice black roasty coffee flavor. I am SO glad this has happened. I used to envy people who could drink coffee black. Now I am one of them! I have been drinking Eight O'Clock brand coffee (original) made in a french press. Great stuff! I also now prefer ALL my teas with nothing added, from green tea to herbals to black. That's a big milestone to me. I wonder if I will ever find a healthy sub that I prefer to my beloved bacon? We'll see. I *do* think it is awesome that if I need a little take-along snack for the road, my favorite is a sandwich baggie full of cold, steamed fresh asparagus spears. Finger food at its finest!

Scale this morning said 215... same as two weeks ago. No gain, no loss, good enough for me. I am in the midst of PMS bloat so maybe I will get a whoosh this week.


Andra said...

Why do you think bacon is unhealthy? Factory bacon is garbage but best quality PASTURED bacon is very much a real food that offers up healthy fats and protein. If you love it so much, why give it up? Buy the best and enjoy a couple of slices a few times a week.

Tracy said...

I like your attitude Lyn...just keep plugging away because that is all any of us can do. You've done a great deal of positive things so give yourself credit for all those changes and the non change in the scale; it is what it is...

Lori said...

I think you're on the right track now. Your posts seem calmer and more serene. I won't be surprised at all to see a giant leap down the scales after TOM.

Lyn said...


my understanding is that cured and smoked meats are carcinogenic.

Also, while I am very fortunate to have access to lots of pastured meats, eggs and milk, I have not found a pastured bacon in my area. Where do you buy yours? Is it uncured? I am sure that is healthier.

Karen said...

So glad you are doing so well, Lyn. Those dog sports are going to make both of us happier and healthier!!!

timothy said...

just hang in there darlin if you stick to what you know works your body will eventually have to co-operate. as for exercise maybe a stationary bike so there's no pressure on the foot or better yet water aerobics or swimming. do you have access to a pool? keep up the good work and remember you control your destiny! xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Good to hear that your blood pressure is lower. I am sure that if you continue doing your eating as it is and excersing if you can, your weight will slowly go down. At least, that is what I keep telling myself. And I believe in it.

Andra said...

Yes, it is uncured and local. There are plenty of farms that offer shipping these days. A net search for pastured, uncured bacon will offer you up plenty of alternatives to the factory stuff. Not cheap but for a treat, definitely worth it.

Vickie said...

I identify with the cold asparagus for the road. I also do well with brussel sprouts, cooked as lightly as possible. Also green beans.

I do think getting our taste buds acclimated to real food helps our process hugely. Glad your food is progressing the way you need it to for your health. And how wonderful you can see cause/effect effort/results so immediately in your numbers. Good incentive/feedback.

Channie said...

I have found eating breakfast with a lot of protein really helps me day start off right and makes me less likely to snack through out the day. I am glad things are going well for your Lyn.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that you are in pain. Perhaps being measured for new orthotics might help? The science around (professionallly made) orthotics has come far in the past 5 years.
Be well..may you be free of struggle that causes suffering.

Karen said...

I've also been drinking coffee black, since being on maintenance and eating Primarian/Paleo.

I love it and love good coffee, so it's been a nice switch. Glad you are finding some low inflammatory foods.

Raising my cup of home brewed, black coffee to your success.

Wheat free and processed sugar free are both things that help- IMO. I found the longer I'm off them, the less I'd ever want to feel like that again. Good cycle to be in.

Safe travels to you.

Steelers6 said...

So proud of you for drinking your beverages plain. And learning to like it! Woo hoo! The way our palate/taste buds can change is just fascinating to me.

Good job on monitoring the BP. Interesting to watch that, I'm sure.

Be well my friend.

Now I must go have Jillian M kick my butt with a DVD.