Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Better Every Day

I am feeling better and better every day. As I spend time outside in the sun, as I eat healthy foods and skip the sugar and grains, my mood and energy level are lifting significantly. I am getting lots more done, working on all the little things I have put off for so long. It feels excellent.

The only thing standing in the way of my exercise right now is foot pain. I now have orthotic inserts in two pairs of shoes; I am searching for a store that does shoe fittings but not having any luck locally; I may have to wait until I am out of town for something else, because I can't really justify a 6 hour round trip just to get new shoes! I might try ordering some good walking shoes online, but I worry about fit and comfort and how they will feel. I hate to buy shoes without trying them out, even highly recommended shoes.

My blood pressure continues to be elevated, but as I cut back on salt, sugar, carbs, and caffeine it is going down slowly. It started at 143/88 last week and has been around 136/80 for the past two days. Hoping it continues to drop. My doctor is also monitoring things and if it is still elevated in a month we will look at other options.

Today I enjoyed a big Romaine salad with chicken breast and light Ranch for lunch. I had some yogurt, a sugar free decaf latte, and Medifast meals for breakfast and snacks, and dinner will be my favorite meatloaf with mashed potatoes for the kids and roasted broccoli for me.

That's all for now!


timothy said...

take a garlic supplement sweetie, it lowers blood pressure naturally, plus it's antibacterial, antifungal, anti-EVERYTHING and it's also good for the heart. it is natures miracle! you can get a 2-bottle pack for like 7 bucks at wally. great work and have a splendid week! xoxoxoxo

Diandra said...

The easiest way to lower blood pressure is to stop worrying, but I know that can be tough. If you know it used to go down together with your weight, don't worry, though, you know you will be fine again.

Diandra said...

(Oh, and you could include real garlic - and onions - in your food if you do not want to buy supplements. Unless you don't like the taste, of course... but who doesn't like garlic?)

debby said...

Your doctor can write a prescription for good inserts --my understanding is that it can save you hundreds! And, PF takes a long time to get over ---you take a lot of trips for the health of your kids --why not for yourself?

Lori said...

I'm glad things are turning around for you. You'll be back in the 170's soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about Medifast meals but I'm wondering if they are contributing to your high blood pressure? I've never seen the meals or read the nutrition information so I may be way off here but most pre-packaged stuff and prepared meals have huge amounts of sodium. Just a thought.

Have you tried to get off the prepared stuff altogether? When you make your own food from fresh ingredients you have so much more control over salt, fat, calories, etc.

Lyn said...


No, they are definitely not. When I was eating five of them a day on the Medifast program, my blood pressure was the lowest it has been since I was a teen, around 110/70. I do mainly eat foods that I prepare, but I still have some Medifast meals left and enjoy the convenience of a bar or the yumminess of a hot cocoa now and then.