Friday, March 16, 2012

Test Results

My blood work came back!

I am very pleased to say that everything looked "good" according to the doctor. He said my organ function tests (kidney, liver, whatever else he did) all came out fine, my iron (ferritin) was normal (38), and thyroid function is also good (the paperwork says "TSH Reflex - 2.13"). All the other counts are normal too. The only one that is outside of normal range was my glucose and the Estimated Average Glucose from the A1C. It is not high enough for my doctor to be concerned but of course it makes me take note. My glucose (not fasting, but I only had a cup of no-sugar coffee prior) was 103. My A1C, which looks at my average blood sugar levels over the past 3 months, was 5.3 (for reference, normal is 4.0 - 6.0, and diabetic is anything over 6.5. "Pre diabetic," or at higher risk for developing diabetes, starts at 5.7). My Estimated Average Glucose was very slightly high at 105; 65-99 is the reference range.

The other area of concern is my blood pressure which has been 140/90 at the past two visits. I have a history of high blood pressure (very high, actually; it was consistently in the 160's/90's range when I was working and going to school as a single mom of four, and I was on medication back in 2005) but it came down to normal and stayed at 120/70 or less when I lost weight. I believe my blood pressure "issue" is directly related to my weight. I am sure stress isn't helpful, either.

Based on these results, my appointment to recheck the fibroid, ovarian cyst, and cervical screening have been moved to next month (no longer considered urgent, and insurance has their own timetable for coverage). I am comfortable with that.

I have something else I want to share that my doctor offered me, but I have to go for now. I will write more later. You won't believe it. I am still a bit disappointed.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that the results are ok. But curious to know what your dictor recommended.

~New Year,New Me~ said...

I am glad to hear your results came back OK. Hopefully your stress level has dropped some with that news.

I will have to check back to see what you Dr. said.

Karen said...

Glad labs are okay. Great that you are keeping tabs on your A1C.

Keep an open mind on the next steps. Never say Never.


Anonymous said...

Yep, I had a hunch! Glad nothing it seriously wrong.

Kristi said...

I bet wls, it is a trend to ask anyone over 200 now

Anonymous said...

See, all of that angst and worry for nothing! I'm glad your results were good.

And I agree with Kristi, upon reading the end of your post I immediately figured the doctor suggested weight loss surgery.

Leslie said...

Weight loss surgery is where my mind went to as well. Will be watching for more details.

So glad the "physical in the blood vials" was essentially normal. Very reassuring.

PaulaMP said...

if it's not wls I'm guessing diet pills ...

Theresa said...

Dear Lyn,
I truly hope your doctor didn't offer or suggest that you have weight loss surgery. You've lost weight on your own before and that's proof that you can do it again when you're ready.

Your tests were all fine, so that's a huge relief. WLS is dangerous and I'd really worry about you having that life altering major surgery.

By golly, I'd count calories, eat less, or just about anything before I'd allow my stomach to be nearly all cut off.

I think the stats are 1 in 200 die from WLS.

I wish I knew how to help you lose weight. I'm on my third day of being on plan on Medifast. I wasn't on plan before and transitioned too early. I haven't had one cheat and this time I plan to make it to goal before I transition.

My very dear friend is in 4th stage cancer due to obesity. I spoke to her today and couldn't stop crying. We've been friends for over half a century.

Can you at least think about the possibility of having smaller portions of all the foods you love? Half of this and half of that eating slowly with lots of sipping of liquids between bites. You can do it.

You don't have to deprive yourself of any of the foods you love. There's not a thing wrong with a 35calorie piece of bacon.

Hugs to you, dear. Theresa from the MF blog.

Anonymous said...

I thought of diet pills (Phentermine, these days) as a possibility too Paula but I hope not, with the blood pressure issue.

Being a stimulant they can raise blood pressure.

Anonymous said...

As I read here off and on, not as much as I used to, one thing perhaps has not been addressed. Hunger and the role it plays in losing weight. With the 6 small meal philosophy to keep from getting hungry, I believe one of our strongest tools in weight loss is rarely utilized. Hunger is a good thing, a normal feeling and one that should perhaps be embraced more often than it is in our culture. Hunger between each meal tells our hormones and our bodies to use the stored energy we have until the next "feast". Hunger allows our digestive systems to rest a bit, not always overburdened with processing food and flooding insulin. We all get so afraid to be hungry, to feel hunger, afraid it will cause a binge and we fear the binge. Why not embrace the hunger as an everyday event and let our bodies burn some of the stored fat as energy? The self confidence I get from knowing that I will be hungry in the afternoon, I will be hungry at bedtime all while knowing I will and do have next meals coming is something I really enjoy. I like the control it gives me, to know that I don't want to eat right now, I want to feel the hunger. But also that I do have a good meal coming up. I don't know, I think we are too soft on ourselves in this country. Soft food, soft lives, not hard enough with our self discipline. And yes, I have eaten whole sleeves of oreos, whole dinners and desserts and snacks and whatever might be in the house, eating my way through the evenings. Now I stop after dinner and embrace my hunger at bedtime. This will bring on a binge for some? I call it an excuse to behave badly, just as an alcoholic who falls off the wagon behaves badly. We expect alcoholics to pull themselves together or hit the road, same with food addiction. An alcoholic must embrace sobriety to live successfully, we must embrace hunger, in my opinion, to do so. I am always really hungry by dinner time, and really hungry at bedtime. I eat just about what I want at the dinner hour. My body has moderated itself to being more muscular and less flabby, without much working out. I'm rarely sick with viruses or any other bugs that fly around our schools and work.

Just something to think about.

lisa~sunshine said...

I just hope Lynn tells us soon.. I'm so curious..

I'm so happy that all your blood results came back fine..

Camille said...

Hey Lyn
I've been reading since I was in highschool like two years ago. You have always been such an inspiration. I just want to say, even when you struggle I'm so proud of you to keep going and blogging! Im so glad to hear your tests went well. You've got this Lyn. I really think you can do anything.


timothy said...

hmmm glad youre ok sweetie, but honestly a cliffhanger??? lolol

Anna Down Under said...

My fasting glucose was 'slightly' elevated as well so my dr ordered a glucose tolerance test just to be safe. Turned out I have impaired glucose tolerance, which means I'm considered 'pre-diabetic' - she immediately suggested a gastric band. I know people who have had them and they have NOT lost weight because they didn't change their eating or exercise habits. Then she suggested Phentermine instead, and I don't want diabetes so I agreed to give it a try. Apparently all other countries but Australia and New Zealand have banned its use, but they consider it safe here if monitored by your doctor. I'm on day 5, wish me luck.

Lyn said...

LOL, sorry Timothy, I had a heck of a busy day! I just now had time to sit down and update :)


I do wish you luck, please be careful. It is so hard knowing what path to take to try and fix our health.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with the anonymous that talked about feeling hunger. it is important to not panic when feeling hungry. it's normal. it's all in learning to differentiate your levels of hunger and know when you really do NEED food. it's not as often as you'd think

Diandra said...

See? Everything seems to be okay. Your HbA1c will most likely continue to improve. Of course no one can say whether the years of poor eatng may have influence on you becoming diabetic in the future, but good food habits are the best way to keep those things in check. And as for the fasting blood sugar... A friend's mother is diabetic, and once her fasting blood sugar was terrifyingly high - until she admitted having had a larger amount of sweets more than twelve hours before the test. So maybe it was just something from last night's dinner that was still keeping it a little high? No need to worry, I'd say. ^^

Tammy said...

I'm glad it all turned out OK!!:)

Anonymous said...

I love the comment by Anon above about hunger and fear of hunger. This iwas exactly what I needed to read, because I have a ridiculous fear of being hungry -- almost a low-level panic feeling.

I remember reading an article about Ivanna Trump, and she was quoted as saying that when she was hungry she felt "powerful". Interesting.

I am going to try to eat 3 healthy meals per day and try to get myself used to the feeling of hunger. It really is a normal feeling, and nothing to be afraid of.