Saturday, March 3, 2012

Medifast Transition: Week 3

I am a few days early, but I am ready to move forward to week 3 of Transition.

This is the week for adding a serving of dairy to my diet. I already added extra veggies (even starchy ones) in week 1, and fruits last week. This week, my daily intake should look like this:

Continue eating:
4 Medifast meals
1 Lean & Green meal I prepare (5-7 oz lean protein, 3 servings low carb veggies, 0-2 healthy fats)
2 extra servings of veggies, including higher carb ones
2 fruit servings (each serving is 1/2 cup or 1 medium sized fruit)

1 cup of low-fat or fat free dairy (1 serving)

The dairy I will be adding is mainly skim or 1% milk or plain yogurt. Dairy foods such as low fat cheese and cottage cheese is considered a meatless Lean (protein) option and not a dairy. Greek yogurt can count as a Lean (12 oz fat free Chobani or Fage 0%) or as a dairy (1/2 to 1 cup; I will use 6 oz when I use it as a dairy serving).

Calories for this week are supposed to be a total of 1000-1300.

Speaking of calories, let me just update right now on last week. I really enjoyed adding fruits to my diet. However, the scale went UP instead of down. I think there's a couple of things going on here:

1. I ate too many bananas. You can't find a more caloric fruit serving, and eating 2 in a day is probably a bad idea. I think I ate at least 6 bananas last week! I love them. I also love peanut butter on them, which is another calorie-dense food. A tablespoon here and there can really add up. So for the coming week, I am going to cut out the peanut butter completely, and limit myself to ONE banana in a day and also not have them daily. Maybe 2 in a week is a good limit. I enjoy other fruits as well, so I will focus more on things like berries, apples, kiwi fruits, and oranges.

2. I did not count ANYTHING this week except servings, and I may have screwed that up a few times as well since I was trying to keep track in my head. Some nights I'd be heading for bed and realize I did not get all my veggies in. I didn't always weigh my meat. I eyeballed some fruit. You are not supposed to *need* to count calories or anything in Transition, but I am going to need to do this. If I had to guess, I would say I was eating closer to 1500/day. I am going back to Sparkpeople, which is what I used to log my food in the early blogging days. I will log all my foods this week and see what I come up with. Things are getting more complicated and I really do need to keep track to make sure I get in the right amounts of veggies, fruits, dairy, protein, and fat.

3. Time to start the exercise. I was waiting to see how the change in diet affected the scale, and now I know. I have been rather sedentary lately. I HATE going out in the cold, I have been riding the wahhhhmbulance about not wanting to get on my bike, I have been only taking one mile walks with the dog in nice weather and half-assing my PT exercises. This is the week to get back to biking. I will do what I did earlier this year and start with 5 or 6 minutes and then add 1-2 minutes a day as my body adapts. I will take one day off a week. My goal eventually is to do 30-40 minutes/day on the bike as well as a 1-2 mile walk, and doing PT and strength training 3x a week. I am going to build up to that gradually.

Yesterday was so fun. It was Dr. Seuss Day at my daughter's school, so I was up early having green eggs and ham at school for my breakfast (with some fruit) and then staying for story reading, play time, and then helping in the classroom for an hour.

My shoulders are KILLING me, which is a new area for pain. I am guessing it is the arthritis but haven't been to the doctor yet. I am betting they will send me for PT again, this time for upper body. Maybe that will be a good thing.

That's all for now! I am really looking forward to having yogurt and fruit for breakfast or a skim milk latte once in awhile! I am kind of excited about getting back to calorie counting, too. It gives me a nice sense of control and purpose. Enjoy your weekend!

*FTC-required disclosure: Medifast provided me with its products for my personal use for free.*


Anonymous said...

Good bet on the exercise, but it's just not possible that six bananas in a week is going to make a 200+ pound woman gain weight, unless it contributed to some weird water fluctuation.

Anyhow... keep your head up and chug away!

Beth@WeightMaven said...

Re exercise, I've been experimenting with adding a little bit of high intensity interval training. This kind of exercise isn't about burning calories but is about making all sorts of metabolic changes that support weight loss (like increasing insulin sensitivity). What I really like about it is that you don't need to do a lot. I'm doing it in the pool (I have back issues) 3x a week and it only takes a few minutes. But it'd be easy to do on a bike or a rower or a elliptical. Might be worth considering!

Claire said...

You're just putting back on your glycogen stores. The gain won't carry on and you'll have more energy to exercise.

Dinahsoar said...

Here's the thing...when a diet plan allows you to have certain foods it may or may not be in your best interest weight loss wise to eat those foods.

While fruits are powerhouses nutritionally speaking, they are carbs and high in sugar. You might do well to eat the lower sugar fruits like berries and citrus and limit your serving to one per day, getting the rest of your nutritional needs met via lower carb veggies.

Anonymous said...

I think some initial weight gain is expected, since you are now eating 1500 cal/day vs. the 900 cal/day you were used to before. Since you said you weren't losing weight in the last few weeks of Medifast, your body probably stabilized at the 900 cal/day. It will take some time to get used to the 1500 cal/day intake.

Give it time. I know many others have suggested WL plans that work for them, but I don't think you should switch plans just because this one isn't showing 'results' in the short term. It will take time, just remember that and try to be patient.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

1-2 servings of fruit seem to work best for me personally; but really I don't think the fruit had much to do with this weight gain unless you were literally gorging on bananas. I think it's more of the "just eyeballing your food and probably eating way more than you intended or realized.

Anonymous said...

I guess people have different criteria of what makes something "high in sugar" --I certainly don't think one piece of fruit is high in sugar. A banana has no more sugar than a greek vanilla yogurt.

Michelle said...

You are probably already familiar with this site, but I use and it's an awesome online food diary site to count your calories. Best of luck.I struggle right alone with you.


Cathy said...

When you cut way back on sugar, you can really tell how sweet fruit is. Yes it is full of vitamins, fiber, etc, but I think when you are prone to compulsive eating, you can take in way more calories than you should by fruit-snacking. For me, for now, I stick to 1 fruit per day.

Kayaos said...

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Lyn said...


Thanks! I will check it out.

Bunpoh said...

Hi Lyn! The only thing I would add about your assessment is that bananas and peanut butter are not only high calorie but also really high carb, as far as fruits and nuts are concerned. I disagree with the comment about a person of your size and bananas. As a fellow long-term low-carber, I find those things have always caused weight gain for me when I am not very careful, also, no matter how big or small I am.

But you're on the right track. Hopefully everything will settle down for you in the meantime.

I also am having mysterious shoulder pain this week? What gives? Hope you get to the bottom of yours.