Monday, March 26, 2012

Guess the New, All Natural Snack!

Late last week, one of my kids brought home a snack I'd never seen before. It was a small bag. On the bag, it said:

Naturally Delicious!
Guaranteed Fresh!
Good Fun!
Made with ALL NATURAL Ingredients!
0 Grams Trans Fat!
Happiness in Every Bite!

Can you guess what this great new all natural snack is???

Let me give you some more hints. How about if I list a few of the all natural ingredients? Let's see how many it takes for you to figure out what this is! (I am not listing the ingredients in order):

Check out these fresh, all natural ingredients! I am so excited!

Tomato Powder!
Medium Chain Triclycerides! (Yum!)
Natural Bacon Type Flavor!
Natural Lettuce Type Flavor!!! (Woohoo!)

Did you guess yet? Here are some that might be a little more recognizable. These should tip you off!

Paprika Extracts
Brown Sugar
Vegetable Oil

Guess yet? There's only two more ingredients and then you will know what this all natural snack is:

BLT Seasoning

Yes! That's right. It is the Naturally Delicious Lays Classic BLT Flavored Potato Chips. They are good for you, right? As the bag says, they start with "farm-grown potatoes" and then "our chefs add a delicious blend of bacon, ripe tomatoes, and cool lettuce." What a great idea, right? Uh....

Well, kudos to Lays for switching from all those nasty chemicals they used to use in their chips to "all natural" ingredients. It makes me kinda sad that in our culture "Lettuce Type Flavor" is considered an all-natural food. Seems to me there needs to be a change in the definition of "natural."

Maybe a head of lettuce should be "natural." Maybe eating an actual POTATO that has not been processed beyond recognition is "natural." Whatever happened to eating real, whole food? Seriously, this is just ridiculous.


Forty Pound Sack said...

Okay, now I'm hungry for potato chips, LOL. SO not what you intended, right? Can't help it. =)

timothy said...

spin is spin, but honestly unless it's a piece of fruit or a spoonful of fresh peanut butter snacks are almost NEVER good for you! i usually stick to popping corn or a bannana or apple

Diandra said...

Uhm... wow. I love eating crisps, but I am fully aware that they will never make it to the top ten of any health food list, and I hope packaging like that won't fool anybody.

Bunpoh said...

Totally! This kind of claim for frankenfoods masquerading as "natural foods" is super-annoying and sadly, helps sabotage what I see as a quietly growing movement towards trying to eat less processed foods by more and more people. Hopefully, people will continue to self-educate and know that these so-called "natural" foods are not actually very "natural" and ultimately not so good for them.

MizFit said...

I can be processed at time.
But we americans hath gone way overboard.

Erika said...

The really awesome thing though? We all have a choice, and were born with free will, to not buy the potato chips.

Lori said...

Have you seen the commercials? They drive me insane!! They have 'farmers' holding potatoes and 'chefs' in the kitchen with spices. Do you think people really fall for that? I hope not. That would make me very sad for those people.

Jac said...

They're allowed to say *made WITH* natural ingredients, because potatoes are natural. It's like the difference between packaging that says "made with whole grains" and "100% whole grain". The percentage of natural ingredients/whole grain doesn't need to be very high to qualify for that labeling. Tricky marketing!

Lyn said...


actually they say ALL natural, not just made with. And they really are claiming that every ingredient is natural on their website. There is already at least one person suing them, saying they're making false claims because the oils are GMO.

hopeful and free said...

Sweetie, it's called CAPITALISM. When the bottom line rules, when morality rests on how much profit goes to stockholders, as long as people aren't dropping dead in the streets at the first bite, well, then, anything goes. For the almighty buck. Unless we're gonna get rid of the system, might as well accept that our food system is broken. The sooner we accept that, the sooner we can--maybe--change it. :) Nice critical analysis of the package label.

Another Deb said...

"Happiness in every bite"??

Not for me.

"Fun size"??

Not for me.

Anonymous said...

When we, human beings, need to justify our behavior, we WILL accept the claims on the bag, the can, the box. We do it every day to a certain extent, about food, the vehicles we drive, where we leave our shopping cart, what we throw out of our car window, how many pencils we feel we are entitled to take from our place of employment.

We are outraged by the false claims on the potato chip bag but will choose the sugar free cookies. We resent statements of a "healthy snack" on the sugar free cookie box but will buy the fat free pound cake, which is filled with sugar. We reject the sugar free and fat free products because they are full of chemicals but we'll have "butter cream" cake, which is made with Crisco. We justify the food we pick a particular day or hour or minute based on our specific desire.
Good, bad or indifferent, at least other animal species are more straightforward about their desires. They do what we do but have not need or ability to justify their behavior.

AprilA said...

That list is kinda horrifying.
Marketing this sh*t to kids is part of a plan to re-set what kids believe and accept as "natural".
it's part of a dumbing down scam that we shouldn't stand for.

Thank godzilla for the internet where people will always be recording success and satisfaction, growing, buying cooking and eating REAL food.

Ellesar said...

I know it isn't a very nice thought, but my first reaction was 'if someone thinks that these crisps are any better for you than any other then they probably aren't up to learning much about anything'.

Anonymous said...

'if someone thinks that these crisps are any better for you than any other then they probably aren't up to learning much about anything'.

Agreed. I can't even think of one person that would honestly think there's anything healthy or natural about these chips!