Thursday, March 8, 2012

Food & Exercise

I am feeling really good today for the first time in awhile! Maybe the healthier eating is catching up to me, and maybe the extra time out in the sunshine is helping. I am starting to relax a little bit about what goes into my mouth as long as it is natural, fresh, nutritious food. I am still doing week 3 of Medifast Transition. I'd been getting antsy to move on to week 4 with extra protein and legumes, but decided to wait and take it slow. Some of you commented that I seemed to be rushing through it, so I looked back in my notebook and saw that I did cut each week short: I did week 1 for 6 days, and week 2 for only 5 days. So I'll slow it down, let my body adapt to the fruit and milk I've added, and wait until next Monday for the extra protein and beans.

I've been enjoying lots of fruit, especially raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, oranges, and kiwis this week. There's a big pineapple waiting to be cut on the counter. My kids have been diving into the fruit too, so I am buying lots more fruit and way less granola bars. The dairy I've added has been mainly Fage Total 0% Greek yogurt (mixed with the fruit) and 2% local unhomogenized milk from pastured cows. I drink it plain (and it tastes SO much better than store bought milk!) and in coffee and lattes. My breakfasts have mainly been fruit with Greek yogurt or fruit with eggs, and my dinners are the same Lean & Green fare I have been eating before: things like salads, grilled chicken, salmon, roasted broccoli, kale chips, and cauliflower soup. I eat some nuts or seeds as a snack everyday, too.

I am making a BIG point of avoiding most processed foods right now. Of course, in Transition I am still eating Medifast meals each day, but my other meals are coming mainly from the butcher counter, the dairy case, and the produce section.

The PT exercises I am doing are:
warm up 3 minutes on the bike or do the PT right after a walk
wall squats with a large exercise ball behind my back
side lying leg lifts with the heel of the upper foot pressed against a wall behind me
balance on 1 foot for 60 seconds
standing straight-leg lifts in all four directions
calf raises
bridges (lying on back)

I have more exercises to add as these become easier. I am going to have to keep up with this for the rest of my life to maintain my mobility. I am also going to need to see a PT again, this time for shoulder issues, but that has to wait as I am already too busy to add something else right now. Soon though.

I am making it a habit to get outside everyday and get some sun. I walk the dog, work in the yard, or just go play at the dog park. It lifts my spirits and gives me energy.

Life is good, get out there and enjoy it!


Lori said...

It sounds like you've finally turned the corner/lipped the switch/whatever, mentally. I am so glad for you. I feel certain if you keep eating from the butcher counter, the produce section and the dairy as you mentioned and leave off all that processed stuff that your weight will naturally find the right spot.

Miz said...


I hope it is a great weekend, too.

Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I love your blog. I've been reading through the archives to catch up. You're really inspiring!