Friday, March 30, 2012

Energy Is Back!

Well, finally, after weeks of struggling and forcing myself to get up and move, my energy has returned! I feel awesome today. To me, it is just evidence that if you keep doing the right/healthy thing, eventually you reap the rewards. I am really hopeful to get a scale reward this weekend, too.

My eating is finally getting easier and more comfortable. No, I still don't log or measure my food everyday. I do once in awhile, or for meals I am just not sure about. I will probably need to log again daily at some point, but with my 'diet burnout' mindset I've just been focusing on *relaxing* about food rather than obsessing over it, and making sure I eat whole, nutritious things often. Yesterday I made another batch of homemade Crock Pot yogurt from local grass fed cows' milk. I've been using it to make smoothies with frozen berries and a bit of raw local honey; I find this gives me a lot of energy for my workouts. Every morning, I hop on my bike downstairs and pedal away. This week I've been doing 15 minutes at a time. The PT exercises I do afterwards are quickly bringing my lower body strength back and helping to stabilize my knees, so I plan to increase my biking next week as much as I am comfortably able. It is SO encouraging to see results in such a short time! If you are not active and have been thinking about starting, I just want to tell you how much better you will feel once you get moving. You don't have to start with a 30-Day Shred or a 5k run; I started my exercise routine with short, 5 minute walks down the block when I weighed 278 pounds. I know it can be hard and painful and even discouraging when you can only do a little bit before feeling exhausted. You might feel like it is not making a difference and you will *never* get there. But you will! Just start where you are. You can do this. Take that 5 minute walk, and then, after a week you will be surprised how quickly your body adapts and allows you to do more. It IS worth doing a little. That's how you eventually build up to doing a lot!

I've been quite relaxed about *what* I eat for dinner (as long as it is nutritious) and have focused mainly on keeping my portions reasonable and including veggies. For example, last night I made a veggie-rich lentil soup with lean smoked chicken sausage in it. The family really enjoyed it and so did I. Tonight we are having tacos. This is an easy family meal, because the kids can enjoy their tacos while I have a taco salad (no shell) instead. I'm going to throw some canned pinto beans on my salad tonight with the lean beef, tomatoes, peppers, and avocado. Looking forward to it!

Next week is spring break and I am really excited to get a little down time.
Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said...

Lyn, just a suggestion, which you need not follow, of course. I understand completely the "diet burnout" deal, except that for those of us who need to be alert to what we do re. nutrition and physical activity, it kind of remains a life long responsibility.

Aaaaaaaanyway, even if you do not wish to measure and weigh food for the purpose of limiting yourself to a particular number of calories and nutrients, I thought that perhaps this would be a good time to track what you eat WITHOUT figuring out the cals on a daily basis. Since you probably weigh yourself anyway, would it not be a good opportunity to figure out what your system does when you are "relaxed"? This way you will have some data for the time when you do decide to base your work on the relationship between food consumed, physical activity and the numbers on the scale.
Do whatever you do but just log exactly your activities and your food. Whenever you are ready to get into loss mode again, THEN figure out what you have been consuming during this period. If nothing else, you'll have some idea how your nutrition and activity levels have affected your weight during the period that you did not have specific caloric plans. You can benefit by having collected information from your "relaxed" period, so you don't have to start from scratch when you actually have a goal re. loss.
Just a I said, you may not wish to do any of it and that's totally cool.

Anonymous said...

m/b is a wise one.

Keep going! You are doing great.

Overhauling-Me said...

Great Job! I've been in a funk, eating horribly and not exercising. Mine was due to a trip and Spring Break. I've been trying to force myself through the actions of a healthy person. Today I'm starting to feel a little spark coming back.

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with m/b....although it's great you're feeling better, when you're actively trying to lose a lot of weight, you can't really afford to be relaxed. I've learned that lesson many times over and over when maintaining too-this is a lifelong thing. When you decide to "ease up", it isn't without consequences. You have to get over the burnout, as harsh as that may sound, if you do not wish to gain. I know this might sound overly strict or
whatever but I say it because I've lived it. People who have struggled with their weight have a different life than many-we have to be hyper-aware of all the little details.
Once maintenance has been set for a good amount of time, even then you can't just throw all that out the window and try to be like "everyone else." I hope you
get what I mean and where im coming from, because like I said I have lost a lot of weight and experienced all these feelings and frustrations/highs/lows/"burn-outs"/so on as you have. I think you are on the right track for general healthy habits/eating less processed foods/being more active...which are all GREAT things, but as far as actual weight loss, I'm no so sure. I guess only you truly know.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop a line to say THANK YOU for this blog.

I was at 278 when I first saw this blog and it was like a lightbulb went on. I saw myself in your before pic and I see where I will be in your other pics.

It has been 9 days...and this morning the scale told me I have lost 8 pounds so far. I have a very long way to go, but I feel so encouraged seeing a woman my height, my age AND my weight who has been there, done that, and gotten great results.

Your site has given me hope...thank you SO much.

Anonymous said...

Over the last 18 months I've lost 97 pounds...Yep, those magic 3 to get to 100 seem to teeter back and forth on the edge. However, I've maintained a 85 pound loss for about 6 months - these last 12 pounds coming off verrrry slowly. However, I hit a place where I became much more concerned about maintenance than loss. 10 years ago I lost 80 pounds that I began regaining immediately and gained it all back within a year and a half. So, even though I'd like to lose 10 - 15 more pounds, I'm taking my time. I hate to weigh and measure, I don't want to feel like I'm on a diet that I will go off of and be done. So, like you, I am concentrating on putting whole foods into my body and I worry more about that than I do about amounts. It's been pretty successful. I don't eat wheat/white potatoes/rice. I'm careful about starchy veggies and fruit. I find almond butter dangerous, but I avoid the pastries/cookies/ice cream of days of yore. My vice is ghiradelli dark chocolate chips in the evening. And, I know if I would refrain, I could lose 10 more pounds. However, I sometimes feel as if that indulgence keeps me from going on a binge, sneak eating and going out for a drive-thru ice cream or milkshake on my way home from work. As you know, it comes from figuring out what works for you and I think you are doing an excellent job of being aware, of taking note, and making conscious decisions. Best of luck to you!

Lyn said...

Yeah, I am kind of at that point right now of damage control. Trying to refocus on healthy habits with a primary goal of STOPPING the regain! The pounds will come off. It just takes time.

Former Life Girl said...

I am glad I stumbled across this blog. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I am recovering from an injury, but the doctor gave me clearance today to resume light exercise. Being active definitely impacts my energy level.

timothy said...

glad you're feelin better hon i knew the body would catch up to the mind eventually! so here's to a healthy harmonious weekend! xoxoxo