Saturday, March 10, 2012

Eating, Weight, and PT

What I ate yesterday:

7am: coffee, Splenda, 1/4 cup milk
8am: 2 eggs over easy, 1 slice of bacon, 1 sliced kiwi fruit, another cup of coffee w/1 Tbsp half & half
10am: Medifast bar
12pm: 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup fresh blueberries, 2 Tbsp whipped cream
1pm: Medifast Parmesan puffs
3pm: Medifast hot cocoa made with coffee, iced
6pm: 3 cups of mixed baby salad greens, 1/4 c sliced apples, 1 Tbsp chopped walnuts, 3 oz cubed chicken breast, 1 Tbsp white balsamic vinaigrette
8pm: Medifast chocolate pudding

I am supposed to be eating
4 Medifast meals (check)
2 fruit servings (check, but had 1/4 c extra)
1 dairy serving (milk + yogurt, check)
Lean protein serving (eggs + chicken, check, but had about 1 oz more chicken than required)
5 veggie servings (nope, only had 3. I steamed some asparagus but never got around to eating it.)
1 Fat (check, the half & half and the nuts)

I also had that slice of bacon (35 calories) and the salad dressing (70 calories) which were extras. There is no counting condiments in Transition.
Total calories for the day: 1064
100 g protein
98 g carbs
35 g fat

I walked about 2 miles total and did my PT exercises. However, the scale is scaring me; it is still not going down. I know I am retaining water, eating too much salt, and have PMS right now. I still plan to move to week 4 of Transition on Monday, adding extra protein and dropping one more Medifast meal. I also know that for me to lose weight I have GOT to increase my exercise, yet this has been impossible because of my joint issues. So I am seeking out PT again in a new practice that will help me focus on improving joint stability in both upper AND lower body and giving me feedback on the reasons why I keep re-injuring myself every time I get active. I may need to get back on prescription medication or go forward with surgery in order to get my mobility to a place where I can truly exercise and get my heart rate up. I will update when I get a referral and an appointment.

That's all for now.


kristi said...

I haven't read the transition set up yet with medifast. Are you really supposed to eat 8 times a day? I have such a hard time remembering to eat my 6 meals a day, I can't imagine adding two more meals.

Lyn said...


There isn't a schedule anymore in Transition, but I am trying to keep the same eating schedule as I had on 5&1, which was 8-10-12-3-6-8:30. The 7am coffee is just a mug of coffee, not a meal. At noon I was too full to eat my Medifast meal after the yogurt, so I waited til 1 to finish it.

Anonymous said...

After knee replacements most people become *less* active for a significant amount of time (re: several years) due to rehabilitation. If you can't jog now, you sure will not be able to after surgery for several years.

Maybe meet with a personal trainer once to figure out some cardio exercises you are able to do that are easier on your joints (and not just PT exercises/stretches)? That way you won't have to wait so many years until you can do real exercise. Good luck!

timothy said...

is there anyway of doin water exercises sweetie. that's very nonstressful on the joints. i also discovered we have a living wellness center here in dover that is a 26 session (2 a week, $10 a pop) of 50 minutes twice a week that uses the electronic rehab machines which are so easy on the joints. i'm going tomorrow and check it out, mayhaps there's one in your area. i know it's a franchise so if she has a list i'll get one. take care of yourself darlin! xoxoxo

Beth@WeightMaven said...

Have you considered doing intervals? The research I've been reading (like this study) suggests that even short sprints can help. I've been doing water walking in the pool because of my mobility issues (bad back) and recently started doing 3 sprints 3x a week. Basically I warm up for 5 or 10 minutes, then I use the clock on the wall to "sprint" in the pool for 20 seconds. I wait until I recover (usually a lap or two) then repeat twice.

I'm sure there are other factors at work (like the simple paleo diet I have been doing since Ash Wednesday) and the rehab I'm doing for my back which is essentially resistance training, but I just had my two-week weigh-in yesterday and averaged almost a 4lb/wk loss. This after averaging less than 2lbs/week for nearly all of 2011!

I'm going to see what the next weigh-in shows, as I suspect some of this loss is water weight from all the carbs I stored during my two-month post-holiday eating frenzy. But I think these sprints are definitely useful. Not for the calories burned, but for what they do to your muscles/metabolism.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised none of the commenters (that I've seen anyway) have suggested your body may be in "starvation" mode to explain your lack of weight loss despite the restricted calories.

Try up-ing your calorie count to 1400 for a few days. That still should be low enough for weight loss without causing your body to hang on to its fat/stored energy when calorie levels are too low.

Anonymous said...

Lyn....all the calories you eat during the day add up, right? Well, that works for exercise too....all the movement you do over the course of a day adds up! You can exercise in small increments during the day. Start with 2 in the .am and one about an hour after dinner. You can do 5 to 7 minutes, right? Well, that adds up to 10-14 minutes a day. As your stamina and strength increase, add minutes to BOTH sessions.I do 3 sessions a day, 15 minutes each, and it ROCKS, I kid you not. I am considering adding another session, an early morning one, [before I do anything else] that will bring me up to an HOUR of exercise a DAY ! ME!!! I am 51 and never worked out in my life, because I could not do 30 minutes or an hour. Well, I sure can now...just broken into smaller parts that I can handle :-) I have also added weights...after my 15 minutes on the treadmill, I sit down and lift 5 or 10 lb hand weights while I cool down. I wholeheartedly recommend getting a pedometer. Not only does it keep you aware of your progress, it gives you hope when you're so sore or tired and don't want to go git 'er done, just looking at what you already did give you the strength to go on :-)I am cheering you on, Go Lyn Go !

Lyn said...


I don't have access to a pool. I sure wish we had a Y with a gym or something. When I lived in another state we could go in the evenings and use the high school's pool to swim in, but the schools here don't have pools either.


I think intervals are great! I used to do that on my bike. I can't do the sprints right now until I get my knee joints stabilized with the PT exercises though.

Lyn said...


I'm not in "starvation mode"; my doctor has done blood tests all along to check my nutritional status. Also I have had higher calorie days this week. One day was about 1800. I never get below 1000 anymore though. I think next week with the added protein and beans will put me up around 1400.

Lyn said...


That's a really good idea! Thank you. I will try to add a short biking session in the evening.

Anonymous said...

What is the longest amount of time you have stuck to your PT exercises for your knees?

I'm just concerned that you might be jumping to surgery too soon if you haven't very strictly, and very consistently, been doing the PT for your knees. I understand you are injured and that needs to be looked at by your therapist, but at the same time I don't remember how long you have stuck with PT in the past, and honestly I had to do PT for 6 months, strictly and without skipping AT ALL, before I noticed life changing improvements in my back/hip. And just to put it into context, I was truly crippled one to two times a year when it would go out, and I couldn't do any exercise with impact, at all. So it was a serious issue that *did* resolve with PT.

I agree with another comment- you will be even less active, for a number of years possibly, after knee surgery. I would definitely look into cutting out, absolutely, any inflammatory foods- sugars/dairy- and dedicate wholeheartedly to the PT and any other exercise they can give you to help you with your current injuries.

Anonymous said...

Also, I know you have said that you don't like it, but a huge thing you could be doing that has *nothing* to do with your legs is weight training on your upper body. You can train everything from the top of your head to your hips without ever having to even *stand*. You can sit and do boxing routines, which *will* get you sweaty. You can do ab work on a stability ball or old school on the ground. And, using Pilates style leg workouts, you can even work your legs gently without any impact at all- you lie on your side and do leg lifts/bicycles, etc. There are tons of ways you can workout- fully half of your body doesn't involve your legs- so don't be discouraged!

Lyn said...


I think 4-6 months is the longest I have been consistent with them. And I do get results fairly quickly, actually. A month into regular, consistent, focused PT I see huge strides in my joint stability and pain levels. The problems I am having with my shoulders are new, though, and I worry about how I will be able to keep up with doing upper AND lower body PT, but I am probably going to have to do it anyway, surgery or not.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that schedule is like constant snacking. I know nothing about medifast but I spent a lot of time with processed packaged meals which did not work for me. I look at your food list and think there's too much sweet and processed carbs but not enough real food. How about a honking big salad for lunch full of mushrooms/radishes/cucumbers/half an apple/ stuff to fill you up and get you some real nutrition and dinner mostly lean protein [if I'm lazy I'll just eat a whole packet of applegate turkey or just have 4-minute boiled eggs. Plain yogurt with a tablespoon of jam for late. I used to do that frequent small meals thing but am losing weight more quickly now that I've gone back to meals; I needed less time thinking about food. I recommend the Wheat Belly book, it got me away from processed. best wishes

Anonymous said...

I thought your calorie count looked low for what you ate, so just to satisfy my curiosity I ran your food through the MyPlate calorie counter. It came out to about 1200 calories. Not enough of a difference that you should be gaining weight, but a few hundred calories a day does add up. You might want to double check your calorie calculations.

Lyn said...


I use exact calorie counts from the brands I purchase. Maybe the brands you entered were different than the ones I use. For example, the bacon slice had 35 calories. I am sure brands of Greek yogurt and salad dressing vary as well.

Anonymous said...


Variance in brands of the foods is not going to add up to a 200+ calorie difference. More importantly, when there was a range of calories due to brands being different I always chose the LOWEST one

I was genuinely trying to be helpful. I think you are underestimating the calories you are eating and that is the principal reason you are gaining rather than losing weight.

Kris said...

Hi Lyn,

This may be silly question, but are you drinking enough water? Especially if you know your body is retaining fluids, this will help flush those fluids out. Just a thought :)