Thursday, March 1, 2012

Change Your Habits, Change Your Kids

I am tired tonight. Going to bed a little early, soon, even if I will be awakened by barking dogs at midnight when my son comes home from work. I need the rest, broken up or not!

I have really enjoyed my bananas lately, and my focus on fruit has spread to my children. The older ones have always enjoyed fruit, but since I hadn't been eating it (or buying much of it aside from bananas and apples) they sort of stopped eating it too. My littlest has some feeding issues I have mentioned before, but tonight I was thrilled to see she ate two bites of banana, licked a strawberry, and bit a blueberry in half! That is huge for her. I am excited. I like seeing my older ones make their own bowl of fruit salad for a snack or grabbing an orange or a kiwi to eat. It is just another testament to how much influence we have as parents, even if we don't think we do. Just the fact that I have a wide variety of fresh fruits in the house and am eating them myself is enough to change the eating habits of all my children just a bit. I saw it a couple years ago when I switched completely from white bread to 100% whole wheat bread. At first they all complained. In fact, they refused to eat bread at all. I just shrugged and went on, making my usual family dinners and putting a plate of wheat bread on the table as a side dish now and then. A few years later, guess what? They ALL eat wheat bread now. I guess they eventually wanted a sandwich or toast badly enough to eat it, and after awhile they got used to it. In fact, I think they *prefer* it now. And it's all my 6-year-old has known. Bread is brown. What is that white stuff those other people are eating?

Yep. Even kids who ate a lot of cheap foods growing up, like Ramen, Kraft macaroni, hot dogs, and frozen pizza can learn to make some changes. Even teenagers. I won't lie: they still like junk. One of them takes his paycheck and buys Captain Crunch cereal so he doesn't have to always eat the healthier cereals I keep on hand. He also has eaten a giant 9 by 13 Rice Krispie Treat he bought for his dinner once. But my point is, little changes in what *I* am eating and what's available in the house can make a difference in the choices of my kids. Yours can too!

Off to bed, goodnight!


Diandra said...

Oh yeah, and that is scaring me already, even though we do not have kids... the BF *loves* junk, and reasoning has not led him to at least try and modify his habits... we'll see whether my less unhealthy ways can out-maneuver his habits when it comes to raising kids...

Miz said...

And you KNOW I agree.

hope you slept well.

lisa~sunshine said...

I also notice the big changes in how my kids eat.. they enjoy a lot of foods that other children in there classes at school.. don't like.. or don't even know what it is.. I do feel I am putting the best nutritional knowledge into them at a early age.. that I can.. especially compared to what I new..

But what I also reconize is exactly what you posted about.. as teenagers.. things change.. They have more options to buy there own stuff and really eat things that are not great.. even at school.. i'm slowly preparing myself for those times and telling myself that all my good hard work won't be lost.. it will still be there and hopefully some will stick and some they will get back to when they hit 20.. HAHAHA

Keep up the great work Lynn..

Jes said...

Isn't it a great feeling when the kids eat well?

It's the *one* area where I feel secure as a mom. Even though I have little boys who would love junk every night, I've corralled them into being good eaters. Meat, fish, vegetables and all fruits - they eat 'em! They have glossy hair, bright eyes and great health. They are almost never sick. And we eat cookies. Ice cream. Whatever they like - but it's 90/10. Ok, 80/20. :)

Thank god for being a closet binge eater, I guess! At least I always had a healthy meal for us all to eat together. And while my weight obviously impacts the children, I hope I've instilled a few good habits in them.

It says a lot about your kids that they are already eating more fruit, so soon after you made that change. Good stuff!

Kathleen said...

Yes, it is amazing how much influence parents have on their children.