Saturday, February 11, 2012


Went to the local market today and got myself some eggs from local free range chickens and some local grass fed beef. I also got some apples and a large leek from a nearby farm, and some local honey for the kids. I was eyeballing the sweet potatoes and acorn squash, but decided to wait. I am still going to try and delay Transition another week or two. I've been eating on plan today and will probably have some of those eggs for dinner, along with the leek sauteed with fresh asparagus (just like I used to make!)

I've been looking at the foods in my cabinet and trying to decide on each one whether it still should have a place in my diet (or my kids'). I am reading labels and making decisions, trying to stay away from chemicals and junk. I am undecided about PB2, though. It's basically dehydrated, defatted peanuts and says it is "all natural, no additives." I like it because it is SO much lower calorie/fat than regular peanut butter (2 Tbsp has 45 calories versus 180 calories for peanut butter!) and it has a good flavor. I put it in shakes and on pancakes and in hot cocoa. The ingredients are roasted peanuts, salt, and sugar (and chocolate in the chocolate version). There's only 1 gram of sugar in 2 Tbsp so that's not really significant. But is it better to ditch something "processed" like this, even if there are no additives, and stick with actual peanuts or natural peanut butter? I'm not sure. If calories are an issue, PB2 may be better. But peanuts contain healthy fat. What do you think? Does something like PB2 have a place in a "whole foods" type of approach?


Cathy said...

My opinion, which I am sure many will disagree with, is don't overthink it. Unless you really cannot handle the sugar at all, 1g is nothing. I vote keep it.
Don't let perfect get in the way of good, and viable.

Anonymous said...

I say keep the PB2 in your pantry and in your diet Lyn. You have more control with that then high fat, high calorie peanuts or peanut butter.

Anonymous said...

For what it's worth... PB2 is simply, as you said, dehydrated and defatted peanuts.

If you bought raw peanuts, you'd have to do something with them to eat them. (roast or boil) Right?

I mean you want to go "whole food" but you don't want to go RAW, do you? You are slicing up and cooking the leek. In the most narrow definition of the word, that IS processing it. You are putting it thru a process. Just like the peanuts.

My advice is to not become freakishly extreme--there will likely be an ugly rebound.

Let me give you some more examples. (I've thought this out for myself, you see.)

Coffee cream. Unless you're milking your own cow and skmming off the cream--no color in your coffee, girlfriend. Processed.

And speaking of coffee. Are you grinding your own beans? Processed.

And, again, if your applying heat, oil and onions to that asparagus...processed.

Ground beef. Are you grinding your own?

When you decide to eat whole grain bread...processed. Even if you bake it yourself, the addition of yeast, etc. Processed.

I would guess you're shaking your head back and forth at my examples, but when you're considering ditching PB2 because it's dehydrated and defatted...same thing.

You'll find your own way, Lyn. Just remember what you've learned. If you get too alllll or nothing, you'll not stick it out.


P.S. I dislike PB2, by the way. :}

Bunpoh said...

What an awesome process you are going through! Really smart to take such a close look at everything.

PB2 doesn't seem terrible. While it's not organic, and has a little bit of added sugar, you could do a lot worse. What they do say on their site is that they don't use anything but peanuts, salt and sugar, and that the fat they remove is separated out by mechanical processing, not some icky chemical. I think as long as the product isn't making you feel ill, trigger gorging or stall your weight loss and seems reasonably minimally processed, I'd allow a little every once in a while.

My cabinet has a few commercially produced chocolate bars in it, for instance, but by companies that seem to give a damn. They are for every great once in a while, not every day, and I am able to make that happen now. So, that's my philosophy. Sounds like you can make this work.

Anonymous said...

Keep the PB2. It enhances your life.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,
This is going to sound a bit odd, but I would say ditch this product - I have a better suggestion for you:
1) Buy organic natural peanut butter at the health food store. The oil normally separates out, so when you purchase it, there should be a thick layer of oil on top.
2) Instead of stirring in this oily layer, pour it off (you can save the peanut oil for Asian stir-frying later, as I do, since it is a healthy fat).
3) The underlying "peanut butter" will be thicker (and less fatty!) than regular peanut butter, without adding sugar. IMHO, natural peanut butter (at least, the kind I buy - Arrowhead Mills Organic Valencia) is sweet enough and doesn't need sugar at all. It comes in creamy and crunchy formats - both are really yummy, especially when you "de-fat" them as I do!

Jenn said...

I personally don't think there is anything wrong with PB2. It's great to have around, especially while on Medifast and if you enjoy it. I rely on PB2 a lot because I don't have any self control when it comes to jars of peanut butter. If you can handle them, I'd do both!!

Nmmumaw said...

For the record, I used to buy PB2 myself. But, I found it to be more economical to buy large bags of peanut flour, which I use in exactly the same way.

If it's really the semantics of 'processed' that are bothering you, perhaps peanut flour would sit with you better?

I agree with the previous commenters, though. Try not to over-think things ^_^

Leslie said...

Interesting you brought this up, Lyn. I just bought 2 jars of PB2, and the reason I did is that I love peanut butter but simply cannot handle it in moderation. Sugar free all natural peanut-only peanut butter is the worst for me because I LOVE IT. Love the taste, texture - density - everything. I cannot have it safely.

My vote - keep the PB2. Deb's right - this kind of processing is nothing like the stuff they do to complex carb heavy things like "enriched" flours and grains.

Vanessa Joy said...

I never heard of PB2 but I have heard of leeks. I love leeks.

I'm jealous because right now in my neck of the woods my source of free-range eggs is closed for the winter (the girls only lay two or three a week for their owner.)

I'm looking forward to asparagus in the spring. I bought a canned kind a few weeks ago and it was GROSS.

lisa~sunshine said...

Although I understand your want to be as healthy as you can be and I do think it's important to read labels and really work on putting the best products and nutrition in your body.. I agree with others on not over thinking all this.. and most importantly.. don't lose site of what your primary goal is right now.. fatloss..

For the record.. I think pb2 is just fine and there are a lot of other things that would be FAR worse than this.. I tend to strive for less than 4-5 ingredients and understanding everything that is in a product.. and pb2 fits this discription..

I think a healthy diet is based on a 80% rule and if you over think all this and try for the 100% and fall into a all or nothing attitude your going to have a hard time mentally with it all..

Of coarse all that is my own two cents but I noticed myself start down the orthorexic path in 2011 myself..

Bobbie said...

I have just ordered my first container of pb2. So I don't know if I will like it or not. I did see it on the Dr Oz show and it appeared he may have been okaying the product. I do like the idea of the one poster who said to pour off the oil in the natural instead of stirring it in. That is one of those duh moments. So easy but didn't think of it! Good luck!

Diandra said...

I'd choose "real" peanuts anytime.