Friday, February 10, 2012

Just Some Thoughts

How are things? Here's how...

This week, I reinstituted the habit of having unsweetened iced green tea with lunch. I ditched sodas. I switched from sugar free coffee creamer to using a tablespoon of half and half and a Splenda placket. I am gradually cutting the Splenda back (partial packets to half packets to small amounts and then eliminate it).

My son was sick with a cold last week and I have gotten it myself. Sore throat and headache, congestion. But hey, I got my taxes done!

Been thinking a lot about things lately. I am really getting it, now, why so many people a) become obese b) stay fat c) regain the weight they lost. The statistics aren't that great. Permanent weight loss has become some kind of holy grail. People are willing to do anything, pay big bucks, take all kinds of pills, have surgery, whatever it takes. And that's because it is not easy.

It seems easy when you have "lost weight." Lots of people do that. Lose a chunk of weight over a couple months or a year. But then most of them regain it, or at least part of it. And lots of people yo yo. You know why? Time. Time unravels a lot of things and people and plans.

You can find a lot of people who've lost 30 or 50 or even 80 pounds last year. But you don't find as many who lost 30 or 50 or 80 pounds five years ago. Or ten. That is a whole different level of commitment... of *true* lifestyle change.

I remember how, a few months in when I had lost a good chunk of weight, people would say to me, "that's nice, but let's see where you are five years from now." I find that terribly obnoxious. I'd never say that to anyone losing weight; it almost sounds like you're dooming them to failure. You never can tell which person will keep it off. Only time can tell. But now at least I understand why they said that.

It is one thing to lose weight.
It is another thing to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life.
And the only thing we can say for sure is how we are doing *so far.*

So far, I am doing better than average. Keeping off 80 pounds for several years, that's something. It speaks to my level of commitment and the real changes I have made in my life. But not actively losing weight right now, not getting the rest off, that also speaks to my level of commitment.and the lifestyle changes I still need to make.

I am frustrated right now. I ate stuff that was off plan today. Granted, part of it was healthy stuff like salmon and eggs and pomegranate, but part of it was not. What gets me is, I *know* where eating "on plan" 80% of the time gets me: maintenance. Which would be nice if I was at a maintenance weight, but I'm not. It feels like walking in circles sometimes. I keep going past the same spot over and over and over.

Well, the good thing is that aside from my weight, my personal life is very good. Less stress, happier kids, dogs are doing well, I am happy. Aside from the weight, I am in a pretty good place.


Cathy said...

Although my weight is a bit less than yours, I am in a similar situation. I am very comfortable with maintaining my weight but pushing below it consistently has been very hard. You have come very far though. It does all take time.

Karen said...

No moderation. 99.98 % structure on MF. If not MF then good compliance on another plan. Rinse and repeat.

The pomegranate will take you out of fat burning. Pomegranates are great in transition, but could cause an automatic, chosen, stall on MF. ( other plans include pomegranate, but off plan eating can cause stalls with any plan)

There can be more variety at maintenance. But there will always be foods ( think wheat,sugar, salty chips) that will cause the best maintainers to go off track.

Good luck and I wish you courage and strength to find what works. There's great personal growth and new paths in life to take when food is not used as a medication.

Never easy but so worth it. Best thing to do is keep working to find exactly what works for you. If you want to loose the weight then you can, if you keep trying. Keep repeating what works and kick what doesn't work to the curb and keep on driving.

You are so worth it. Go 98.98 % on whatever plan you choose. :). Karen P

Anonymous said...

Your thoughts are always spot-on. I am glad to hear you are in a good place as well. I feel like I will never be in a good place as long as I have a job and in-laws (wink, wink.)
I am so in agreement about the obnoxious ones who predict our demise just as we are really coming into our own. I would never say this, but to this one in-law I wanted to say, "Yes, I will probably gain it all back and your cigarettes will probably give you cancer too."

Allison said...

I read your blog often and enjoy your honest writing style. Just a sugggestion (and you do not have to take it) but I think the reason you are not losing weight is that you do not eat enough.

A body needs at least 1200 (for women) calories per day or it goes into "starvation mode" slowing your metabolism.

beerab said...

*hugs* You are doing much better than me, I've only managed to keep off 35 lbs the past few years, I just can't get back into it, I'm really trying, specially now since I recently miscarried AND want to be able to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. My doctor says my weight is okay, but I don't want "okay." Getting pregnant again is my motivation right now, even while I deal with the sadness :(

Sorry going off on a tangent here. I still admire you for never giving up, to me, that's winning half the battle!

Lyn said...


oh gosh, I am sooo sorry. I haven't read your blog in a bit and I had no idea. Hugs to you and I hope you are healing okay. Email me if you want to talk about it. Hugs.

Desert Singer said...

Yes. yes. I want to copy your post word for word and put it on my blog.

Maybe I don't want my 'losing' phase to end (hence sitting here eating a bag of Lindor chocolate truffles) so I won't have to face the rest of my life changes.


Thanks Lyn - spot on, as usual!! :-)