Saturday, February 18, 2012

Changing the Foundation

Only 12 more days (counting today) until March 1! March always feels more like spring to me. I struggle so much from December through February so I am really looking forward to more sunlight and hopefully better weather. I am also *very* excited about  transitioning to my new plan. I am still aiming for March 1 as my start date, but I am allowing myself a little leeway too. If I feel like I am going to go off plan before then, I will transition early. If I am still going strong on the Medifast 5 & 1 plan on March 1, I might wait a few extra days to transition.

It will be nice to start eating higher carb veggies again like sweet potatoes, acorn squash, and peas! I plan to watch the scale very carefully and keep my calories low enough to continue losing weight. As soon as I hit a stall or gain, I am going to start biking again. I will start biking anyway at some point, but don't want to add that into the mix at the same time as I am changing up my diet. I am rather curious to see how my body will respond to all the changes.

Last night's dinner was 5 ounces of flat iron steak and a big plate of fresh steamed asparagus.

Sometimes I wonder if I will *ever* get truly used to eating healthy. Over the past 4.5 years, I have gone for weeks or even months at a stretch eating delicious, healthy foods like fresh veggies, fruits, lean protein, healthy fats, and whole grains, and then I revert to eating hot dogs, chips, and Oreos. Why is that? I wonder if the habits of junk are so ingrained from childhood that they will never fully disappear. It's not that I don't enjoy the healthy foods; I do. I like them. They taste good and I feel good. But it's like the very base foundation for eating was laid with ice cream and candy, and every time I build a healthy-eating house on top of that childhood foundation, it eventually crumbles. I wonder if there is a way to tear up that old foundation that was poured in concrete when I was a toddler and young child, and replace it with a new, stronger, healthier base. Not sure if that is actually possible, or if I will always have this underlying desire to eat processed crap all the time. Has anyone out there truly conquered this? Did you grow up, like I did, eating junk food 99% of the time and then transform your life and desires, with no looking back?

Either way, only I am in control of what I put in my mouth. Hopefully that will get me to where I want to be.


Caitlin Carsey said...

I love this post, and it's a reminder me for to lay a healthy foundation for my 1 year old, and the one I'm pregnant with. Reminds me that regardless of how much I talk to them about healthy eating, I also have to do it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyn,

Check out this web page:

I watched it, along with the video "Eating" about 18 months ago. Since then I have lost over 80 pounds.

It is possible!


Leslie said...

Hi Lyn,

Your posts are always so serendipidous - they always seem to coincide with something I'M thinking about too :)

After living with binge eating disorder for about 20 years, I have recently had amazing success after reading the 4-day win by Martha Beck.... look past the title, and she has amazing insight into why we binge and explains how most of us have an inner *wild child* that feels attacked by our rational brain who is always trying to control what we eat... the wild child, not wanting to be controlled, will always push back and so the battle ensues between what you want and what your subconscious wants. Anyway - that's a terrible synopsis, but her book really does speak to exactly what you've talked about in your post... i personally have an 11 year old inside of me who decided during puberty that i wasnt good enough, pretty enough or loveable and it layed the foundation for how i felt about myself for the rest of my life... I'm now using Martha Becks exercises to get my two halves to speak the same language, and amazingly it's working!! The only thing that's ever made sense. Anyway, didnt mean to write a book, but if you get a chance, get her book from the library and give it a read - she really is amazing and knows what she's talking about :)


Anonymous said...

Lyn I wanted to add that I also read and follow the Eat To Live way.

Thanks Shelly

Anonymous said...

I think the foundation is made in the childhood but you can always change the things and get used to new flavors. I quess that if you like those foods (dorritos etc.) you have to accept that you can eat them in a little amounts every now and then (but I mean rarely). Not allowing yourself to eat them at all is not usually very smart thing to do. Eating balanced diet for the rest of our lifes is a main goal. And that includes a treat you like every now and then. Food is not a black and white thing I think.

Diandra said...

Not sure if I have really conquered the bad habits from the past (we were raised on chips, fries, pizza and chocolates, with a measure of processed food), but I find it is becoming easier to stick with the healthy habits over time, and return to "healthiland" sooner every time I stray. But I know this is different, because I have never truly been addicted to any kind of food. Of course, some things "call my name" at the grocery store, but by now it is really easy to walk away from them. Or have just one unhealthy item and go back to eating healthy stuff afterwards. Right now, I have some dark chocolate in the pantry, some "pure fruit juice" gummy bears and some licorice that are my favorites, and all I had as snacks last week were two pieces of licorice. So... I think it actually is possible to go from, "Oh my gosh I have to buy and eat all this junk in one session!" to "I can eat healthy and not obsess over food all the time", but I do not know how long it should take.

Maybe you are worrying (and thinking about this) too much?

Bunpoh said...

I did grow up eating a LOT of junk food, processed food and tons of candy. My mom often cooked out of boxes and packets, though adding in some fresh veggies and meat. Nowadays, virtually nothing I eat is pre-processed, and this has been true for 12+ years now. We cook from scratch. I eat out 2 - 4 times a week these days, and none of that is fast food, rarely carb-y, mostly high quality meat on the bone and veggies.

I made this change because my health forced my hand. I felt like it was life or death for me at the time. I was afraid I was going to have to go on bad drugs and undergo operations, and read a book that presented a clean diet as a way to heal myself. It totally worked, too. That health condition "mysteriously" disappeared. I actually stayed 100% clean for 2 1/2 years, and staying off of processed foods for such an extended period of time may have been what it took for my body and brain to rewire permanently. Also, I have continuing other health issues that seem to flare any time I don't eat clean, so that does keep me pretty motivated now, too. Lastly, I have read a LOT about what is in processed food, and honestly, it's scary.

12 years of 95% clean eating later and almost NEVER processed junk. I can never look back. And I never say I will NEVER touch another processed thing again. But time has told the tale...I pretty much don't. When I do eat that stuff now, it actually tastes nasty to me, and I am not motivated to do so for a very long time. So, it can be done. But each of us is unique, with our unique backgrounds and situations. I struggle over different stuff that you may not have any problems with. And it didn't solve my weight problem, though it began to help. That took other things.

Oh - I hope you make your own treats! That may be key for me, we make our own low-carb cake and ice cream and even things like bread and crackers. Not as addictively tasty as the bad stuff, but sometimes you gotta feel like you're getting something naughty!


Lyn said...


Thanks! Your comment eas very helpful and gives me hope :)

Stacey said...

Lyn - your blog has literally given me some hope - hope that I thought was gone forever. I too have an ice cream and candy foundation - mixed with coke and chocolate milk and cake. I lost 80 pounds doing low carb and I felt like a champion. Then I ate 1 single bread stick for a holiday lunch in July... I remember that moment - clear as a whistle. I went from months of eating healthy, feeling amazing to putting that bread stick in my mouth, which lead to "this one cookie wont hurt, after all I DID eat a bread stick earlier", which lead to the next day adding something else. Soon enough, I was off plan completely, binge eating bad foods, then going through a couple of weeks of trying to get back on track. Fastest way to gain weight ever. I am now back where I started, with an emotional and physical mountain that seemed just too big yesterday when I found your blog by accident. I have read almost every post and am still reading more. Your experiences reflect mine so much, and I see you reacting to the same struggles I face. Its good to not feel alone in this. I decided to give Medifast a try - like you, I need something for the time being that I dont have to think to much about, that I can just pick it and go with out having to make the decisions on what to make, what to buy etc. I know its not a permanent way to live, but it will be a tool I use to change how I feel about food again. A way for me to regain my footing and the path to help me climb my mountain. I am so very grateful for your courage in posting, and I am very glad to know that I can look to you for REAL inspiration. All the best,