Monday, January 23, 2012

What's Going On

Whew! Crisis mode over. Thank goodness ALL the stressy stuff has worked out well so far, and quickly!

Our elderly mini-dog started another medication today after our vet consulted with some other vets, and they think this should help him be less agitated and afraid. He has congestive heart failure and a bit of senility going on, so he already started Lasix for the coughing and now this new drug will help with the mental side and he should be happier and more comfortable. He doesn't have much longer, due to his heart, but we want to help him enjoy life until it is his time.

The pup cut her leg on the hard crusty ice that froze over the deep fluffy snow. The cut itself looked manageable yesterday but then apparently she licked it all night until it was a large, raw area of pink with no hair. Vet advised me to wrap it with "vet wrap" so I put ointment on it and now she has a bandage-wrapped leg. Hopefully she doesn't chew the bandage off. She eats everything.

Son is doing a little better with his issue, which, because of his age and privacy, I won't get into. But the stress level on that is lower as well.

Daughter saw the pediatrician and thank GOODNESS it is almost certainly pain from Precordial Catch Syndrome which is harmless. It is very scary when your child is having bad pains in their chest on the left side, especially when they've had to see a cardiologist before. I am so, so thankful this is nothing serious! The weight off my shoulders feels very real and I am in gratitude mode today!


Melanie said...

Wow!! I'm so glad that everything worked out so very well. I know that you were very worried. What a blessing!!

Thanks for the update.

Leslie said...

So glad all is well. One day at a time!! How could we possibly do it any other way?

Amanda said...

I'm glad things are sounding better -- whew! My parents' little chihuahua is on lasix and some form of heart medication (and an arthritis pain med). It can be challenging, but her quality of life is so much better.

violinista said...

Glad things aren't that serious! That's always good news when things turn out not as serious as you initially thought.

RhubarbLady said...

So many doctor visits but at least there was resolution for all of them and it sounds like positive solutions for all.

We really spoiled our old pets once their health reached a certain point-medicine, treats (within reason), and lots of extra love.

If the pup gets a collar/cone be afraid, very afraid of all the things she'll bump into including you! J/K! The cone/collar makes them a bit clumsy (personal experience) but it definitely keeps them from chewing-good luck and I hope it heals soon.

Finally, very happy for your daughter-I've read enough that I know we seem to both worry far more about our children then ourselves. Go mothers! It's such a relief when we hear good or even moderate news about anything medical for our children vs. news of a more worrisome nature.