Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Log

Boring, I know :) I will have some more interesting posts and recipes soon!

Today's intake:

5am: coffee w/sugar free creamer
8am: coffee w/sugar free creamer, Kay's Naturals Cinnamon Pretzels
10am: Medifast hot cocoa made w/1 tsp unsweetened cocoa and decaf coffee
noon: Medifast chili puffs, a slice of low fat cheese, and half a diet soda
1:00: decaf coffee w/sugar free creamer
3:00 very strange recipe that I may share later because it was pretty good, but it involved a cup of spaghetti squash and some eggs
6:00 Egg Beaters scrambled with turkey sausage and baby spinach, and a Medifast orange drink
8:30pm (planned): Medifast Dutch chocolate shake

Total stats for the day:
929 calories
94 g protein
92 g carbs
28% fat

This is all within the Medifast guidelines although generally I'd like to see higher protein and slightly lower carbs. We'll see what the scale says in the morning about that! Have a great night!


Anonymous said...

How is your exercise going? I know for me, its hard to do food AND exercise, but it is key! Good luck!

Allison said...

I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your write so honestly and from the heart. However, I am concerned with how few caloriea you consume per day. To keep metabolism up at least 1200-1600 is needed. Your # sounds (scarily) like the amount I limited myself to when I suffered through eating disorders.

Not trying to be annoying...just concerned.

NAN said...

Lynn, I know you are trying to lose weight and break your plateau but honestly, that is not enough to eat and appears very nutritionally deficient to me. How long are you going to limit your calories to 900ish?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I used to read your blog often, and dropped off for awhile after losing 122 lbs.

I decided to see what you were up to now. Please, please do not think I'm attacking or being rude. I say this with concern. Your blog about what you took in for the day really scared me. I tried this route, with eating so very little empty calories, that amounted to nothing. With one healthy meal per day. I was averaging 1000 calories per day. About six months of this, I did drop a good amount of weight, but I also became very sick. I became malnourished. My hair began to fall out in my hands by the hand full, and thinned so badly I could see my scalp. I became anemic, and began having dizzy spells and was too tired to exercise. I followed a similar program to yours. I didn't totally give up that diet until my heart started having palpitations, and it was then I realized I was starving myself to death.

Please Lyn, go back to eating healthy again. Lean meat, veggies, fruit, a little snack, exercise and you can't go wrong.

Take care

Lyn said...


I switched to doing my PT exercises to focus on stretch and stabilizing my knees for now. I am doing the ones the PT worked with me on last year.


I understand your concern and would agree if I were winging this on my own just throwing foods together that added up to 900 calories. However, please do some research on Medifast. It is a medical plan, my doctor approves and does checkups and blood draws that check my nutritional status. Nothing was amiss at the last blood draw, and when I have the next one I will share the results on my blog. My gyn doctor also approves. There is no nutritional deficiency. The only thing missing is excess calories.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Lyn here. On low-carb diets you can go low on calories because your body switches to fat burning (as opposed to carb burning which happens on high carb diets). You can dip low on calories on these types of diets as you get enough protein and enough fat.

What I will agree with, is that the food just doens't look like it's good for you - diet sodas and all sorts of "fake" food. I know you're wanting to transition at some point lyn, so if this is working for you now, then do it. But you maybe need to set yourself a time limit (as opposed to a weight limit) of when to move onto whole foods because those foods just don't look good for you.

Anonymous said...

I am a frequent reader of this blog and I want people to stop talking about starvation mode. The fact is that it has been debunked as not true. I can't list all the links here but a simple google search will show many medical / clinical studies showing that it simply isn't true. It got started due to a study that cited the "starvation response"; but that was concerning people (men) who had almost no fat left and were thin when the study started. How can your body think it is starving when you have 50 lbs of fat on you?

Obviously it isn't true. Anorexics lose weight and die from failure to eat. People who get their stomach stapled eat about 500 per day while losing and don't die. People go on liquid diets and don't die at 500 cals per day. Very low calorie lifestyles have been proven to improve you health... not hurt it, see the C.A.L.R.I.E study being done the best medical institutions in the US. In the 1970's most diets were only 1000 per day. And people weren't dying from lack of nutrition.

The argument continues to spew that you can't get proper nutrition eating so little, but the fact is, the biggest thing your body needs nutrition for is digestion. So, the less you eat, the less you weigh, the less nutrition you need. As long as lyn supplements with some nutrients (I am sure medifast provides them) she is fine.

I think dieters would be far better served by those who love to show boat their knowledge (although it just shows their ignorance) focusing their energy on trying to find out what does cause this effect. I have suggested to Lyn it could be estrogen dominance. A very common problem with women these days.

We are all different. If you can eat 1400 and you body loses weight easily... good for you. But some of us just have bodies that need less food to lose. It is not at all helpful to have to listen to people putting doubts in a person's head. How can it make any sense that some arbitrary number works for everyone, all the time. It doesn't. Lyn's body is telling her what she needs to do. She needs to listen to HER body.

Allison said...

How'd Sunday morning's weigh in go? Seems like you've really been "on" this past week and I'm hoping to see something positive for you!
Am pregnant, so I'm not restricting myself in any way, just not eating sweets. But reading you still helps me keep good eating on the top of my mind.

Lyn said...


agree on the time limit, and I have done that.


post coming shortly :)

Anonymous said...

My experience on MediFast:
-I lose weight quickly
-My hair starts really thickening up and growing quickly
-My nails stop peeling and grow (which they never did before)
-My skin starts clearing up and looks great
-I feel great
-I have tons of energy

So, all of you that are concerned w/ low calorie count, look at the Medifast website. It was created by John Hopkins Hosp.
Medifast is NUTRITIONALLY COMPLETE. That is what it was designed to be. If it was not complete, people would be losing their hair, have breaking nails and be tired/sluggish, but Medifast users are not.

It also helps you get away from food obsession. I'm a compulsive eater, and I'd know about that...and when transitioning on to regular food, you usually keep losing.

Lyn, you're doing a great job! Keep it up! I'm back on the MF plan and doing pretty darn good so far. It's not easy, but I'm keeping on 'til I'm done this time.
Don't listen to any negative comments... You don't have to justify yourself to anyone.

timothy said...

i KNOW you're doin great and i totally trust your plan for you, but i gotta tell ya i wince when i see the carbs. having had success low carbing when on plan i stay under 30g a day! lolol i know it's working and i do understand in my head but boy once i got something ingrained it sure is hard to change my thinking! keep it up darlin you're doin great!