Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Quick Update on Eating & Activity

Just a quick update to let you know how it's going!

I am doing well, feeling great, enjoying plenty of energy and a positive mood. I had some steamed broccoli last night (part of the Superfoods Challenge) along with a large cod fillet cooked in 1 tsp butter and garlic and a Romaine salad with cherry tomatoes and light blue cheese dressing. I had some roasted broccoli the other day, too, and as for Sidekicks, I had cauliflower pizza today for breakfast and have fresh kale in the fridge to make kale chips later! I hope you are enjoying your Superfoods; please come and share how you've eaten them this week and take a look at the recipes that have been left on my BlogFrog community thread, here: Superfood #1: Broccoli and its Sidekicks.

As for my Fitness Challenge, I've walked a mile every day this week. I also started biking on the recumbent exercise bike on Monday; I did 5 minutes on Monday, 6 minutes on Tuesday, and 7 minutes today. I started on level 1 (basically no resistance) and am doing level 2 and 3 now. I also have been decluttering the exercise room/office a bit before each biking session, and have taken out 2 large boxes of stuff to Goodwill and one kitchen trash bag full of junk to the trash. It's coming along!

I'll be back tonight or tomorrow with some pictures of a kale recipe I made a few days ago. And now, I am off to a playdate with my daughter!


Bobbie said...

I jumped on my rebounder last night, and took a short walk today. My hips really give me fits when I walk. So far this week I've had some kale, cabbage and broccoli. Love it! Thanks for the challenges.

Sara said...

Tonight I had broccoli with chicken and spaghetti sauce all mixed up. It looked like a hot mess, but it was delish, and pretty low carb, which is the approach I'm trying to take right now.

Glad you're staying positive.


Anonymous said...

I have only one thing to say re; my exercist thus far: ATKINS FLU


Kyle Gershman said...

I had my steamed broccoli sprinkled with nutritional yeast...not too shabby.

lisa~sunshine said...

Great job Lynn at getting the workouts in.. and the superfood..

I had mashed cauliflower tonight..

Sara.. I often mix things together that look like hot MESSes. .. all the time.. HAHA..

I got my walk/jog in today.. things are going well

Anonymous said...

Those meals sound yummy. Kudos on the exercise and the decluttering. I'm inspired!

Hubby used brussels in a chicken peanut sauce stir fry last night.