Thursday, January 19, 2012

Logging, Another Day

Enjoyed a nice snow day today with the kiddos and a few friends. I love snow!

Today's intake:

7am: 1 c coffee, 1.5 Tbsp sugar free creamer
8am: Medifast oatmeal, another cup of coffee w/sf creamer
10am: Medifast hot cocoa w/almond extract and instant decaf coffee
noon: Medifast chili puffs and 2 oz cheddar cheese with a diet soda
2pm: enjoyed some very nice coffee at a friend's house with a splash of cream and a Splenda
3:30pm: Medifast hot cocoa and 2 Tbsp PB2 (powdered peanut butter)
6pm (planned dinner): Rotisserie chicken breast, half a small spaghetti squash, and a wedge of Laughing Cow light cheese with a bit of chicken broth to make a creamy garlic sauce
8:30pm (planned): Medifast chocolate chip cookie and a cup of herbal tea

1126 calories
112 g protein
92 g carbs
31% fat

So, this is an improvement from yesterday. I got everything in I needed to, plenty of protein. I am still over 1000 calories but I did get under 100 g carbs so that's better. I got too much fat for 2 reasons: 1) the cheese, which was not low fat, and 2) the cream, which I don't use at home but that's what they had for the coffee.

I have about 6 diet sodas left. I haven't bought any in a couple months, since I decided to stop drinking them. I phased them out a lot and am just using the ones I had left in the pantry occasionally, and then won't drink soda anymore as a general rule.


Anonymous said...

Your comment about soda made me think of my own struggle with it and that new book I've just read about neural pathways. (Brain over Binge)

When I quit drinking soda, it was really hard. At first, I wanted one often. As I read your post, I realized I haven't craved soda in years. Years! I have one on occasion, but that occasion is probably less than every six months and usually out of necessity r/t what is available.

Having that one, now and again, has never kicked up the urge to soda.

I guess we can be free. :)


Megan S @ gourmet or go home said...

Forever reader, rare commenter. I just realized that I never mentioned that I made the laughing cow zucchini Alfredo and loved it! Also made it for my more picky husband who ate a ton. Have already made it again, thanks! Also made (and wrote about) the cauliflower pizza and had several family members note that they made and loved it as well:)

timothy said...

thats great sweetie, you're doin it one day/pound/goal/success at a time!