Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1, 2012: 201 Pounds

Happy New Year! It's a fresh new start for EVERYONE, if you choose to take it!

This morning the scale said 201 pounds. That's a loss of 4 pounds this week. I had hoped to start the year under 200 pounds, but that was asking a bit much as I weighed 214 two and a half weeks ago, so I am pleased with my loss, especially since I made it through the holidays without a gain. I baked cookies, made fudge, baked hams and made scalloped potatoes and all the other goodies of the season, and still managed to lose 13 pounds in December. Go me!

I've been back on Medifast since December 14, sticking to it 100% except for Christmas Day when I had a planned calorie counting/carb counting day instead. I am loving the energy I've found and the good mood and positive outlook that comes with getting out of the sugar fog. Eating too many carbs really causes me pain, physically and emotionally. My arthritis is ten times better now. No more pain meds as long as I stay off sugar. Love it!

I was looking back to see how much I weighed last January 1st, and curiosity got the best of me and I looked back at all the January 1sts since the year I started this blog. And as luck would have it, I have even more January 1st weigh-ins going back several years, because my New Year's Resolution was *always* to lose weight, so I *always* weighed on January 1st. Here are some interesting stats... an overview of my life in pounds for the past 7 years:

January 1, 2005: 278
January 1, 2006: 273
January 1, 2007: 275 (started this blog in August 2007)
January 1, 2008: 248
January 1, 2009: 230
January 1, 2010: 228
January 1, 2011: 186
January 1, 2012: 201

Hey, I've done pretty good. I am up 15 pounds from last January, but that's easily fixed. I am down significantly from all years prior. And if I go back further, we see 270 pounds in 2003, 262 in 2000, and 245 in 1998. That is morbid obesity going back 14 years. I am free.

I believe this will be the year I reach my weight goal, whatever that turns out to be. I am thinking at least the 160's, probably the 150's. We'll see when I get there. And honestly, if I got to 168 and stayed there for another year or two before moving downward again, I would be very happy with that! My body does seem to need a long break/plateau between big chunks of weight loss.

This will also be the year I become more fit than I have ever been in my life! I have seriously neglected my fitness over the past two years, and that is stopping now. I have a plan that I will share on Tuesday (and I hope you will share your fitness plan then too, as part of the Fitness Challenge) and I am READY to get this body moving. After two years of only walking a mile or two as exercise and not keeping up with my PT exercises or lifting, I am WEAK. That is about to change!

Also, don't forget the Superfoods Challenge begins tomorrow! Get your grocery carts ready, it's going to be a fun ride!

Make the very most of this wonderful new year! It can be the year you change your life.

*FTC-required disclosure: Medifast provided me with its products for my personal use for free. I am not paid or compensated in any other way for mentioning their products. Medifast states an "average weight loss of up to 2 to 5 pounds a week."*


lisa~sunshine said...

Awesome job Lynn at getting on plan.. staying there.. and losing during December..

I'm excited for the upcoming challenges.. I finally started a blog myself too..

Theresa said...

Did you ever put those pictures of yourself up that you took early December? If you did I missed them. If you didnt they still did the trick to get you back on track. ;) It's nice to see you back in a good space with clear thinking. Wishing you a Happy New Year and all the best Lyn!

violinista said...

Good luck, Lyn! Rooting for you, of course:)

Anonymous said...

Great positive post. I'm ready for the challenge too. I've tried to post before but it never went through but I see I can post as Anonymous so that's what I'll do. I've been following your blog for quite awhile and started back on medifast last Monday. You are a great leader and I'm getting motivated with your enthusiasm!

Anonymous said...

haha. I did a lookback, myself, the other day. Funny thing? My January 2011 was 186,too. :}

Which makes me 20 pounds up as of today. I've been overdoing the salt and gluten this week, tho, so that number should be down a few pounds pretty quickly if I stay on plan.

And I am DETERMINED to stay on plan! 2012 is the year!!!

Grocery cart at the ready.


Anonymous said...

Ooops. That would be 22 pounds up from last Jan 1st. I had immediately rounded off in my head when I weighed this morning adn forgot that I did that.

Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. sigh.

To goal!


Jane said...

Awesome! I love your enthusiasm! Can't wait to see your fitness challenge!

Anonymous said...

This isn't a personal attack. I just wonder how your going to do this when you don't use MEDIFAST? Seems you can't maintain without that method and you can't stay on it forever, so what is your plan?

Anonymous said...

by the way, great job on the wght loss!
it was just a cusious question..... and this is from one person who has not lost HER weigth because of failures....

Lyn said...


Actually, I did maintain most of my weight loss for almost 2 years before I tried Medifast. I fluctuated up and down 15-20 pounds for 20 months using calorie counting and exercise. I lost the first 64 pounds that way.

I plan to eventually do Medifast's Transition program and into the maintenance plan, which won't include any Medifast foods and I will be restricting grains as well. I also think exercise has been a missing piece in the past 2 years to getting to my goal and staying there.

timothy said...

i wish you great success on your challenges sweetie (not luck cause you got brains and strength you dont need luck!) im gonna skip em for now cause i'm in a weird space but doin ok. but i'm definately gonna be a cheerleader for y'all! can't wait to hear how well it goes ! xoxoxoxoxoxo

Miz said...

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd youre already rocking 2012.
Im off to seize mine from the hands of the tiny dicatator:)

Cheap&Sweet: Life on the scales said...

Great job! I am at 317 have lost 50lbs from last year. I am doing small goal a few pounds here and their. Cant wait to join up.

Happy Fun Pants said...

YAY! I'm with you! :)

This will be our year - I know it! :)

RanVan said...

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traveler hudd said...

Really love your blog! Now following. I am starting a weight loss journey of my own this year. Looking forward to reading your posts.
Check out my blog: if you are interested in reading some of my adventures and giving me tips!

Mom to the Fourth Power said...

AAAWWWWWWSSSOOOOMMMMEEE!!! Love the energy of this post! Saweet!! You go girl. You've made incredible progress and are an inspiration!

God bless...