Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Log and Chili for All

Doing quite well today! My monthly cycle finally started and the hormonal irritability is gone. The bloat is leaving, too! Still have not gotten under that 200 mark, but maybe by Sunday. We'll see.

Today's intake:
7am: coffee, 1 Tbsp sugar free creamer
8am: another coffee, Kay's Naturals Cinnamon Pretzels
10am: Medifast hot cocoa made with decaf coffee and cinnamon
noon: Medifast Parmesan puffs and a Diet Rite soda
3pm: Medifast chocolate mint crunch bar and a cup of decaf French vanilla coffee with sugar free creamer
6pm: nice big bowl of homemade chili (see below)
8:30pm (planned): Medifast brownie

So I made some chili in the crockpot for the kids for dinner, and made a lower carb, Medifast-friendly version for myself. It is very easy to make meals that suit all of us. I just browned some extra lean ground beef, measured out 5 ounces for myself and put it in a small pan, and the put the rest of the beef into the crockpot. Into the crockpot went kidney beans, pinto beans, tomato sauce, and seasonings. Into the small pan went chopped mushrooms and celery (I would have used green peppers if I had any) and canned, diced tomatoes. I added chili powder to both batches, turned on the crockpot, and set my little pan aside. It is sitting there waiting and in about a half hour I will simmer it for a good long while with the lid on while I made cornbread for the kids.

*Edited to add stats for the day:

903 calories
110 g protein
88 g carbs
17% fat

Yes! This is right where I want to be.

Looking forward to a weekend enjoying the kids. Hope you have a good one!


Karen said...

Sounds like you had a feat day. I love chili this time of year and so nice to pop servings into the freezer for a fast lean and green.

Question for you: where do you purchase your Kay's Natu rals snacks? I'm likely going to use some during maintenance in a few months. Thanks in advance. :). Karen P

Lyn said...


I get them on amazon. They are yummy :)

Anonymous said...

you have only 900-ish calories for the day?

Lyn said...


yes, Medifast is a low calorie, lower carb, high protein plan created by doctors at Johns Hopkins. The aim is 800-1000 calories/day, 72+ g protein/day, and under 100g carbs/day (ideally 80-85g). The calorie deficit allows the body to burn fat for fuel. The high protein is called a "protein sparing" diet which shifts the body to using fat for fuel, not muscle.

Anonymous said...

i'm not trying to diss your decision to use medifast, but i think when everyone hates on it, this is why: your food today consisted of coffee, pretzels, hot chocolate, cheese puffs, soda, chocolate bar, sugary coffee, chili and brownie. it's no wonder you have such a difficult time transitioning. i don't see a fruit or vegetable in there, save from hiding from the chili. maybe it's 'cause it was your time of the month? no matter what, i'm crossing my fingers for you that this time, transitioning will be easier, and you'll be able to replace all that chocolate, cheese and soda with apples, spinach and yogurt!

Mrschupchake said...

Diet Rite is still produced? I remember drinking that stuff as a kid.

I like substituting things (like your celery for green peppers). To me it feels creative, adventurous, and economical. Enjoy your chili.

Lyn said...

second Anonymous~

On Medifast I eat 3 servings of vegetables per day (1.5-3 cups, depending on the veg). They have a transition program that I have detailed on my blog for switching over to whole foods at goal.

I understand the concern and addressed it a bit more in another comment on my Saturday Log post. Thanks for your input :)


Yes, I got it at Walmart. I am not buying anymore sodas but for those who drink them, Diet Rite is a good choice because it contains no sodium.