Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Something Changed

Something changed today. Instead of trying to explain it, let me just compare today with the last few months.

Most days, last few months: avoid, avoid, eat, avoid, think about food, avoid, procrastinate, do some basic stuff, avoid, rest, spend time with kids, avoid, force self to do basic cleaning, avoid, procrastinate, feel tired, be annoyed I can't get anything done, obsess about food, avoid, procrastinate, make lists, think about stuff, eat, avoid.

Today: wrap presents, clean kitchen, play with dog, do nine loads of wash, mail Christmas gifts, take dog and kid on errands, fold and put away all nine loads of wash, open all the boxes that came in the mail, sort stuff, take daughter to dance, train dog, play with daughter, clean, read and do homework with daughter, bake banana bread, steam a head of cauliflower, wash dishes, make grocery list, walk the dog a mile, plan Christmas foods, pick up the house, make cauliflower pizza, and oh yeah, blog!

I had more energy today even though frankly I was not in the mood for it. I had every intention of having a quiet, nonproductive day, but my energy came through and kept pushing me to do more and keep going even when I thought about stopping. I just felt more alive, and a LOT less avoidant/food obsessed. I did not take an energy pill or drink an energy drink or consume loads of coffee to do this. I got OFF CARBS. That's what happens when I get off carbs.

It takes about a week, but the difference in dramatic. Day and night. I got more done today than I have in weeks. And now I am good and tired and ready for bed. Day 8 on plan tomorrow. Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

Same thing happens when I get off of carbs, too. (Except for what is found in veggies, dairy & a little fruit) When I elminate gluten and starches--blamo! life is new and I have a new attitude along with the energy.

sooooooo. Why don't we just STAY OFF OF THE CARBS?

Besides the whole addiction thing (which may be the whole thing), deep down, Ijust can't believe it's true. Really. No matter how many times I prove to myself that low carb is right for me, I still resist.

If you figure out the resistance/denial, Lyn, let me know! I mean it.


Taryl said...

I experience the same thing - goodbye starches and sugars and hello to energy. It makes me seriously wonder why I every go back, and yet I often have and probably will try to again. Fortunately or unfortunately, the older I get the more they affect me and thus makes recidivism lower. And since I'm replacing the carbs with other foods now and changing up my family's entire diet in the process, i am that much more likely to stick to it inside the walls of my home.

Progress, not perfection, right?

I'm so glad your brain fog has lifted nd your energy has increased. Congratulations on getting so much done :)

Karen said...

Good for you for kicking the diseas to the curb. I liked Jane cartelili's ( keeping the weight off) recent blog line about not "awaking the sleeping giant".

Great things happen when you abstain from trigger foods and kick the disease to the curb. Looking forward to reading about the changes in your life.

Keep off the processed sugar and carbs and see where the clarity takes you. Easier said than done. So worth it. If I weren't typing on a teeny tiny keyboard, I'd link to Jane's post. Karen P

Karen said...

http://bit.ly/tq4UN8. Here's Janes recent blog topic. And here's to keeping that giant sleeping.

Leigh C. said...

I haven't had carbs or sugar for what is going on 4 months now and I'm full of energy. I also don't have any cravings for carb or sugar. Makes keeping on track sooooooo much easier! Love your blog! Thanks for being so honest. You are inspiring:)

Tiffany said...

I could've written Deb's response. I feel so good when I'm off carbs and sugar and then I think "I can handle 'just a little' can't I?" . I am finally learning though that I really can't handle "just a little". Light bulb lol. Keep going strong...

Lori said...

Congratulations!! We all need to learn from your lesson and get of the carbs.

RNegade said...

If you mentally construct carbohydrates as "trigger foods", psychologically, the drive to re-test that idea emerges again and again in the distorted belief that one will be mentally "stronger" at some future point in time and therefore will be able to withstand exposure to increased carbs. However, if you understand carbohydrates (especially grains) as drivers of insulin and many other hormones that increase blood sugar, increase insulin resistance, increase markers for inflammation, increase fatigue and muscle weakness, and so forth, then you may finally accept that excess carbohydrate consumption in bodies with previously established metabolic syndrome, for instance, results in poor health outcomes (perhaps, especially, when one's muscle mass percentage is relatively low). Thus, avoiding excess starch is not related to will power or mental strength, or desire to lose weight, but more of a sound health-promotion practice based on personal physiology (individual biochemical response). The trigger to binge is much more likely to arise from excessive calorie restriction, not from cautious management of carb consumption. <3

Anonymous said...

I've read the comments & RN's really hit home.

It highlighted what I've often said to myself--that I need to follow my plan (under the HEALTH Dog on my sidebar, no less) to benefit my health, not to lose weight.

RN's bang-on summary statement was: "Thus, avoiding excess starch is not related to will power or mental strength, or desire to lose weight, but more of a sound health-promotion practice based on personal physiology... "

...a sound helath promotion practice...

...a sound health promotion practice...

...a sound health promotion practice...

Uh-hmmm. I'll complete my 'writing this til I GET IT' on my own blog. :}


Anonymous said...


I have been following your blog since 2008, and commented a couple of times. I read your blog every day, as your weight loss struggles are similar to mine.

I've recently read a book called 'Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet' by Elaine Gottschall which explains the link between carbs and why we feel so bad (brain fog, sore joints, bloating etc).

Personally, I have many of these symptoms and I think this book is pretty close to the truth. The essence is basically that some type of carbohydrates will not be digested and is fermented, which then release toxins.

When I first heard about the book I thought it was just another diet book, but the reviews on Amazon are great.

The solution it offers is to restrict the carbs to certain types which is easily broken down and digested, until the gut heals.

Anonymous said...

I just wondered if this wonderful state of energy and clear mind is from from doing Medifast or a variation of the plan you wrote about recently. I'm feeling more and more that I don't want gastric sleeve surgery, but am still undecided about the Medifast route. I definitely want what you've got right now! As the saying goes, I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!


Anonymous said...

no one can really figure this feeling unless he is obese and suffered from all of what you said!!!

it is been one month since i cut sugar from my diet, i ate only good carbs and i never been better, i never slept better, i never felt so alive like this.

it is sugar and carbs that affects me so hard because i don't eat junk food( maybe 4 to 5 times a year) and i don't bingeing, i just love rice, bread, and sugar!!!

in one month: eating healthy+some cardio>> i lost 17lbs for ever, can't wait to write about that in my blog.

good luck to you too Lyn

Lyn said...


Thanks for the link! I enjoyed the article. I will check that blog out some more :)


I will take a look at the book on Amazon. Thanks!

Anonymous (Lori)~

I think it is from the mild state of ketosis that you get when eating under 100 grams of carbs per day. You do get that on Medifast but I think any plan under 100g carbs/day would result in higher energy, for those of us who are carb sensitive. I have been on Medifast without any off plan eating for 8 days now.

Tammy said...

When I don't eat carbs....I feel SOOO much better! Just can't seem to stay off of them.:( So right now, I'm just cutting back on them and then go from there. Not sure why I'm so against giving up my "comfort" foods..when I know they make me feel like crap.:( You're doing great, so keep it up!!:)