Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Years' Eve! Traditions

Well, here we are on this final night of 2011. What a year we've had. It's always rather nostalgic to see another year pass and wonder what the new one will bring. Always surprises.

We've been lazing around for the most part today, doing a bit of homework, reading, and playing games, watching movies and cooking. I traditionally make a spread of crackers with dips and cheeses and meats and a bunch of appetizers as our NYE meal. Tonight I am making some of the usuals: little smokies in BBQ sauce, baked sausage/cheese/Bisquick balls, and fruit pizza with a sugar cookie crust, cream cheese//Cool Whip spread on the cooled crust, and topped with sliced fresh kiwis, strawberries, bananas, mandarin oranges, blackberries, and grapes. We'll also have sparkling cider and some cheeses and spreads with crackers. The house smells yummy. But guess what? I'm not eating it.

Today I've had:
2 cups of coffee with sugar free creamer
2 mugs of Medifast hot cocoa
Medifast chili puffs and a diet Coke (my last one from the pantry, I believe. Not buying any diet sodas in 2012)
a large omelet made with a cup of Eggbeaters, 2/3 cup of turkey sausage crumbles, and a slice of low fat cheese

I'll have Medifast sloppy joe and a big pan of roasted fresh broccoli for dinner, and my dessert will be a Medifast brownie around 9pm. We are staying up late, and I might have some herbal tea, too.

I would like to change my NYE traditions a bit for next year. I plan to keep making fruit pizza, maybe with a slightly healthier crust. The rest has to change. The food is too fatty and salty and carby, so I might try some new things, including a fresh veggie and hummus tray, popcorn, spinach dip with Triscuits, and reduced fat cheeses. I might try making the sausage balls with reduced fat sausage, low fat cheese and Heart Healthy Bisquick or something, we'll see. My kids love the stuff, but it's a once-a-year thing. Still, healthier is better.

Tomorrow is Sunday, which happens to be my weigh in day AND the start of a new month and a new year. I am going to make some huge changes in 2012. I am very excited about that. I am proud that I've kept off about 80 pounds for several years now. My life is so much better for it. This year, I plan to reach my goal weight (whatever that turns out to be) AND to be more fit than I have ever been in my life. I have my exercise plan ready. I am on it. I might walk tomorrow but I start my formal plan on Monday when the kids go back to school. The Challenges start Monday. Be ready!

Have a great New Years Eve!


LindaLou13 said...

Thanks, Lyn. Reading about your struggles and accomplishments is such a help to me!

Karen said...

Happy New Years! I raise my virtual coffee cup for cheers for a new year for both of us.

Sweet in a healthy sort of way. :)

Karen P.

Shelley said...

Happy New Year, Lyn! Here's to a healthy and fit 2012 for both of us! :)

Shrink to Fit said...

Happy New Year, Lyn!

Elaine said...

Good for you for thinking positive about those 80 pounds you've kept off! Sometimes your blog makes it sound like you don't take enough time to give yourself credit for what you HAVE done...something not many people could!